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Your first cod ?

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Can you remember catching your first cod ??

    Mine was from the bottom corner of the wooden extension on the east pier fishing with Phil Mead when we were teenagers (a long time ago), I remember it to be about a pound - I was hooked immediately. The next night we went on Whitby west and had 4 each from a score of lugworm bought from Whitby angling supplies off Norman. 2 clueless young lads catching 8 fish between them, there must have been some codlings about back then.
  2. P Mac

    P Mac New Member

    my 1st cod was from hartlepool huegh nov the 5th ,61/2lbs .1st cast fish with my mate graham ,he sea fished and i freshwater fished. i just went to try sea fishing out.
    though it was dead easy to catch cod ,that was in 1976 .only caught 2 bigger than that now,
    so its not as easy as i though.
    i froze only had denim gear on and yellow works wet suit
  3. Acko

    Acko Rockling

    Mine was caught from the Banjo pier in Hpool (Red light) I think we call it now? I was 11 and Id only ever caught Billet. I was chuffed to bits It weighed about 2lbs. My mates mam filleted it and battered it and made us some chips, It was great eating my first ever cod.
    It was like one of those ceremonies Amazonians have "Becoming A Man" lol
    About a year later I became a man again The next doors babysitter seen to that But thats a different story... lol
    I still prefer fishing.
  4. Lobbers

    Lobbers phwwore i love gwen stefani me like

    my first cod was off saltburn pier, a 3.5 pound monster, i got on the pier and the end was choka so i just fished off the side, all the blokes on the end were arguing about casting over each other and stuff, when one bloke called deka shouted that none of them deserved to catch cod, and if anyone deserved to catch it was me(pointing at me), because i kept out of their road, then i caught my first cod, i did't ask anyone to help me land it i was shaking an panicking too much i dead lifted it up on my fixed spool real a swung it in, YEEHAAAA my first cod. funny what deka had said aswell, cos i quickly followed it up with one 2.5lb, and i was the only one to catch two codling that night ::)
  5. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    My first cod was caught from the heugh in hartlepool when i was about 13, all i remember was it was a lovely cloudless day , and the pier was chocker , yet the fish were swarming off the end ,literally a fish a cast .....was buzzing
  6. Ringer

    Ringer Rockling

    caught my 1st codling off the wall at the cod & lobster pub in staithes when i was 12.the local fishermen used to dump their empty mussell shells from baiting lines over the wall,which must have worked like groundbait as we had many great nights fishing there catching mainly billets and codlings.i used to use an old fibreglass 6' boat rod and fixed spool reel in those days fishing off the wall.that xmas all i wanted was a beachcaster and multiplier.santa brought me a daiwa moonraker and garcia mitchell multiplier with white sideplates which i've still got lol.
  7. mww

    mww Rockling

    Remember it well - fishing with Simon Barker & his dad, we were probably 9 or 10 years old - fishing in Burniston at the back of Sandy Gulley. Pulled in one time to find a codling probably 12" attached.

    Remember my gear as being a Modern Arms "Dover" 9ft white solid glass rod & reel was probably a Penn Sea Boy.

    Remember my 2nd cod equally as well - probably the following year - at Primary School, we got the day off one November (I think) for Princess Anne's Wedding to Mark Phillips - went with Simon , his brother Mick & probably Mick Chadwick down Burniston - got a 6lber first cast in Sanantonio.

  8. Impact Shiela

    Impact Shiela New Member

    My first cod was from Sandsend Car park. Went for a chuck with my boyfriend who had invested in a new reel for me "so i could keep up with him and fish some better marks"! I had only ever used my light gear until that point, and was feeling a bit nervous in the car park full of "big blokkies who fish loads more than me"!! Oh yeah, forgot that I didnt have a decent beach caster so decided to borrow one of his century rods ( I think the model type is a "big heavy too stiff rod that you shouldnt use if your a girl Mark II" or summat ). As my casting skills are so superb, I launched a bait that was about 40 times bigger than I had ever used before, a massive 40 yards and almost ripped my shoulder out of joint doing so. I just sat down to rest, winge and make tea when my rod went over. After much struggling and thinking "this is a bit bigger than those pesky 6 inch coley's that haunt me" and my boyfriend asking me a million questions about "how much weight was on" "was it diggin" "was it a cod bite" (to which my reply was, I dont know, yes and how would I know), I lifted my first cod over the wall and slapped it at my feet. Sorted!! it was just under 2 pounds and I think it was the biggest I have caught........................YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Stu

    Stu New Member

    My first COD was on saltburn pier about 2 pound i was over the moon as i had only ever caught whiting flatties, etc now i love cod fishing and very rarely go for anything else now unless theres a slim chance of getting them and go scratching to try and win a match which has worked a few times
  10. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    Just been looking at the old threads and came across this. My first mop was from north hawsker well i got 2 that afternoon evening. Thanks to moley. When i got to the top of the cliff i could not belive that people go down there to fish. Lol. First cast bird nest. Iain said put it in the back. So i did that and got to baiting another rig up and iain said your rod so just up and started reeling in. Not having had a mop before did not know what it would feel like. Got it to the rock edge and iain landed it and i became the happyest man on the planet. That was friday 13th feb 09.
  11. GJW

    GJW Rockling

    My first cod was caught off the railings in front of the pub at Sandsend, i was a junior in Middlesbrough Victorians S.A.C at the time i think i caught it on mackeral and it got me first place on the night, and won me enough money to buy some chest waders, i was useing a 3 piece silstar rod and ryobi fixed spool reel.... Happy Days....... :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :happy: :happy:
  12. go go gadget

    go go gadget New Member

    My first was off whitby west when i was about 8. Got three on the same night, all about 2lb
  13. IanB

    IanB Blenny

    It was in 1978, fishing Ayton Stones, it was my favourite spot in them days, I hated packed piers etc, I liked to fish in peace and be able to move, usually just me and our Paul (who died last year) had quite a few codling off there, even at close range but it was usually at range that won the day and funilly enough I caught more codling on rag there than anything else, got to "park & fish" nowadays unfortunately, but thats a long story lol, Happy days !
  14. robq

    robq Rockling

    In had my 1st mop from donkins bight on scarboro east pier over xmas in 1987 :yes:

    I had just bought an old sealey sea spray and a cheap fixed spool reel with my paper round xmas tip money and was using mussel tied on with that thick old shirring elastic !!

    Some lads on the pier were bagging up on mops as there were loads that year but I only managed 2, I was still the happiest lad on earth that day though !!
  15. bigcod2

    bigcod2 Blenny

    I think my first one was on Whitby West Pier after a Northerly Gale, nice lazy Swell, the water was like mud,...........perfect. It was about 3Ib, and I lost two other fsih one, double figure to the swell as we didn't have a drop net. Neil Inglis went down the ladder for both of the fish that came of, they would not lift, and once you have the hand on the line when a swell comes on there, you wave goodbye to your fish as I did as a 9 year old! Great experience though.
  16. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    My first cod was 4lb off Runswick beach, I had'nt been sea fishing for all that long with Billet and Whiting being the bulk of my catches. It was late November and the beach was packed out, everyone seemed to be catching apart from little old me!
    Just stood there watching my rod tip when I had what was a classic slackliner, straight away I thought 'isn't that what a Cod bite is meant to look like' (well, according to the magazines and internet articles anyway!). Reeled in the slack and the rod bent over more than what a Billet/Whiting normally did, I was a bag of nerves and I thought I had lost it in the surf. Anyway, there it was my first ever Cod, I was beaming! Managed 3 that night, felt like a fishing God! :cheesy:
  17. Shadrap

    Shadrap Rockling

    South Gare fishing the tangles on a Good Friday (a long time ago) off the middle tier in heavy seas it weighed 3lb 4oz.Had a dab still kicking in its mouth so I put that on with a few bits of worm I had left,next chuck the rod was almost pulled out the stand,working my trusty 9ft pier rod and big Diawa fixed spool hard to beat the fish a guy fishing alongside nipped down and handlined it up onto the lower level when a big sea came and swept it and almost him off "just lost a double young un" he said but I honestly wasn't bothered as I had at last cracked it and caught an elusive cod.Happy days indeed.
  18. bucko

    bucko New Member

    East Pier- Lower extension on a cold but calm February day on a floppy as hell fiberglass 'specimen' rod with mussel as bait. Got two in two casts then nothing else all day.
  19. big cliff

    big cliff Rockling

    My first cod was off the old pier at saltburn around 1953 / 54 i was chuffed to bits , memories ! :yes:
  20. jody

    jody New Member

    Mine was in the Humber. I'd not been beach casting long, and been down there loads in the months leading up to January catching a few pin whiting and slugs.

    I had just nipped back to the car and when I'd turned around my rod was on the floor and heading towards the water. Initially I though I'd got a branch snagged my line, but when I picked it up I could feel the fish on the end. I'd managed to get it in to the surf and was walking fown to collect is and it dropped off, but I managed to scramble down to get it unfortunately for the cod :hungry:

    It'd smashed 4 eyes on the rod, but I didn't care it was a beauty

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