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What's Your Most Memorable Days Fishing?

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by smokey, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. smokey

    smokey Rockling

    Right guys,what day sticks out in your fishing career,be it shore,boat,river...whatever :happy: :happy:

    Shore fishing,my most memorable day was getting my 1st 20lb bag of cod last season,8 fish for just over the magical mark :happy: I had strived to do it for years but could never get past the 17-18lb mark.I've had a stack of doublr figure bags of cod,but for some reason the 20lb bag eluded me :whatever: After managing it,i was on a high for about 4 days,now i just need to snaffle my 1st double :whistle: :happy:

    Another day that sticks out was when fishing the Bell Trophy one year for Filey Boat Angling Club as a 14 year old.I was fishing Ling Rock on the Brigg and had Cps,Steve I'O and a few other top anglers of the day beside me.I was the only one with fresh gully's and snaffled 3 fish including two 4lb ers,the other 8 or so anglers never had a fish between them :surprise: i felt like a 14 year old fishing god for a day :happy: :happy:

    Boat fishing wise it was when wrecking one day back in 1985,i was 10 years old and got took 20 odd miles off by a guy who my dad worked for.On the way out at 35 knots on a glass calm day,we had dolphins riding the bow wave of the boat.It's a day that will stay with me forever and one day i would love to swim with them in the wild :happy: When we reached the 1st wreck i remember striking into fish the 1st drop, a double figure cod fool hooked on the jigger and a ling of over 10lb on the muppet :surprise: I don't think i even got them half way up from 230 foot down when i had to pass the rod to my dad to wind up :whistle: :wink: :happy:
  2. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    5 fish for 30lb in our club. The bag included a fish of 14 08, My first double. Probably could have done much better. I lost another double very close in and lost 20 minutes fishing time due to the shock of catching my first double. I just sat staring at it. What a night. A very popular mark and not another angler in site.

    Other memorable things included finding bass on local marks on the kayak. What a shock that was. Both myself and Mike hit into them at the same time and I remember thinking how special it was to catch these fish and that it was very likely we were the first people ever to catch them from where we did. That sticks in my mind as a memorable moment.
  3. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    my best fishing date so far was course fishing 14 years ago on the river swale near where i use to live, me and my mates would rob the kitchen cupboards for our bellies and some sweet corn or anything :laugh: get our gear and jump on our bikes and off we go. we use to fish for roach to start and get a few in the keep net then swap the rigs for pike get some fresh live roach on the end of a wire trace and off we go, we would get them anywhere from young up to 13lb or so but today was a bit different i ended up after about 30 to 40 min fight and landed a 21lb monster :cheesy: :scare:.

    Thats my best fishing day so far but the day i get a cod dam i will be more than happy :yes: :yes:
  4. GJW

    GJW Rockling

    1st has to be winning the Whitby open in 2000, it was something i had always dreamed of and if i never catch another fish in that comp it wouldn't bother me now...

    Catching 17 cod for a bag of over 70lb..

    Catching 67 shore caught pollack in a single session

    Catching bass on the lure in total darkness, truley awesome experience..

    Loads more great fishing experience's, hopefully there will be plenty more to come too..
  5. FireFly

    FireFly Blenny

    About 30 years ago.
    Sitting on my box at the end of one the scaurs on Redcar beach. Not another angler anywhere from Coatham Hole down to Saltburn as far as I could see.
    Sea lapping over the scaur edge, sitting with my back to the town, clear black sky, stars everywhere, looking out to the horizon when I wasn't getting a bite or pulling a cod in and watching 4 shooting stars one after the other going from one side of the horizon to the other in what seemed like a second.

    Getting a bite a cast near enough, all cod.

    Many people live a lifetime and never see one shooting star, I have seen many on that beach but that was one night to remember, picking the right scaur to be on, beautiful sky, shooting stars, a bag full of cod - nature at it's best.
    Just like http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=X5pkkAhETYg used to sing!!!
  6. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    1. It was the recent Cloughton Open.......3 fish in less than 15 minutes on crap bait.......never for me has the fishing been so frantic, I was shaking like a sh$tting dog ! :wink:

    2. A lot of years ago I had gone to the only rock mark I fished ,Filey Brigg and had gone down the second ladder near 'Bennies'....I managed to break my trusty Coleman lamp,drop my flask and cover my frozen mussel rigs in glass from it.
    I was going to fish off Bennies but it was too windy for me then and so had decided on the bottoms.
    Anyway I chucked out my glass covered mussels and sat back in the dark with my fading petzl zoom (the cold was rubbish on the batteries) and had a cup of soup from the flask I hadn t broken.
    After about an hours worth of fishless casts i decided enough was enough it was one of those days that was better cut short before anything else went wrong.......so reeling in with my dads old Abu 10000 and suddenly the rod was nearly pulled out my hands and after a short but powerful scrap I managed to lift a 6lb ish pollock (never had anyscales but it was big for me at the time......probably no where near that in actual weight :canadian:)...still packed up for the night but went home smiling.....never caught another one from the shore since then.

    3. Not a sea memory but a freshwater one. Feb 23rd either 2000 or 2001......had been pre baiting several spots on Brandesburton 3&4 pond with home made boilies since the previous November.
    It was a really cold afternoon when I got to the pond and hoped I could get into the "Point" swim and put a bait into a hole in the reeds opposite it.
    Got settled down for a cold night under the brolley and at 10pm I got two beeps on the buzzerthen another two and watched the bobbin slowly lift as a very slow run developed.
    Anyway when I got the fish in it was the biggest in the lake at 28lb 3oz....first fish of the year ! Was DOWNHILL THAT YEAR FROM THERE....I had to wake the only other angler on the lake up to take a few pictures.....only on prints so can t post the pics.

    Three really memorable trips for me . :happy:
  7. mattylamb

    mattylamb Rockling

    most memorable was when i got my first cod of 9lb 8oz (not sure if I ever mentioned it before :embarrass: ) and another memorable on was the night i got an 11lb Barbel from the Swale
  8. fazbats

    fazbats Blenny

    14th Aug 1996 Fishing on Blue Marlin out of BRIDLINGTON on a 12hr trip
    Had my biggest Cod to date 25lb and had a total bag of 11stone of Cod and 5
    Ling to 10lb
    Nearly killed me carrying it back to the car
  9. cod_dodger

    cod_dodger New Member

    having a problem uploading this tale may be in two parts sorry
    i think i must have rambled too much and/or put oo many photos in, either way it's on now but you have to read the next reply for the rest of the tale

    hope this tale is not too long, but this s is how i remember it, oh and there is a few pics as well to break up the narrative. it's not a long tale and it isn't about big fish but i think it will be intersting to read

    going to hummersea last year just shortly after the article in the sea dangler magazine, went with my friend mark from saltburn, cracking lad great caster puts me too shame but hey i'm learning and his friend bill. to my surprise it was a fairly easy get down after suffering ravenscar a few weeks earlier!

    we walked across to the south towards the old harbour and fished right out on the scar till the tide started to push us off, the far right in this photograph near the two biggish rocks you can see, but maybe another 50 yards further out.


    there was decent swell and a reasonable amount of colour in the water, but by god was it cold, air temp was nearly zero and it was only about four in the afternoon with the sun about to set.
    the three of us had a good few chucks, decent fresh baits cocktailed, but no bites, after about half an hour i had a fairly good bite or two, 'right i'm having this one i thought' i yanked the rod up and cranked away on the old slosh.
    it was strange, i kept getting whatever i was bringing in caught up somehow then the line felt like i had dropped the fish off, i continued to reel in. got my rig and my lead back, but the hook had a great big lobster claw and arm (is it an arm i don't know) i had just lost a meal for two in lobster!
  10. cod_dodger

    cod_dodger New Member

    part two

    but the tale continues, we moved right down to the old harbour, our first time here so we kind of knew where to be it was about here


    as you can see from the picture the sea was looking like a reasonable swell, my mate mark has this thing about chucking crappy old bait away where you are fishing as a kind of ground bait, i had a big bucket of razor clam guts from work, as a chef we throw these bits away but i keep them for bait, we threw them in the old harbour right in front of my rod stand


    i then chucked my bait out and then as i had just set my rod back in the stand, i heard mark shouting exicitedly 'what the f@@@s that, i turned round to see him lying on the deck before jumping up with a hand caught fish, i was aware af trout tickling but this just took the p@ss, he popped the fish gently into a rock pool so we could all have a look at it without harming it whilst i dug my phone out to take a pic, this is the fish in the hands of marky the fish whisperer!


    we didn't really know what it was, mark thought it was a lumpsucker, it did have have a great big sucker on it's belly, it was a strange kind of fish the face almost looked like a human baby, we returned the fish safely, i sent the picture to my brother in aberdeen who is marine scientist on a research vessel who confirmed that it was a lumpsucker, only come in shore to lay eggs and only have that red colour because of it


    not sure i'll see another intersting looking fish like that caught by hand or losing a lobster the same day, we didn't leave hummersea with any fish but it were a grand afternoon,

    not been back there since, but i would still recognise that fish!
  11. harrythecod

    harrythecod Rockling

    i have afew story's but one that i remember well is a club matchabout ten years ago ,i went to kettleness to fish a mark i thought would give up a fish or two,when i got ther the water was gin clear :cry: anyway i kept on walking and found a bit of colour near the water fall at goldsbrough,first cast five mins into the match i got a little rattlr and thought well igot a weighin :wink: alittle tap tap later and i struck :surprise: what ithought was going to be mr rocky turned out to be my pb cod 9lb 12 oz at the weigh in :yes: about four hours after catching it , ten mins later a simmiller bite and a fish of around 6lb 8oz ,another ten or so mins another little piggy but got snagged up twenty yards out icould see the fish rolling round the kelp and got it moving again i recon well over ten by the size of the one i landed, :yes: but my jine broke wen the fish got snagged roun a boulder :cry: well iwon the match by a mile as most peiple had tergetted ytings and my smaller fish was bigger than all the other bags weighd in yes a very good night it will stay with me for ever :happy:
  12. Mick Dunn

    Mick Dunn Blenny

    When i was about 14 i was fishing off the end off the heugh at Hartlepool. There was a fence on the end where i had my rod resting. I had just baited up with a big king ragworm i had dug myself. Casted out. After ten minutes a bloke dived forwards and grabbed my rod. I saw it getting pulled downwards and it was almost away. The guy who grabbed my rod reeled in a 7lb cod and i handballed it up the side.
    Next cast had one about 5lb. I reeled this one in and the guy who had reeled in earlier dropped it on the lift. I complained that much he threatened to chuck my other fish in. Packed up and went home with me big cod in a carrier bag on the bus.
    remember its tail hanging out of the bag.I,m now 47.

  13. Mark Gelder

    Mark Gelder Rockling

    2 sessions spring to mind, 1st session at East Halton in the humber about 15 yrs ago. Had some bait left over from a previous sesh so talked my then girlfriend, now wife, into getting up early and heading to East Halton for 3 or 4 hrs. It was early September if memory servres me right. Anyhow the next 3 hrs were frantic with 4 cod to 4.5lb, some nice flounder and unfortunatly some pesky eels. Ran out of bait as tide turned. still to this day i have never had a sesh like that in the humber...

    2nd session was Nov 12th 2007, the day after the storm surge. Got on east pier at scarborough 1 hr before HT and manage 6 cod and a bass in 4 hrs, biggest 4lb. Then went onto North beach and caught another 4 cod and another bass. Took 8 of the cod home for 21lb.

    Im sure there'll be plenty more memories and stories as the years progress hopefully ones about lure caught bass, double figure hounds and my 1st ray.. We can but dream..
  14. JohnW

    JohnW New Member

    I left the UK for Singapore in 1984 and for nearly 20 years fished on boats out of Malacca on the west coast of Malaysia with friends of my father-in-law. The fish caught included grouper, snapper with the occasional threadfin, sailfish, giant trevally and barracuda.

    However, my most memorable days fishing was on a small island, Sibu, on the east coast of Malaysia. Singapore is a wonderful, modern, vibrant city but at times you long to escape the high rise and concrete and soon with new friends, Julie and I discovered Sibu Island. Sibu was then a small tropical island with small bays, palm trees blue clear sea, etc, etc. (It has now been developed with hotels, etc). There was a small Malay fishing village and the only other buildings were the A-frames in which we slept and a beach bar/restaurant. The bar/restaurant sold cold Tiger beer and a menu consisting simply of fish, rice and vegetables. Paradise. We used to go approximately once a month for a long weekend and each time I had worn sneakers to protect my feet against the coral, etc. When we decided to go for a two week visit I bought a cheap glass rod and a fixed spool reel. Once there I spent the early mornings wading without my sneakers spinning. Occasionally, I would walk up the beach, over the ferociously hot sand, to the bar for liquid refreshment. I did catch some fish. I’ve forgotten the name, the Malays gut them, deep fried until the bones become crisp and served whole.

    A week after returning to Singapore I noticed my left foot becoming very itchy. One night in the shower I turned over my foot and saw what I can only describe as what looked like a large lugworm curled under the skin! At the doctors the next day, he examined the foot and asked if I had been walking on a beach barefoot. I replied yes. He explained that the “lugworm” was “larvae migrants”. These were the offspring of animal hookworms which live in the sand and normally enter the skin of any cuts in the hooves of the Malays cattle. It then travels through the bloodstream to the animal’s liver where the larvae are produced and output onto the beach in the animal’s stools. The tropical heat soon decomposes the stools and you don’t see them when walking the breach. However, the hookworms are now in the sand. When humans walk the beach the same process takes place but having different blood the worms can not make it to the liver but wander through the veins of the foot. He gave me some pills and told me to crush them and place against the foot in an elastic bandage.

    Having collected my prescription I returned to the apartment and read the instructions for the medicine. I was a little confused when I read that the pills were to be taken orally. I was even more confused when Julie, who had been reading a medical dictionary, informed me that an infection of hookworm consisted of thousand of worms each one capable of drinking cubic centimetres of blood per day and high probability of death if not treated. Immediate taxi back to doctor!

    The doctor had a good laugh, reminding that these were animal hookworm and to try the elastic bandage and pill paste. Did so. Still infected. Back again he made an appointment for me at a skin clinic. In the taxi, I asked the driver to take me to the skin clinic. Arriving, I should have known something was amiss. The building looked shabby, inside was a series of benches, no air-con and when I told a nurse I had an appointment, I was told to take a ticket and wait for my number to be called. Eventually the number was called and I walked into the doctor’s room. Name, age and address, etc Then he said “Right, John, take your trousers down”. “What”!!!!!!! It’s my foot” He followed with what was either a swearword or “your foot” in Mandarin. As we stared at each other in mutual incomprehension I caught sight of the posters behind him. I asked him if this was the skin clinic. No he replied this was the venereal disease clinic. I attempted to explain but we both fell into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. Apparently, to save embarrassment, the locals use the term skin clinic to taxi drivers as a euphemism for the venereal disease clinic.

    This doctor referred me to the hospital and a simple injection cured the infection.
  15. harrythecod

    harrythecod Rockling

    another one springs to mind for me (dont know how i forgot this one ) took my wife fishing for the first time ,about two months after we met ,i wanted her to catch right awa on her first attempt ,well it was a winter night in december freezing cold and quite windy :crazy: well itook her to skinny jetty :surprise: but she wouldn't go along past the railings :scared: so we had to fish there there was a smashing sea on but know cod where we were :no: i was casting wellout and up the side of the jetty but to no avail but linda was quite happy dropping down the side to catch rockling's :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: she was well chuffed :canadian: about a week after i got her a trophy to commemorat her first catch and she was as happy with that as catching a fish ,she has since caught plenty of flounder whiting and rocky's but no cod yet but she lives in hope
  16. dbrown

    dbrown Guest

    mine are,

    3rd in the cloughton open i really enjoyed that day.

    10th in mick hillerby open and 1st junior.

  17. Juninho1986

    Juninho1986 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Mine was on the River Swale, Black Bull day ticket stretch about 12 years ago, late summer. I had my PB chub (5lb 3oz), roach (2lb 4oz), bream (7lb 12oz) and barbel (9lb 12oz) in the same session. I've since had bigger barbel but nothing compares to that day.

    Only started sea fishing this year and apart from five codling it hasn't been that memorable yet- although I'll certainly remember all the back-to-back blanks!!!
  18. mattylamb

    mattylamb Rockling

    thats a fantastic swale session mate!
    and you have done well to get five codling in your first season
  19. i fished at newton on ouse, york in a back garden of friends of mine (the garden at the rear leads into the river it really is heaven!!!) in aug 2003 went down at 8pm and fished till 1.30am the river i thought was perfect for a barbel as there was a couple of extra foot in from previous days rain i had been down earlier in the day to put down a few pints of hemp and caster and a tin of meat. I had 6 barbel biggest 11lb 11oz smallest 8lb, 3 chubb biggest just under 4lb, 2 bream biggest 10lb 8oz 3 perch biggest about 2lb, i also hooked and nearly landed a very big pike that night which grabbed one of my numerous eels i had hooked, it really was a super night other than the barbel and bream which i caught on spam or cheese everything else came to lobworm.
    fished next night in similar conditions and same bait and never had a bite :suspious:
    As for sea fishing i had a day with my mate Paul (Fisherman1) on a filey beach last year where we had quite a few Bass between us and several other species Whiting, Flatties, Billet,Codling e.t.c turned out been a very good day we dug some bait and fished about 4hrs up and 2 down and we pretty much had bite after bite and a few off these Bass were table size, made me think alot after that day cause we armed are selfs with a rod/reel and few rigs and 150 or so blow lug and that was it and we had a really good productive day unlike most where i drag shed loads of tackle and have to have nearly every bait available and catch nothing, we kept it really simple and had a great day
  20. riley.

    riley. Blenny

    getting a weigh in is a good feat in its self just to get your name called out when your a unknown.....but winning 2 festival days on the trot was a good feat for me so far......

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