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Your sea fishing developments

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by quint, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. quint

    quint Watch out Emperor Zorg's about

    Whilst watching sky sports news today, seeing all the developments as managers try to improve their teams, it got me thinking what items and ideas I have found or used recently that have improved my fishing and/or made it more enjoyable, heres what I came up with within the last 5 years

    Internet, consisting of:

    Specific angling websites, this site being without doubt number one
    Weather sites, mostly Windguru
    Google Earth
    Tackle sites

    Specific Fishing

    LED headlights
    Long rod/fixed spool set up
    Better rod - reelsport
    Better reel - saltist
    Circle hooks
    Digital camera

    I've probably missed a few along the way too, so come on lads name your improvements

    And going along with the theme of transfer deadlines, which one could you sell, and which one could you not function without, and finally what do you want to improve your game

    Mine are:

    Sell - circle hooks
    Never - think it has to be cart
    Target - a bass tagging kit
  2. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    Ooooh, good thread Iain :yes:

    for me I guess it's as follows:


    Eniviroment Agency river height website
    Google Earth
    Whitby Sea Anglers (and one or two other forums)


    And, oh, kayak!

    I haven't been sea fishing for more than 5 yrs so I guess the sea fishing on a whole has much improved my fishing in general. Kayak fishing has made such a difference, it's like starting fishing all over again!

    Sell: My fish bag :embarrass: Tripod
    Never: Kayak
    Target: Rock Rod n Reel
  3. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Hi Iain,

    I will give some more thought before making a post. I notice you mentioned wavenet. I was first enlightened on live wave bouys by MWW a good few years back now. I maintain it to be one of the most useful tools at a sea anglers disposal. The new bouy at Whitby has me confused, so I still use the one I'm used to which is the one off Hartlepool. Actual sea direction plays more of a role in catches than a lot of people think and in my old club fishing days I would put a lot of successful sessions down to the live data presented by Wavenet. I am still amazed at how many people do not understand the links between sea direction and which marks will fish, Im even more amazed by how many people with years of experience still get swell direction wrong when they look at the sea.
  4. richie7

    richie7 Blenny

    Great post Iain, For me -

    Internet -

    This site - A few people on here have really helped me with info on venues that are not local to me
    Scarboro & RHB webcams - Sometimes you just need to see it when you are 60+ miles away.


    Circle hooks
    Coso's cheap leads - both plain and bait clip grippers for the Holderness
    Better bait suppliers
    LED Headlights
    Penn reels

    Sell - My travelling partner :laugh:
    Never - Penn 525 mag - So versatile, tough & reliable
    Target - Another Penn 515 mag2
  5. Mark Gelder

    Mark Gelder Rockling

    Belting question fella...........


    XC weather
    Whitby Sea Angling
    Various webcams


    Long rod/braid
    Better marks
    Better fishing mark knowledge
    Linking tide size, swell size, swell direction
    Collecting/freezing peelers
    R/B rigs

    Sell - Some of the older rods i no longer use
    Never - Long rod/braid
    Target - Improved casting, learning to back cast with the Alvey
  6. mattylamb

    mattylamb Rockling

    Internet -

    This site of course
    MSW, Windguru, Met Office,
    Whitby Webcam
    Bing.com - OS Maps
    Google Earth


    Bait collecting - Crabs and pumping black lug
    LED Headlights

    Sell - my fish bag
    Never - My reelsport response
    Target - Another Long rod/Braid setup!
  7. woody

    woody New Member

    internet ,
    this site
    xc weather ,
    rhb web cam
    wheeldale web cam ,
    redtube ,
    braid fs long rod will be getting another !!!
    loop rigs
    tanking , keeping freezing peelers
    prossesing cart

    sell - 515 mag 2 :( and some un needed rods
    never - nitra , slosh , 535
    targets - improved distances with fs and braid , plugging , another trq and 6000t
  8. newdave

    newdave Guest


    secretspot camera
    various weather sites
    google earth
    this site
    google to find places to go & fish in the winter

    Quint the moleman for starting me on the journey.
    fixed spool reels for shore fishing
    Kayak & all the stuff that goes with it
    learning a few things about our coastline & how to fish it

    Sell any kind of multiplier for shore fishing, in fact for the amount of use it gets all my winter shore gear :whatever:
    never Kayak
    targets push the boundary's of Kayak fishing
  9. biscuitlad

    biscuitlad Guest

    Nice thread!

    This forum
    Ebay + paypal
    Foreign tackle websites
    Google earth and google search!
    Windguru and metoffice 5 day forecast

    Modern plugs like Zonks, Komomo II, etc.

    Sell - shore bait rod - even though I bought a new set up this year!
    Never - kayak
    Targets - new bass marks, float fished sandeel for pollack and bass
  10. TheCodfather

    TheCodfather Guest


    whitby site of course !
    and just look as guest on other forums
    xc weather
    local webcams
    you tube for learning to tie new knots etc.

    2 x greys beachcasters
    2 x penn 525 supermags

    sell: harrison torrix p3

    never sell: apollo mk 3 and greys platinum gsi

    things to do 2011

    try to target more species
    try different venues and marks
  11. makaman

    makaman Guest

    catch more cod and start bass and pike fishing learn 2 cast better learn how 2 put pics on here
  12. Kevin Thompson

    Kevin Thompson New Member

    Whitby Sea Anglers
    Magic Seaweed
    BBC Weather

    Penn 525
    Pins (Rotten Bottoms)
    Filey worms
    LED headlamp
    Neoprene waders
    Grey Apollo
    Penn Super Surf 35lb line

    Sell - Sylcast line
    Never - peeler crab
    Target - bass fishing

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