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wanted rope

Discussion in 'Sea Angling Classified Ads' started by willybendit, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    Hi Lads im after a 300m + plus lenth of 6mm rope to use for my anchor its the blue stuff B T Use thanks Alain
  2. steerser

    steerser Blenny

    Try BT mate? :laugh:
  3. ingoe1

    ingoe1 Rockling

    must of found the biggest hole in the north sea Al, 300 mtrs :surprise:
  4. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    its to hanging all you wise guys with in one fell swoop iss takers its for my trip up crinan where the water is 450ft deep in places so i would need a fair old lenth
  5. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    Look in your garage alain it has everything in
  6. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    Hi John yes your right i do have a lenth of the said rope in my garage but its not long enough i could join it to the 12mm rope i use for my anchor but i would still need a spare just in case i loose one that why i put the add on the forum so go back to sleep and dream of catching cod all night long tightlines Alain
  7. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    Sleep..lol.. I wish.
  8. Fishy Rich

    Fishy Rich Guest

    youll get a 220m ream from machine mart theyre cheap for their poly prop.
    all the best Rich
  9. crabadabado

    crabadabado Blenny

  10. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    Hi Thanks for all your replys screwfix is just round the corner from me cheers Col tightlines Alain
  11. wok

    wok Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    god m8 i no works shite but dont do it :crazy: :crazy:
  12. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    Hi Gaz its to fasten my boat up with not to fasten me to a oak beam i know things business wise are crap but for F/sake im not leaving all my fishing tackle and workshop equipment to that young man of mine just yet maybe when im old bitter and twisted i might leave him something but he has to look after me first tightlines Alain
  13. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    sod him alain, i want the contense of your workshop
  14. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    Hi John I'm hoping when i retire i can take it all up Scotland and spend hours tinkering about getting done what i can't get done now i really need to get stuck into the hillclimb car and get it finished its aways the same (no money and loads of time or loads of money and no time ) thing is Ive got all the bits and peaces and paint think i should sell it and buy a bigger boat the days of doing 100+ mph down forest stages and airfields as long gone catch you later just off to put my head in oven Ha Ha tightlines Alain
  15. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    i think you will fill scotland with your workshop :yes:
  16. captain cod eye

    captain cod eye Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    rope wanted i thought you where guna hang ya self
    howz it going old man ?
  17. mick webster

    mick webster Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Hey Al, dont' be telling everyone on the forum youre' after an extra length, you might finish up gettin' yer' ticket punched!
  18. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    Hi Wayne hows your cars gearbag you dident miss much by not coming to the mull hope to see you and your riff raff mates sunday have you lott found out which end of line the hook goes on its the end that goes into the water Ha Ha Mr webster the only punching i do is of noses and Knickers as you well know i dont think you can reach my ticket now that you have made me a Kidney harness you will want me to buy the beer again tomorrow night thight lines Alain

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