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Sunderland two day festival

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Hairybeast, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hairybeast

    Hairybeast Blenny

    Sunderland two day festival full result


    Sunderland two day festival, photos to follow

    Day One
    152 fished, 79 weighed in 5 cod, 1 coalfish, 73 flounders
    Major winners
    1st Graeme Lund codling 1.250kgs (2.75lb) £500
    2nd Gareth Gardiner codling 850grams (1.87lb) £300
    3rd Chris Coxon codling 840grams (1.85lb)£200

    Day Two
    150 fished, 75 weighed in 2 cod, 1 coalfish, 72 flounder
    Major winners
    1st Jason Brown codling 1,22Okgs (2.68lb) £500
    2nd Steve Maw flounder 720grams (1.58lb)
    3rd Gareth Gardiner codling 690drams (1.52lb)

    Day one
    Graeme Lund
    Gareth Gardiner
    Chris Coxon

    Day Two
    Jason Brown
    Steven Maw
    Gareth Gardiner

    all codling and coalfish taken came from either Roker or South Shields pier
    flounder came from and returned to Wear

    What was very noticeable was that quite a few of the flounder had been caught in previous catch and release matches, by the previous scales man mark on them.

    Those winners that didn’t stay for the presentation missed out on some great prizes rods/reels.
    Day one prize winners
    4th Martin Nash 790grams
    5th Chris Hossack 780grams
    6th N Spour 730grams
    7th Chris Stringer 720grams
    8th Les Straugn 690grams
    9th John Elliott 620 grams
    jnt 10th
    Brian lee 600grams
    A walker 600grams
    Paul Hossack 600grams
    13th Phil Wright 590grams
    14th Bob Surtees 580grams
    15th David Hall 570grams
    16th Steve Maw 560grams
    17th Trevor Green 540grams
    18th D Mills 530grams
    jnt 19th
    Wayne Harriman 510grams
    W Jackson 510grams
    Paul Short 510grams
    C Stead 510grams
    Jnt 23rd
    George Tyzak 500grams
    A Maudy 500grams
    Jnt 25 th
    J Greaves 490grams
    Steve Walker 490grams
    27th G Allinson 480grams
    28th D Rod 460grams
    29th M Harley 450grams
    30th Steve Rackstraw 440grams
    jnt 31st
    P Petch 420grams
    A Davies 420grams

    Jnt 33rd
    W Kennedy 400grams
    Neil Cutler 400grams
    Steve potts 400grams
    L Brown 400grams

    Day two prize winners
    4th Steve Williams 640grams
    jnt 5th
    S Brown 620grams
    Jim Dobie 620grams
    jnt 7th
    George Tyzack 590grams
    Mick Sopp 590grams
    9th J Surtees 580grams
    10th Bob Surtees 570grams
    11th T Richardson 560grams
    jnt 12th
    D Welsh 550grams
    A Parry 550grams
    jnt 14th
    K Water 540grams
    C Wood 540grams

    Jnt 16th
    A Walker 530grams
    L Douglas 530grams
    18th B McClennen 520grams
    19th Phil Wright 510grams
    20th G Allinson 490grams
    Jnt 21st
    D Corbet 480grams
    M Burton 480grams
    23rd S Golightly 470grams
    jnt 24th
    Brian Lee 450grams
    B Bell 450grams
    jnt 26th
    S Preston 440grams
    Luke Holiday 440grams
    28th Tommy Tate 430grams
    Jnt 29th
    Ronny ? 420grams
    D Hall 420grams
    Steve Rackstraw 420grams
    32nd D Donnolly 410grams
    33rd A Maudy 400grams
  2. Capt Caves Man

    Capt Caves Man Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Thanks very much for that, cod really were thin on the ground but if you got one very worthwhile some of those flatties picked up good prizes.
  3. Hairybeast

    Hairybeast Blenny

    no bother photos now added

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