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Tonights meeting with DEFRA

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    So what did people think who went ? I felt it didn't go too bad. I did feel they took some notice but only time will tell on that one. Nice to see so many of the lads from Filey club turn out.

    I actually felt quite sorry for that Anthony Hines as he did look very nervous. Hopefully he went away knowing we mean business but also that we were respectful of him and grateful he took the time to come.
  2. Doc

    Doc New Member

    Encouraging that so many turned up. A big thanks to all who could be bothered. I think that they (DEFRA) are in no doubt about our feelings, but as Glenn says, respect showed all round.
  3. northbayotter

    northbayotter New Member

    i think you are right there B.B.

    -unfortunately though i was not able to take any comfort whatsoever from what was said by anthony hynes and the guy from natural england

    the facts remain that the government is intent on pushing ahead with the marine bill and our sport remains under threat

    and to that end the opportunity to respond to the consultation currently still open until the end of this month (closes march 31st) is our only chance to influence the formulation of the marine bill .

    make no mistake, -never has our sport been under such great threat,

    The greatest asset the government has in its favour is our weakness and lack of will to get off the fence and engage them , and make no mistake they will exploit that simple fact to the full

    all credit to all who attended last nights meeting
    however this is still not enough,

    -in my veiw the only way forward towards securing the future of our sport through the forthcoming marine bill is to respond

    ....MASSIVELY... to the consultation
    -i.e. no one can afford to sit on the fence "and simply leave it to the other guy"
  4. fishergirl

    fishergirl Blenny

    due to a bit of car trouble yesterday, i completely forgot about the meeting :embarrass: :sad: anyone take notes on what was said?
  5. mww

    mww Rockling

    To be honest, from what I've read elsewhere, I was expecting to see the DEFRA/ EN guys looking a bit shell-shocked, & so it turned out.

    As others have said, good to see so many turning out - if nothing else, it's demonstrating to DEFRA that there is real concern. As NBO says, though (& Will Terry said at the meeting) the way froward now is to write....


    ps - who was the guy in the biker jacket?? :wink:
  6. stuartmac

    stuartmac New Member

    Hi fishgirl we taped the meeting but I have not had a chance to look at the quality. I had a couple of technical hitchs. Its like when you go fishing and leave your bait at home. I switched the mike on but forgot to put the battery in at the beginning so missed the initial part of the DEFRA introduction. I think I have captured all the speakers but some at the back maybe lost to some cross talk. We intend to circulate them once they have been transcribed and I will put you on the list if you will pm me your e-mail address. It was interesting that we had people from Redcar and Halifax at the meeting and a good response from the charter skippers and tackle dealers. I think the guy in the biker jacket was a distraction device from DEFRA.
  7. smokey

    smokey Rockling

    I think he was mumbling something about better amenities,must want a nice cosy shelter building on the pier end :whistle: :wink: :happy:

    I personally think that there was quite a few positives to come out of the meeting.But still couldn't get away from the fact that the 2 DEFRA guys dodged a lot of tricky questions asked of them,which makes me very suspicious of their intentions.I had a good chat with the Fisheries Officer afterwards and to my amazement learned that any trawler under 45 FEET in length can tow right up to the beach if they want to! It was encouraging hearing the Natural England guy saying there was a very healthy 2 year stock coming through in most size ranges this year which could indicate a good winter ahead,respect to all who attended,especially the guys who stood up and said their piece....tight lines
  8. Hammy

    Hammy New Member

    Must apologise for my mate spen - the chap in the leather, he had drunk a bit too much and lost the plot somewhat! Hope he didn't bother too many people, I was doing my best to keep an eye on him! :crazy:

    Well done to all the speakers, you put your points across clearly and lets hope the defra people take some notice.
  9. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Thought he was with Nigel ?? I knew the guy had taken a few too many sherries when he said the licence was a good idea. My concern was that when we left the only people there was the DEFRA bods and the Guy in the leather Jacket.

    I can just imagine the report going back to their Boss.

    "Well Johnathon all those stories about up north are definitely true. We met a very strange biker who made little sense and slurred his words. Definitely too much lead in the water in the north east"

    Some significant items for me in the meeting were :

    The round of applause for Nigel's point on the quota year - ie it should run April To April so that the Trawlers have no quota left when the fish are spawning. This isn't Rocket science but it makes such obvious sense.

    John Whittons point that 97% of the commercial take from the north sea is from the over 10 metre fleet and that the over 10 metre boats although allowed to operate inside of a mile often cant because of the nature of the ground.

    Nigel's point that a Golden Mile was a complete waste of time. It was nice to here this said as I know Nigel hasn't always felt this way.

    Anthony Hines reply that A golden Mile will not be happening.

    Anthony Hines lieing to the attendees about sea angling representation on the sea fisheries committee. Saying we have 4 reps when he knows full well the policy states we are only allowed 2 reps.

    Andy Crowe's point that DEFRA need to talk to local people about local issues (This has been my gripe for a long time - we have the likes of Leon Roskilly going to parliament and telling DEFRA what should happen on our coast).

    Nigel's total disgust when he couldn't ask one last question.

    All in all an enjoyable evening.
  10. smokey

    smokey Rockling

    Nigels point on the quota year running from April to November was kind of what i tried to say but he put it forward a lot better,like you say Glenn,it's common sense.I honestly believe if the spawning grounds were left completely alone during this period,it wouldn't take as long as most people think to revive hugely. :happy: :happy: .......tight lines
  11. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    On the negative side, the RSA proposals were vague to say the least, they sort of knew what they wanted but no one knew how to achieve the objectives and from past experiences I can,t help but be suspicious. On the positive side there was excellent points made by people from all sides of the fishing fraternity which will hopefully be noted and used. Unfortunately it,s the 11th hour but anglers are starting to sit up and recognise the fact that if we don,t do something we,ll drown in our own apathy.
  12. wec

    wec Nunc est biben dum

    good turn out ,but still a few faces missing from the local angling scene.thougt anthony hines looked like a rabbit caught in head lights.the natural england chap ,rob ,ithink his name is,actually seemed genuinly interested in what we had to say ,and igot the feeling he was listening and would take his findings back to base.
    the filey boys had him cornered after wards and he let slip that he thought they were in for a tougher time than they got.but like others said , ithink we showed respect.
    rob was offered a trip fishing in filey, and seemed keen to take up the offer, think it was the free pork pie and pound of sausage that swung it . :yes:
  13. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Just to get the balance right Bill, you should make a deal. A free boat trip if he can manage a days fishing at Bemmo bottoms accessing from Rheighton sands.
  14. wec

    wec Nunc est biben dum

    it would be nice to show him bempton bottoms, then he'll understand why the promise of better access to fishing areas ,means nowt to the NE angler.
  15. northbayotter

    northbayotter New Member

    well spotted smokey, -exactly my thoughts too!

    -which is exactly i stated earlier, that nothing that was said last night makes me feel any better about the whole buisness from the top to the bottom.

    with the best will in the world those two guys (i.m.h.o.) in the firing line last night are mere "foot soldiers" of the goverment machine

    ...however... -you may remember the proposal to place bag limits on bass anglers issue that was debated by the N.E.S.F.C last july :sad::yes: (which to their credit they decided against :yes: :cheesy:)

    - well that proposal was made through the association of fisheries commitees as a direct result of a letter sent to the association from none other than: - ANTHONY HYNES !!

    basically that letter set out the simple facts that there was at that time a desire on the part of D.E.F.R.A.
    to bring about a nationwide bag limit on anglers for bass through the use of sea fisheries commitee bylaw making powers by requesting every committee around the coasts to follow suit as it went on to say that where defra had explored this as an option but were actually lacking in the ability to apply such restriction themselves without primary legislation to enable them to do so
  16. bigcod

    bigcod Rockling

    Smokey i dont get the under 45ft thing with trawlers if you are under 60ft you can trawl right upto the beach unless the area is a prohibited area and that usually goes out to 3 miles matey.

  17. smokey

    smokey Rockling

    Thats what the Fisheries guy told me Paul,unless i misheard him :happy: It still staggers me that they are allowed to do that. .....tight lines
  18. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Yeah its 60 foot Mart :happy:. Hence nearly every trawler in our ports being built to exactly 59.5 feet :surprise: :surprise: Thats not a joke either.

    The mile thing doesnt really matter Mart as the nature of our grounds means most places are inaccessible inside of that mile. This was something Nigel pointed out at the meeting when discussing the Golden Mile Proposal.

    Maybe they should be pushed further out still ? what do you think ? :happy:
  19. cps

    cps Rockling

    apology's for not being there , to busy at work and couldn't manage to get , but sounds like there was good representation for our corner
  20. Phil A

    Phil A New Member

    In defence of Leon Roskilly, he did what he did because anglers round here were too apathetic. At the time there was no one to represent the area. DEFRA can run the odd forums but quite rightly don't want to deal with individuals otherwise they will get accosted by drunks and people with their individual gripes. They need to talk to representatives who have studied the issues and know what they are talking about.

    We now have the Yorkshire division of the NFSA and that will be the route to work through.

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