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Tope from the shore?

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Ramsrod, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. prof tench

    prof tench Guest

    Now that is very interesting indeed thanks mww, I think 'I know a good place'. May even track down my old mucka 'Crab Pot Chris' and secure some bait ;D!

    If you fancy another bash with the old eels, I can certainly get you plenty, in exchange for some of those lovely North Yorks peelers naturally ;D ;D ;D.

    Cheers, T
  2. cps

    cps Rockling

    just to add insult to injury i found out today that the with lads had 20 tope from our chosen venuie we were on rouit to when the engine conked :(
  3. steve parsons

    steve parsons Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best


    I have had 2 experiences in the last 3 years like yourself.
    I was ray fishing at a shallow water mark when my bait was taken by something that sped off out to sea at great speed, stopped and then started a second run, this time adjacent to the rock before cutting the trace.
    The second time i was fishing a deep water spot in Cornwall. The bite was a bit finicky at first and I exprcted a flatty or something similar as I was only using half a sandeel as bait. I struck and this thing motored off out to sea taking so much line it almost emptied my reel! I made no ground on it at all and then the line snapped!!
    I'm going down to this spot again this summer with steel trace, thick leader and big squid and mackeral baits.........this is now personal!!
  4. MCP

    MCP Blenny

    My late dad used to tell me of seeing two caught off the back of the brig when he was on holiday in Filey when he was a kid in the 1930s.
  5. skaterboy

    skaterboy New Member

  6. jkd_si

    jkd_si Here fishy-fishy-fish

    I remember reading an article in dangler mag about shore fishing for tope and they were using flatties as bait. They were filleting them and laying both fillets together around the hook, whipping them on with copious amounts of bait cotton. It looked like a good way to present the bait, the hook point was proud and the bait was nice and streamlined for casting.
  7. Roger Melly

    Roger Melly Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Some years ago I was fishing off Ling Rock at Filey Brig, winding in a small Coley ,that had taken a bait nearly as big as itself, when suddenly the line started to peel off the reel, whatever it was went straight out to sea, I was using the usual 30lb straight through mono, and managed to hold on until whatever it was dropped the Coley, I wound in and saw that the Coley was well mangled, with some positive slashes from sharp teeth, so I suppose that the culprit must have been a Tope, I dont think that any other fish would have taken off like that.
    I have never tried for Tope from the shore in Yorkshire, but if I did I think the Brig would be a good place to start.
  8. big cliff

    big cliff Rockling

    I have seen them hooked and lost in luce bay , south west scotland , Disco dan , GJW just to name a couple , an angler used to target
    them in Jan and Feb from the flat rock area in luce bay and had a decent bit of success , M ackerel was always a good bait but eels could
    be a very good bait for them along with flounders . On the Isle of Man Smaile beach was the spot for tope , LLandulas in nort wales
    Dinas Dinnelle near Canarvon , and a spot in Angelsey in the south east corner , sorry I cant remember the name were all good spots
    for them
  9. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    Hi All im going to have a go for a tope off the shore up the mull this year ive a few places in mind my first one is out of trielly bay there is a deep channel running out down towards Ardwell then theres drummore and maryport that are worth a try ive use Dabs for bait all i do is stick the hook through the head then wrap the body round the hook shank run bait elastic up & down put a few stab marks in the dabs body and away you go the rig i use is 20lbs main line onto 80lbs leader i then put a 200lbs swivel with the trace wire /150lbs nylon running hook length i then use a second swivel on the end of the leader to act as a stop and have a two foot drop to the brakaway lead all clipped up ready for casting if your going to row your baits out i would use a extra long leader and rig it up as a bolt rig as used in carp fishing me and mick Webster are going to give this a go in june beach BBQ and a tope off the beach at New England Bay Awesome tightlines Alain
  10. bigbob1

    bigbob1 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    hooking a Tope from bempton a good possabilatey.actualley landing one cant see it myself far too mutch kelp and rough ground sharp rocks too loose your gear on.as cps said they run to far and very fast you would be very lucky to get one out .i got one on last year back end of july skate fishing just off south landing mile off.got it nearly to the boat but bust me of with not having a wire hooklenth on .willy gardner had a couple the other year near north smitheck bouy
  11. arc

    arc Blenny

    Alain , Ive had 3 from the shore at Terally best 32lb also lost 2 others over a 2 day session . We had 3 between us on the saturday night best my 32 and there were 8 caught on the Sunday , I had 2 of 28 and 22 lb , Richie C was there but unfortunately for him the one he hooked the crimp gave .
    We targeted them with mackeral bait and used a rubby dubby bucket . The first one i hooked i lost after it stripped a 525 down to the last few turns of 18lb line then threw the hook I changed to a 9000 and landed the 32 lber 30 mins later after a 10 min scrap . The smallest ripped off over 200yds of line and came to the surface way out . We've tried 3 or 4 times since but never had the same success .
  12. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    Hi Bob good on yer i bloody new trally would throw them out i found a channel that runs down to ardwell just to the left of ( MY house) im up there in june for three weeks so ill have plenty of time to get one I hope i have a few old (9000c ) so ok for reels ill be using my Apollo MK1 that should hold one just getting ready for my trip up loch crinan go saturday for a week skate fishing tightlines Alain
  13. arc

    arc Blenny

    Alain , remind me at the next Nesa event and i'll fill you in with the details of what we did . Have a good skate trip mate best of luck .
  14. gforce

    gforce Blenny

    as said previous dave browns had em off the holderness beaches
  15. crazy horse

    crazy horse Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    hi folks my own limited experience of tope,happened a couple of years ago at easington,id had a cracking day landing 20 odd smuts as well as loosing a few as well,at least 3 runs had been so aggressive almost violent,stripping line an smashing end gear in the blink ov an eye,one badly set clutch resulting in my hsm firing of the tripod.i can only guess with a Little confidence that the culprits were more than likely tope running with the smut packs, also just off shore the local potting boats were filling there boxes with mackerel,can only imagine the feeding frenzy going on.i remember dave brown catching tope of the shore,an also mark beadle doing the same from in front of the farm at grimston,a few years ago,scottgf from the holderness site had a 7lb ish while smutting a year or 2 ago,an a 17lb fish caught at mappleton by a angler using fish baits 4 thornys,this summer if thers a decent smoothy run around late august wire traces an makkie will be coming with me as well as the usual peeler an mono rigs.cheers nige
  16. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

  17. N.INGLIS 28.8

    N.INGLIS 28.8 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    I hooked something very big on cliff tops at Bempton in March,dont think it was a cod as the lunges that it gave were amazing.From holding the rod out straight as you normaly do ,it would then lunge and the rod would hit the cliff edge and all i could do was hold on,at one stage Cassey got hold of my coat as he thought i was going over.Had cod to twelve pounds up the cliffs and one twenty eight pound from shore,but this one had me beat.Almost got it to bottom of cliff and eighty pound braid went,will never know what it was but it was fun.Couldnt be to down about it getting of because it was to big to get up even with my pole,only good thing was it is still swimming out there and thats why we all go fishing as you just never know what you could hook next.
  18. slippyeel

    slippyeel Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Have had only 1 tope from the beach all be it only a small thing but was an eye opener when landed was fishing for rays at out newton near the white house on the cliffs that was a year or 2 ago so very likly to get more on the right day i guess


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