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Whitby Fishing Club This Weeks Match Results

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Feb 3, 2011.

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    A neep low water tide is never the best of conditions for shore fishing, especially in the post Christmas period. However catches were better than of late for those members of the Whitby Fishing Club who fished this 4 hour match. Many of the anglers are continuing to head south to fish the areas at the southern extremes of the clubs boundaries. Bempton cliffs as always continues to be a favoured mark for anglers at this time of year and is certainly throwing out a few fish at the moment.

    Sunday 30 January

    1 Dave Hambley 2 fish for 5lb 4oz, 2 Ben Laws 2 fish for 4lb 4oz, 3 Denis Thompson 4 fish for 3lb 10oz, 4 Andrew Cass 1 fish for 3lb 5oz

    Wednesday 2 February

    A large ebb to low water tide, flat seas and clear water led to difficult conditions for this 3 hour match. Club Stalwart Brian Harland showed the rest of the anglers how it should be done by winning this match with a single fish for 2lb 18 ounces

    1 Brian Harland 1 fish for 2lb 14oz, 2= equal Denis Thompson and Rob Allison with 1 fish for 1lb 9oz each.

    As already mentioned, the post Christmas period can be difficult for match anglers in the area. The south of the region at Bempton and Flamborough is always a good bet for a few codlings. Light winds are required to get the best out of these marks although they can be fished in a moderate south westerly which always blows from behind you. Any slight swell could see the fish move into more local marks such as Hawsker, Robin hoods bay and Goldsborough. Boulby can be an excellent mark for the latter part of the season if the right conditions prevail and the fish move in

    Full details of the Whitby Sea Anglers matches this week can be viewed over on The Whitby Gazette Website Here.

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