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What braid to use

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by god ov all cod, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. god ov all cod

    god ov all cod Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Hi lads was thinking about useing braid and wanted to know what was the best braid that people use don't want too buy cheap stuff and it no be any good cheers Carl
  2. This is really a personal thing

    I happily use the Chinese Braid of all different breaking strengths, and I know charter skippers who buy it by the Mile !! (actually Kilometre)

    There are others who swear it is not good and only stuff which costs 30 pounds for 300m is any good

    There are plenty of threads if you do a search, and it all boils down to to dogma v dogma


  3. crabadabado

    crabadabado Blenny

    Power pro is probably the best. It has a round profile like mono line. Some braids are oval or even flat in profile.
    Cheers Col.
  4. god ov all cod

    god ov all cod Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Thanks col and cheers uata
  5. CAB78

    CAB78 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    I suppose it depends how and where you are going to use it and how much you can afford to loose.

    If your on the boats over wrecks or from the shore fishing really rough ground and its highly likely you're going to loose a fair bit of it, or its going to get damaged, then I'd be going for the chinese stuff.

    If not then look at the better / more expensive makes. I use the orange Berkley Whiplash on my fixed spool from the shore over relatively mixed ground. Over the really rough ground I have a 535 loaded with mono. Off the boat I now use the chinese stuff over the wrecks, after an expensive season loosing a lot of the good stuff.

    Hope this helps a little.
  6. BlackSheep

    BlackSheep Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Power Pro, cheapest I found on eBay was £4.79 for 300 yards of the 60lb... and £5.50'ish for lower b/s.


    ...I've seen exactly the same stuff in a Leeds tackle shop for the best part of 6 times the price...
  7. bow1

    bow1 Rockling

    i got 300m of whiplash crystal,65lb,0.21mm fir 20 quid in anglers choice boro last week
    ,reduced from 35.
    nice braid no issues with it cant get away with fixed spool though!!!
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  8. DiscoMick

    DiscoMick Eat Fishing, Sleep Fishing, Drink BEER

    Blacksheep's right,power pro is one of the better Chinese braid's for the price...if you want the best imo..it's got to be Berkley whiplash pro..."but" it aint cheap at 30 quid for 300 yrd's :eek: ....but it's brilliant stuff....don't think I'd want to be using it round the rock's/scaurs..at that price but that's just me I'm sure other's would disagree.....mick. :)
  9. Biker Jake

    Biker Jake Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    No doubt power pro is the best. The chinese stuff for 1000 yards at 17 quid is worth it. You'll only loose one spool of power pro and you probably wont buy it again.

    And the chinese power pro is not the same!
  10. Fishy Rich

    Fishy Rich Guest

    I use spectra braid, cheap as chips from china 60lb straight through for shore fishing, got 50lb for boat hire rods
  11. BlackSheep

    BlackSheep Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    You're probably right Jake, but at £30 for 300 yards, I'd want it to come with the fish already attached ;D ;D ;D ;D
  12. lawsy

    lawsy Rockling

    Whiplash all the way and real PowerPro second not the Chinese tow rope with a powerpro sticker on the spool
  13. bigcod

    bigcod Rockling

    Got whiplash on all my rods on the boat excellent stuff fortunatly i get it through my sponsorship as being sponsored by berkley which is part of pure fishing which is also penn, abu etc.

  14. lipslicker

    lipslicker Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    It is a leap of faith, I know, but you can buy 1500 yards of Power Pro on Ebay from a guy in UK for £80-100, depending on breaking strain.
  15. BlackSheep

    BlackSheep Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Not trying to deny or confirm copies or otherwise, but I've got Chinese Power Pro in 60lb and 100lb, the 100lb is tow rope but I've bought that for shock leaders, the 60lb is anything but and to me looks thinner than some 50lb SpiderWire I've got kicking around.

    I'll have to dig out my callipers when I get home this evening and measure it. But as other have said, I'm buying cheap stuff because of where I'm going to use it, getting spooled and loosing £5 worth of braid is one thing, loosing £30 worth would make me cry for a month.
  16. god ov all cod

    god ov all cod Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Thanks every1 for your help cheers Carl
  17. lawsy

    lawsy Rockling

    If you use a100lb braid leader you hardly ever loose any mainline braid it just snaps at the knot so spend somemoney get the whiplash and it will double your cast than with other rough braids and there is no need for using anything above 65lb otherwise why use it if your using heavy braid and not casting far use 40lb silcast mono and save your money the whole idea is to hit big distances relatively easily and you will only do this with good quality smooth braid I've used them all and whiplash is the best hands down
  18. BlackSheep

    BlackSheep Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Finally got round to it, the 60lb is 0.37mm, so equivalent to what, 18lb mono...
  19. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    I ordered some Chinese Power pro in 60lb..........used it on the brigg in the Smiths........half way through the match I d trashed two Penn Battle spools worth of it.It snapped like cotton ! Went onto the Spectra in 40lb no problems. The chinese stuff I had is no where near genuine power pro.....very disappointed with it but at least it was only £6 a go.

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