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Tope Fishing Wire Traces

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by newdave, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. newdave

    newdave Guest

    I made up rigs for our tope session & am afraid to say that the one i gave to quint failed at the vital moment :angry:, the wire pulled through the crimps at the hook, when crimping the wire ends is it normal to put a knot in the wire first, and whats the normal way to terminate these ?
  2. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    Re: wire traces

    The way I ve always made my wire traces up is to hold either the swivel or hook in pliers twist the wir tightly then slide the crimp over the twist.Make sure that the crimps are not too big as well. For the traces i made up yesterday I have double crimped them as well.I just finish mine with a close cut to the crimp.I have in the past soldered the end of the wire and the crimp which gives a nice secure smooth finish,usefull when using fine lines and spinning so the line doesn't foul on the tag of the wire at the cut.

    ps .....tactics even when fishing together..tut..tut...tut..!.. :wink: :wink: :wink:
  3. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    I must say im very dubious of crimped wire traces , like dave says make sure the crimp is as tight as possible and use a proper set of crimpiong pliers , i have a set of them fox ones and they seem the bizz , before getting the fox crimpers i learnt the twist method which seemed to be a good solid method , But it was just a pain in the arse to do ,
    Sorry to hear ures pulled , nowt worse....
  4. Doc

    Doc New Member

    I always thread the wire through the crimp at least twice (a loope at either end and crush with pliers, then I give it an extra squeeze with the wire cutting edge (sorry don't know the technical name for this part of the pliers). Two or three crushes with this part of the pliers makes a big difference and in 8 years of making my own tope traces for use off holderness I've never had one straigten out yet.
  5. cps

    cps Rockling


    these are what i use

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