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Tope 1 - 0 Whitby Sea Anglers

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by carpyken, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    Quint, Newdave, Dorado, Jellyworm and myself launched this morning for 7.30 and headed out to meet Chris (CPS) and his gang on one of his tope hotspots just out from Albrough. It was a gruelling paddle out and our Jellyworm was struggling in the choppy swell as he was the only one without a rudder. He decided to stay inshore a little closer and fish close to the mark I had my fish last week. We all carried on out on a 3 mile paddle to meet up with our fishing companions.

    Chris's boat was a welcome sight. Long story short, we all fished our nuts of all day changing baits regularly but unfortunately someone had forgotten to tell the tope to be there. :no:

    Still a fantastic days paddling, much experience was gained and we all still as keen as mustard to get back out there and find all those ellusive tope :happy:

    Cannot thank Chris and his gang enough, not only did they stay with us all day when they could have simply upped anchor and dissapeared off the horizon to another mark they also accompanied us back into safe waters when the chop built up - thank you so much guys.

    We had an interesting landing - heading back into Tunstall we noticed the bomb squad and the Coastguard with the whole beach barricaded off and we were heading stright into it, fortunately after a little liason on the VHF we came ashore and they detinated an unexpoded device slightly further up the beach from us. :happy:
  2. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    The straight off shore wind combined with a long long paddle had me beat as trying to keep the Dorado's and marlins in sight let alone to match pace.There was no way that the Prowler could match those yaks in the conditions.

    If I had the money I WOULD BE HAVING ONE OF THEM. :yes:


    I went in after 3 hours and headed up to Flambro for the last of the ebb.Though once the flood started the tide nearly tipped me as it was boiling 6ft + swells in places.the Emmersons pleasure cobble was cresting the swells with alf the hull out the water !

    So called it a day after one drift from roll up down to near Braille.

    There was A certain Mr Barmby having a few chucks of the scaurs between 5 Arches and Braille...heavy colour line till 200 yds out as well then still not clear .

    oh well always next time......how am i going to afford a Dorado ....hmmmm :crazy: :crazy:
  3. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    ......how am i going to afford a Dorado ....hmmmm

    My thoughts exactly, it was only my sail that kept me in the running today. Can honestly say we all gave it 110% in the fishing stakes, to put in at Tunstall and then to up gear and re-put in at Flamborough, mucho respect. We had a good look around on the way back and think we have found a much closer put in at Albrough. We WILL bag a few of these tope :wink: :happy:
  4. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    I was determined to get some fishing in today Ken but that cross wind paddling up the coast.....no way hose'
    I was knackered after the haul at Flambro....was the closest I ve come to being tipped by just the swells got a BIT HAIRY at Flambro' and that big tide flooding was no pussycat !
  5. mww

    mww Rockling

    Few pics....

    guys, really didn't expect to see you out there this morning, & certainly not coming towards us from "off"!!

    Only managed to take a couple of pics, plus these 3 short vids....






    Apologies for the quality of the vids & that they are pretty far away....even the sea doesn't look as nasty as it was, but take it from me, you probably picked the worst bit of the day... :surprise:

    One thing's for sure, many more paddling days like that & ther'll be no shotrtage of body-doubles for the next re-make of the Popeye movies.... :happy:

    RESPECT!! to you 'yakkers!! Just a shame that the tope didn't show....Doc's theory about them not liking spring tides must have more than a grain of substance..... :confused:


  6. newdave

    newdave Guest

    don't sell it short Ken, it was just short of 4 nm, in all we clocked 8.9nm total in two Grueling paddles,

    I have just raised my body from the Sofa were i have been since i got home, Knackered.

    First thanks Dave(jellyworm), I know you were looking forward to it and took valuable time off work. sorry it was a bad day for you, but glad you got back safe, don't know when this weather is ever going to settle this year :no:

    So no Tope but a memorable weekend all the same, firstly Saturday was a celebration of me completing my 57th circumnavigation of the Sun, Also Dorado made a return trip to North Yorkshire & delivered a spanking new Dorado for Quint so we had a few burned sausages & a few beers on Saturday night to celebrate, finished that at about midnight then up again at five to head down to the costa del Tunstall for a 7:30 launch. :snore:
    Weather was fine but the met office were giving a bit more wind than we had hoped for, SW 4 or 5, Ken was happy as he figured he could sail out :laugh:
    Did not get many picture as I had borrowed Marions Marlin for the long paddle & its a lovely craft but you have to show some restraint with how much gear you try to take, Ken forgot to mention this dodgey character who came along, could this be Lindisfarne ?
    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    Standing on Tunstall beach and looking towards the tower at Ringborough 3 miles looks a long way :crazy:

    Anyway we headed off in the hope the shipping forecast was being a bit pessimistic :no:, Simon was his usual effervescent self despite a good few beers & not much sleep and we all headed off determinedly to our rendezvous with CPS & crew, luckily the weather although poor was with us & with the last of the ebb just starting we were trucking along at 4kts & cover the distance in about an hour, I think Chris was a bit surprise to see us coming at him out of the Sun. drifting for bait was a chore as the you were going at a fair lick & soon needed to paddle back. I was delighted when Chris chucked over a couple of fresh Mackerel & i could put the anchor down & my feet up for a while whilst we waited for the Tope frenzy to commence :no:
    Meanwhile Simon was darting all over the place collecting a bag of Mackerel which he generously doled out to get us all fishing.

    The fishing itself was a non event as the Tope failed to show & we had to content with catching a few more Mackerel & admire the stunning Holderness Scenery :cry:

    so as the Tide began to ease & the sky's blackened we decided to up anchor & head in, no sooner had we got our anchors up than a squall came through with some strong winds that soon had the sea pretty fresh, we went directly to shore against it & quint & myself had a ball with the new yaks really doing the business, crashing through the waves & half leaving the water at times. so an even longer trip back & a bit of surf to contend with on the Beach. Simon gave us a lesson on kayak handling in Surf that was a real eye opener, expect to see me putting some time in amongst the Surfer's next time we have a bit of swell, such a lot to learn.

    Thanks again to Chris & his crew, it was nice to have them watching over us, really appreciate the advice & support we have received, & hopefully next time we will have some Fish to show :wink:
  7. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    I m early turn all week and be out any night except Tuesday , keep an eye on the weather lads and post something if going out,Ken I know Rob is keen to get out this week having just moved house,he hasn t got his pc up and running yet but I am arranging something either shore or yak this week an will pass on any plans.

    Cheers Jellyworm
  8. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    It was definitely one that I put down to experience, I knew once you and quint set of at the blisteriung pace you did in the kaskazis that I was going to have difficulty coupled with the cross wind I thought best stop before I got too far . Still had a good few hours with plenty of bites directly off Tunstall in 50 ft of water but I think that they were doggies. A few mackeral but to be honest was bored after 3 hours .Should have gone home instead of dragging up and down at Nth Landing but was desperate to spend the day fishing.
    I think a rudder sytem is going to be purchased for the yak now.
  9. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Interesting reading guys, sorry you never managed to catch anything but Im sure you will learn from the experience and your next trip out there will be more fruitful. Thanks for taking the time to tell us your story and to those of you who have posted up some pics, and mart for the 3 short vids. :happy: :happy:
  10. quint

    quint Watch out Emperor Zorg's about

    Was a really great day although the Tope failed to show - once again many thanks to Chris and Mart for their help and I think we all enjoyed the banter on the VHF - the pics and video are great but as Mart states they don't really reflect the sea state - in the Kaskasi kayaks you feel totally confident on the sea in those conditions, I am aware folks are put off buy the price and some don't require fast boats, but they take kayak fishing to another level, we are planning on doing longer journey's out to look at the inshore wrecks locally and the hard ground around Whitby - heading in through that sqaull was great fun with the half the kayak out of the water on many occasions - that said I found it hard coming in through the surf on the beach as it handled differently to the prowler and was promptly dumped out :surprise: - can't wait to have another go at the Tope, hopefully if the weather plays ball this week
  11. Dorado

    Dorado New Member

    Thanks for the weekend guys - I caught my first cod ever....yes! OK, they are common to you, but we don't get them in Cornwall so I have never really had a go for them in ernest before. It wasn't very big, 2.5lbs perhaps. It was added to the pork writing sticks at Newdave's burfday do and tasted fanstancit :embarrass: Thanks to the chap on the Tarpon (Dave?) who was from the other northern site - he showed me the caves around North Lanidng and we had fun going through some tiny little pop holes that you needed to rush between waves, and with only about 6" each side of the kayak to get through, I had to duck my head too because of the height of tide at that time. Brilliant. I would never had found them by myself, because even in the cavern i couldn't see the light coming from the hole as it was behind a sticky out rock. It was only as he got closer that his kayak lit up and I realised there was a way out.

    Sunday was another good day. Flat calm on the way out, a little swell but no sea and I got several mackerel trollingon the way to the tope mark. I hadn't any bait so needed to get some before I could start. By the time I got there I had about 20, so dishing them out was no bother - I had far more than enough. Quint was even catching a few from his spot at anchor.

    We sat for ages waiting for that heart quickening tack, tack, tack as the reel clicker starts to go, and then turning into dddrrrrrrr as the line pours off. I had one good run that took about 40 yards, but as I knocked the reel into gear the rod pulled round onto nothing. The Bait, mackerel tail section (half a mackerel) was bitten in half short of the hook - I had 1" of tail left and the hook. It was as if the fish knew just where to grab hold of it to avoid the hook! That was it, BUT another lovely thing that happened while sat there was other than the young guillemots, just 20 yards away, squeaking for nearby mum to feed them (mum was ignoring them - probalby their way of saying go catch your own!) with tope on my mind I saw a fin coming right beside the kayak, maybe 10 feet away only. I looked again and thought "tope, on the surface" because it wasn't a very big fin. Then as the glare moved with it changing angle to me I could see it was a small sunfish, waving its pectoral fin the air as it came by. Sometimes we used to catch these in Cornwall on mackerel feathers. They are predatory and if frightened they will swim upright at qute a speed as they dive. Otherwise they just lay flat on/near the surface sunning themselves, hence their name. This one was only about the size of a dustbin lid maybe, 10lbs - 15lbs sort of size. The ones we see off Cape Town can be anything up to 15 feet across and covered in barnacles.

    We missed the big bang, we were told it was in the water off the beach....but when the bang came we looked out to sea, only to then see the plume of smoke coming from the top of the cliff. Typical, but not that exciting - but another experience. The landing was a chance to show Dave and Iain how to handle their kayaks in the surf - and Iain said it is all wrong, goes against instinct, but it works! Lean into the wave chaps, even a proper curler won't turn you over, if you are side on, just lean heavily into the wave with your paddle in the low brace suppoert that side. You will not turn over. This is because you are lifting the keel of the boat out of the water and not presenting any resistence so the kayak can slide sideways over the water being pushed sideways by the wave. As you break through the paddle is already supporting you, a little push down and you come back uprighht, wet but safe. If the kayak starts to get turned by the wave - ie you get ANY lean away from the wave, then the gunwale digs in and you are over immediately. There is no coming back from that. LEAN INTO THE WAVE and you will not get turned over. I wen tout and purposely sat beam on to the curling waves to show that it works.

    As for the tope, or lack of them, well I think the neaps will perhaps yield better results - they do on the Welsh coast. I'll be back! Not just for the tope either - I want a bigger cod now! bad luck, i will just have to put up with the slag heaps, tight northerns and their flat caps and ferrets!
  12. Dorado

    Dorado New Member

    Got some pics - I'll post them to someone to put up - too techy for me really. I will have to download them first, they are still in the camera!
  13. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    As for the tope, or lack of them, well I think the neaps will perhaps yield better results

    Either that or it was all those shiney white hulls that scared all the tope away :yes: :yes: :yes:

    As we know, fish are colour blind so oranges, reds and yellows will just show up as varying shades or grey. . . :yes:

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  14. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    Great report lads , just a shame the tope didnt show for yer`s , yous deserved summat doing a session like that , Them white yaks are flying , are them the formulae 1 of the yakking world , whos up[graded , iain ?
  15. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    Yer Dav, Iain just got one - as if he wasn't fast enough already :whatever: :happy: . Daves wife, Marion has just got the Marlin which is a very quick kayak and I think Dave will be treating himself to the new Dorado as soon as they land in this country.
  16. Dorado

    Dorado New Member

    Some pictures for your delectation.......

    Quint sat on the drift off Flamborough.

    and one of that now famous cod :cool:

    The tope group at the Holderness launch site...ready for the off. Of course, the important kayaks are in the foreground. :laugh:

    Our mothership for the day. - Thanks Chris. Put us on a proper mark next time though please. :yes:

    The organiser...in organising mode.

    Mr Cool lounging around on Marion's kayak :cool:

    Quint, again. This time off the featureless, bomb infested, Holderness coastline. Just look at that waders - hardly the attire to suit the kayak. :tease:

    Shame no big fish pictures - next time.
  17. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    what a great report lads! shame about the lack of tope but an interesting report all the same and a memorable one for you all no doubt for all sorts of reasons. Hope to get out with you next time and show you all how slow those yaks really are :crazy:
  18. Lindisfarne

    Lindisfarne New Member

    Better luck next time on the Tope lads, good report and pics though...

    Waaaay too much hair for me Dave..... :kiss:

    Same launch though.. :wink:

  19. newdave

    newdave Guest

    must be one of your cousins then Neil :wink: :tease:
    can you believe Simon said "try to look like butch northerners" :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    well done Simon, the Glenlivet is luvley thanks :happy: :happy: :happy:
  20. cps

    cps Rockling

    did some digging in my diary today, nige [doc] has the theory that spring tides are no good, looked at 2006 [ for some reason it was in my office at work] me and mick had one of our best sessions on a 6.4 scarbro book think it was 13 september we had 9 in 3 hours so that puts the spring tide theory out of the window a bit
    but what will interest you guys more is we have had allot more than i thought at flambro which is probably not much more than 1.75 miles from south landing to where we got them , seems that we did best on the springs on the holderness and fished the neaps on the smethic banks that year, for some reason didn't fish flambro last year.
    Ill dig the lat longs out of my gps and let you have em to think about
    i was impressed with the white yaks seemed to cut through the chop much better than the orange one of kens

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