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Tope from the shore?

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Ramsrod, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    We used to fish the Mull Of Gallaway every year and we got chatting to a lad who was there fishing for Tope as he had some success the previous year there. One evening we were fishing for Pollock on the western side when this same lad came down to catch some Coalies for bait as he prefered them to Mackeral which were in large numbers in the Luce Bay side at the time. He was casting out with feathers on and catching coalies then shouted us over. While we were there you could see the Tope following his hooked fish in and they were taking them of his hooks. Unfortunately for him that was the only night he never had his wire traces with him and the wind blew up for the rest of the week.
  2. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    gutted ,,, maybe 60lb greased weasel in emergencies ;D
  3. cps

    cps Rockling

    for 20 yards or so ;D
    single strand s/s wire for me 80lb marlin avalible from basspro in the good old usa to 8 ft of 100lb mono,
    mww uses that multi strand pike wire and seems to have had no problems yet
  4. Phil A

    Phil A New Member

    I've had three tope from the shore (in Wales) 22-12, 26-8 & 35-0. All taken on Abu 6500 the last two on a syncro. Although they can strip about 100yds of line off, they run out of steam and let you gain some back. As yet I have not been in danger of running out of line. I recently asked Clive Gammon if he ever ran out of line on the 40-50lb tope he caught from the shore and the answer was no - even when caught on a fixed spool reel. however they were caught in deep water which might make a difference. I do have a 7000 sycro which I intend to try.

    I've just looked at my traces and I used Berkley Big Game Steelon which is nylon coated wire. I have a spool of 80lb but it is thicker than the stuff I used to catch the tope which was probably 50lb. I crimp the wire and give it a good test and haven't had any problem. Incidentally "T" I also crimp all my pike traces and have had no failures but the important thing is to not to crimp the edge of the crimp just the middle. One recommendation I would make is to use an extra strong shock leader as it often gets abraided by the topes rough skin. I now use 80lb. The big tope did chew through a couple of strands of the wire trace but there was plenty left but it wore the 50lb leader badly.

    As tope are the biggest fish likely to be caught from our shores then your gear should be up to the task. It is best to use new line on your reel and a new trace for each fish and check your knots well.

    Hooks just need to be strong. I've used Kamasan b940s in a 6/0 but I lost a fish on a Cox & uptide Extra which opened up on me. Bigmouth Extras should be good.

    Bait wise I caught them on Mackerel, large sandeel and launce - all frozen and all Ammo.
  5. mww

    mww Rockling

    ...that's a kiss of death if ever I heard one.....& here's me getting ready for tomorrow!!!

    LIke cps says, stuff I normally use is 30lb 49strand pike wire - I tie it doubled, & "double loop" (through the eye twice) it to the hook & swivel & then crimp it - don't think the crimps do a whole lot, though, other than keeping it tidy- 9 to 10" long trace, then 6-8ft of 80lb mono, then sinker running on a link swivel.

    Hook's easy - 8/0 Gamakatsu Circle...although 8/0 O'Shagnastys work ok.

    I've seen guys mention using heavy mono - never tried it, but my advise would be only use it if you've got no wire!! We've had wire break with tope, so don't think mono wouldn't stand much of a chance...note I say break, & not the more dramatic "bitten" - think what probably happens is that the wire gets round a sharp tooth edge & goes like that - their teeth don't interlock like yours when biting a carrot, but mono would go the same way, just, in my opinion, a whole lot easier.....but try it if you must!!

    Either way, having said all the above, expect tales of woe tomorrow night...!!!


    ps agree with Prof T regarding Abu drags, can be very jerky, especially when you get to the bottom of the spool, ask cps!!! - we usually use shimano lever drags, although Penn 525s are pretty good - surprisingly cheap fixed spools are equally smooth...again, ask cps!!
  6. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    gutted ,,, maybe 60lb greased weasel in emergencies

    for 20 yards or so ......
    yeah c.p.s. im sure there would be no need to have more than 20yds of rubbing leader /hook lenght......
  7. cps

    cps Rockling

    shortest tope trip ever engine falure half a mile out :'( , fitteed a new gasket late last night and managed to get the wireing loom the wrong side of a water pipe which then melted the wires on the exhaust manifold shorting the live feed to the ignition system :mad: resulting in a free ride home via a tow from my pal dave brown and the lizzard charter boat ;D [ many thanks ] so that will cost me a larger or two when i see him , on the plus side dave had been on a all nighter after the tope with the doc and another guy and blanked so maybe we didnt mis any thing :D
  8. cps

    cps Rockling

    you may get lucky and land one on 60lb but if it's a big girl and it tail raps you then its good bye
    once you getyour hands on one this size you'll know why you need thick leaders
  9. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    lovely fish is that ,,,,awsome......
  10. mww

    mww Rockling

    ...guess i was right about the kiss of death....but I really thought it just might mean a broken wire trace....but hey, a broken bit of wire's a broken bit of wire......sorry cps, looks like it was my fault then!!! :(

  11. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    :eek: :eek: never mind thick leaders, it,s wire cutters you need. You,re starting to scare me now! Thats a yak flipping Tope if ever I,ve seen one.
  12. macky

    macky New Member

    Hooked into 2 fish last night at chapel that could possibly of been tope

    one took 20yd of line then slipped the hook, come back all chafed and nicked so had to change snood

    other one rarved the rod forward and bit me off instantly
  13. cps

    cps Rockling

    that one was caught in the area where you were yaking on one of your first trips round the head
  14. prof tench

    prof tench Guest

    I'd forgotten Cox & Rawle also had some 60+ Tope on trout as well as eel, ever tried it cps, mww et al?

    Macky do you reckon the Lincs fish will hang around inshore the way the weather's shaping for the week ahead? I've no crab but I'm willing to make the trip for a go at the tope if there's a realistic chance of hooking one? Also, have you ever tried hardbacks on our smuts Chris? They've been used successfully on the Solent for years when the hounds are thick on the ground as they obviously are down Chapel at the mo' (probably buggered off just as I write this ????)

    Cheers, T
  15. macky

    macky New Member

    if it blows up they will go, i certainly wouldnt go without crab

    not tried hardbacks as they are bulky to cast and u need all the distance u can there

    had fish on hermit last year
  16. prof tench

    prof tench Guest

    It's really the Tope I had in mind Macky, so I would have chanced it but I'll wait 'til the monsoon season's over now ;D and it's holderness I'd really love to be the place for my first shore tope. Assuming I ever get one that is ??? ;D?

    I'm not prepared to pay what they're asking for crab these days and am leaving the smuts alone 'til august if I can't collect any crab myself. Later in the season they certainly show some interest in squid, but it is still very much second rate to crab from the shore imho. On the boats out of Bradwell the smaller calamari are very successful for smuts. While I was down south I noticed nearly all the tackle shops stock the 'Chinese Calamari Party Squid', even Ammo are doing them. Although they are imported via 'Bloomsbury International' in Grimsby, so should be easy to get hold of up here. Told they are great for Black Bream too, anyone tried them around here?

    Serious question Macky, if you are paying what Mark's asking for crab (75p each I think?) how much bait do you take for one of your smoothie sessions (great hit by the way, I'm green ;D)? I've done ok for hounds with smallish baits half a 2" crab or sinlge hermit on a 1/0 has worked for me. The 1/0 Drennan Continental Boilie hook was a cult pattern for hounds down south, but I get by with Bigmouths ( ;D) and Cox & Rawle Uptides. You do see other reports saying you need big crab baits on 4/0's and the likes, which must work out pretty expensive fishing, unless you happen to be one of the Whitby 'crab barons' ;D ;D ;D!

    Cheers, T
  17. mww

    mww Rockling


    We did once get some eels for bait, & gave them a try - didn't catch on them, but to be honest we didn't catch on mackerel that day either. If it was a much better bait than mackerel, I guess supply might become an issue. However, I'm led to believe that an advantage of eel from the shore would be that it doesn't seem to get bothered by crabs - well thats what a couple of my mates told me from when they tried it....

    Not tried trout either - the ones I catch are far too big anyway!!! ;D (had a 12lber last night, but that's another story :eek:) Again, I've heard they're a pretty good bait, but again supply in the sort of numbers we'd require would be an issue - an expensive one at least.

    One thing we've found with mackerel is that if it's not fresh, then it's not worth bothering with - we've often hedged our bets when macks are scarce early season & bought a dozen or so from supermarkets - total waste of time!!! Think I'd rather use a live whiting than frozen mackerel.

  18. macky

    macky New Member

    for a session i would take 35 - 40 crab , but no way will i use um all
    if i use 20 i would of had a fantastic days fishin
    on sat i had 25 hounds, and i bet i never used more than 6 live crab
    i first used the dozen dead ones i had (which caught very well)
    theres a few bait saving tips i do for hound fishing which makes ur bait go a lot further when the hounds are thick on the ground
    one is leave the old bait on and just add a quarter of a crab, or a couple of claws and mould it back into the sausage shape and re-whip it
    i dont only do this for hounds but other fish, bass.cod,skate and it works

    it is pointless using big baits or u miss the bites, i proved this on sat when john my mate was missing bite after bite on full crab baits and 4/0 hooks

    i use sakuma manta 1/0 and a 2 penneled
    when my bait is on the hook the bend of the size 2 is touchin the eye of the 1/0
    that how small my baits are

    next time im out will take a pic of my bait sizes to show u
  19. prof tench

    prof tench Guest

    Nice one Macky and interesting stuff too mww. The area Cox & Rawle caught alot of their big ladies is on the eel migration route in the Thames Estuary apparently, although I don't know precisely where they had 'em but my m8 John does. As the ground you fish is different they may well be hunting other species?

    You're spot on about the eel being crab proof too, I've used the same bit for half a tide on Holderness without it even appearing nipped, didn't catch owt though ;D

    Cheers, T
  20. mww

    mww Rockling

    I suppose another good thing about eel section is that it's relatively compact for casting - can't say the same about half a mackerel!!

    Where we've caught the tope down Holderness is on patches of rougher ground, where there are pots shot & cps has a theory that big crab baits would also do the business - unfortunately securing a plentiful supply of humungous peelers & softies is an even tougher option than getting enough eels & trout !! ;D


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