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Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Mark, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Mark

    Mark Blenny

    Was planning to fish the Whitby open but when my cam belt tensioner failed at 80 mph after pumping 150 blacks that sort of messed things up a bit. Eventually got out with my mate yesterday and we headed off to Tunstall. Arrived at 05:45 and headed off in the rectory direction. Tide was about 3 hours off high water and apart from not having my waders,smock and headlight which were all in my car in the garage it turned out ok. Had two codling first two casts both around 1.5 pound and both returned then missed a couple of bites whilst my mate lee was catching whiting. The weed returned about 2 hours after high but was gone again within half an hour,strange! .We continued to fish until nearly low but with no more fish apart from a Rays bream which lee waded out and plucked from the sea still alive and destined now for his dinner. Spoke to some lads who had had some success with cod to 6lb a few days before so it looks like it might start to improve. baits were coming back intact so looks like the crabs have abated. And then on the way home got a phone call to tell me that it will be 750 big ones to repair my car. Oh well thats life ,look forward now to next Wed when were out with Mick on sea urchin 2 in the uptiding festival. Looks like i'm going to have to win that to pay for my car!!!


  2. chiplips

    chiplips Blenny

    not good with the garage bill pal nice report better luck next time
  3. richie7

    richie7 Blenny

    Cars & computers mate, both great when they are running and a right pain in the butt when they are not. I feel for you as I had to shell out £160 for a new alternator this week.

    Better news on the fishing tho, where did you get down, at rectory lane or on the corner at Tunstall. Is there still much of a gulley running right along to Hilston end I've not been there yet this year but might have a chuck up that way Saturday.


  4. Mark

    Mark Blenny

    Parked on the corner and walked about 400 yards to the left. The get down is pretty easy mate and there is still a gully running about 60 yards out from the hw mark. The beach gets shallower the further you go towards hilston.


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