Freezing Peeler Crabs By Ian Alexander

Firstly I bring my crabs on until they are just starting to split as in the photo. I only peel good crab, any that are dead I throw away and any that have hairy legs are also discarded. Hairy legs is when you snap the leg from a dead or dying crab and it leaves white hairs or sinews instead of coming away clean. Its a sure sign that the crab is past its best.

bring on your peeler crab in the tank or fridge until it is ready to peel

I totally peel the crab, rinsing under the tap to wash away the bits of shell. I also remove the lungs although I know at least one very good angler who doesnt. I just like to remove the lungs especially from river crabs as they tend to be full of muck which may promote decay. Crabs from the open sea  arent so bad.

Fully Peeled Crab

A fully peeled peeler crab - ready for wrapping and placing in the freezer

Photo Showing Lung Removed

Removing the lungs from a peeler crab is a good idea to stop the crab from decaying.

The excess water is dried off with paper towel and the crab wrapped in cling film.

Wrapping In Cling Film

wrapping a peeler crab in cling film is important to stop the bait getting frost burn in your freezer.

Make sure that the crab is tightly wrapped to exclude any air which can cause freezer burn.

Neatly Wrapped Crab

wrap your peeler crab baits in cling film and ensure no air is present.

When I’ve done a few crab I quickly space them out on the frozen glass chopping board I have in the freezer and leave them to freeze. The frozen glass makes the crabs freeze very quickly.

Crabs Placed On Frozen Glass Chopping Board

place the crabs on an aluminium or glass tray to speed up freezing times.

Once fully frozen I store them in plastic tubs in the freezer, and take them fishing in a wide mouthed flask so any not used can be returned to the freezer.

Crabs Stored In “Tupperware” Tub

keep your crabs in a tub in the freezer to keep them in tip top condition

I hope that this has been useful to some of the forum members, please remember that this post is only my method and opinions

Regards Ian