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  1. 3be2

    3be2 Blenny

    I was going to ask this question in the bait flask thread but figured that it might work as a TLP. Especially if someone wants to add some other "tips and tricks" then, please, hijack away ...

    Reading this site has moved me quickly from fumbling about freezing my cod's off on the beach to actually enjoying my Sea fishing. Mostly by picking up little bits of info that I would have worked out for myself eventually but came a lot faster via reading WSA.

    So here's a first one ... I have a bait flask and found it a lot easier than messing about with thawed out bait but do you 'regulars' fill your flasks with ready assembled (on the hook) baits or just the raw bits and pieces? I actually caught a mini Cod last weekend and then spent time making up another bait to send out. Now I figure that my Cod was part of a shoal and by the time my bait was back in the water the rest of the shoal had eaten up and fooked off down the coast. So - do I need to fill my bait flask with dozens of ready made baits so that they can be quick changed and back in the water in seconds while the shoal is still there?

    If I do need 'ready baits' then how do I decide what to make up? Just Crab? Worm and Cart? Mussels? Do you know what bait you are going to fish before you get to your mark or do you just ring the changes until something works? Does bait matter much if you have a large shoal of hungry fish in front of you?
  2. egg

    egg Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    'double pat'

    this means bait another rig up after you've cast your previous one out. when baited the rig can be hung from tripod. Then simply take old rig off(hopefully with a fish on end) , attach new rig to genie rig clip on the end of your shockleader/mainline and get it back in water, then take the fish/old bait off and start process again.
  3. DiscoMick

    DiscoMick Eat Fishing, Sleep Fishing, Drink BEER

    Double pat is the way mate,i'll guarantee the first time you dont practice it the fish will come thick n fast and you'll be all finger's n thumb's,not good especially on those freezing night sesh's,as for bait being important you better believe it,like you say the shoal sometimes do a hit n run,so quality bait has to be offered up,otherwise they will just move on to richer pickin's....just my opinion mate i'm sure other's will have different view's.....mick.
  4. halfprice

    halfprice Owt For Nowt

    its ok baiting up a second rig ive done it myself, but i noticed when i hang it up until the next rod is reeled in i had a load of bait juices just dripping away on to the floor.
  5. woody

    woody New Member

    if im fishing with musscle or cart i sometimes purposely thaw some cart out just to leave my baited rig in !!! same with musscle

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