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YORKSHIRE FOURS - Semi Final Result

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Slim Jim, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. mww

    mww Rockling

    ..there's an easy way forward with this for next year - fish every round 2 home/ 2 away.....shame that guys might not all meet up together afterwards, but if it maintains/ improves the entry then job done...personally i've no issues where we fish...might take my oppo to Wykeham next year.... :laugh:

  2. cps

    cps Rockling

    we did this one year but it just draged on and on and on and on if you know what i mean
  3. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim Blenny

    We first entered the competition to learn some new marks and meet some of the local anglers. In doing so we offered to fish away from home each time.Winning was not really important, but we did get to the final in first year. After doing well a couple of times we felt that for some of the people we fished winning was more important than catching as many fish as possible. This was why we requested to have the option of a home draw in the future. Each time we have been drawn at home we have asked whether our opponents want to fish down here or we would fish a rock venue as with cps's team 2 years ago. I believed that all teams that came down here to us did so willingly, I'm sorry if thats not the case.
    I think I can speak for my team and say that we really enjoy the competition, a chance to fish 'with' (next to) other anglers and possibly learn from their knowledge of the area. The competition part of it just increases you keenness to fish as well possible where you are.
    I'm sorry if we've opened a can of worms by fishing down here, I thought other angler might also be interested in fishing new areas and different techniques.

    I'm pretty sure we will still be keen to enter next year, new rules or not !
  4. mww

    mww Rockling

    Hope you do enter next year SJ, be a shame if a few put you off....mind you if you'd stuffed us that night a couple of years ago I'd have written to the organisers straight away!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  5. andycod

    andycod New Member

    Dont think the lads up here are against fishing the beaches John, i myself told chris i was not prepared to fish down there on a night but would consider it on a weekend the time scale from leaving work to fishing is to short and i think thats proberbly the reason for more than just myself ,another reason is when we first started the fours the main reason was to go fishing with someone different learn different marks and meet other anglers (whitch i think it was very sucessfull) but imo it has now got to the stage where one wants to compete and the other wants a night out fishing so again imo maybe we should decide weather its a bit of fun or a comp, personally i think we fish anough comps and its nice to learn a bit and have a bit of a laugh ,but saying that its still a good format for a comp so maybe we should decide for next year. hope you have a good final and catch some fish between you all,because at the moment dont think i have ever known a season like it on the rock

    cheers andy
  6. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim Blenny

    I appreciate those comments boys. I did suggest fishing our ties on a weekend andy, since daylight would allow you to see the venues and as you know with the colour we always have down here daylight does not detract from the fishing. However the other teams teams said they usually fished opens on weekends and nights would be better. I agree with what you say about the time, we have had quite a few 1 to 2 pm arivals back home, but enjoyed the fishing and crack all the same. Thankfully the kebab shops were still open as well. :sick:
    I also remember our fist match, when we fished your team. You half killed me running up N hawsker :scared: and I tried to follow you :embarrass:. Good job we didnt catch on that occasion, or we might have had to weigh in at casualty . :laugh: :laugh:

    Cheers mate.
  7. cps

    cps Rockling

    thanks john for the imput, i myself have no problem fishing on your patch as i have done so for a good 20 years or so and none of the lads that have gone down have complaned but i have heard whispers that some wouldent be happy meeting at hornsea then traverling all the way down to spurn so may be a solution could be a boundry of say south end of hornsea or a bit farther that way at least you could have a bit of your own ground . some of the redcar boys have expresed an intrest in geting a team togeather for next year and thats where the problems begin if you were to be drawn against them there woud be a two hour drive or the away team

    any way onto the final

    your two home players are mark and andy and jeras are himself and simon , he said he would ring torchy to sort it out

    good luck chris
  8. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim Blenny

    Obviously Chris its your competition and whatever rules you decide go, but with respect to fishing down here to restrict the fishing to southern hornsea would take most of the marks that have plenty of tide out of the equation. I would say Withernsea might be a compromise, obviously as you know any low water marks are further than that.
    If teams further north also want to enter the competition then maybe fishing on weekends would be a consideration, or what about drawing north and south sections, the winners of each meeting in the final. Obviously it depends on how many more teams enter.

    Anyway what ever you decide I'm sure it will continue to be well supported and a good way for anglers from different areas to get together and chat about our great sport.

    Cheers, see you in the Red Lion after the final (all being well).
  9. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Any comp should finish with the same rules it started with.

    Its a shame there isnt enough teams to have a north and south league.

    I can also see where Andy is coming from with the point about Fun Vs Comp. I always saw it as a bit of fun and a way to learn new marks, and always disapproved of some of the tactics I had heard of.

    Having said that I can see how it can become very competitive too. One of my best moments of sea fishing was when we won this event, and to this day I always feel very proud of the achievement our Whitby team made that year.
  10. smokey

    smokey Rockling

    Was that the year i risked life and limb to land that 8lb er for you :whistle: :butt: :baby: I learned a new mark that night with you Glenn,i was as nervous as hell as it was my first time but if memory serves me well,we had a fish or 2 that night.I fish it in the hope of being taken off my usual turf to pastures new where new knowledge can be gained,unfortunately we've had 3 go's now and never progressed past the 1st round,maybe Cps could arrange a bye for next year.. :whistle: :wink: :happy: tight lines
  11. cps

    cps Rockling

    hopfully all that will be needed is for the team captains to sort things out a bit and if any thoughts of long drives are likely then perhaps a Saturday or sunday may be more appropriate
    originally when Eric thought this compertition up the final was to be fished in conjunction with a open match on a sunday ran from the anglers club
    if you boys want to fish on a weekend then as long as all are in agreement then i have no problem with that , after all as andycod said it is supposed to be a bit of fun

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