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Strange Runswick Fish

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Lobbers has emailed me this pick of a strange fish caught at Runswick Bay last night.

    my best guess is a horse mackerel. What do others think ??

  2. Davs

    Davs Guest

    Yeah defo scad....horsy mack
  3. What's the betting Paul has it on a plate right now with a big pile of chips at the side ?????
  4. davs

    davs Guest

    strange catch round here , was it actually caught or washed up ?
  5. Bazas

    Bazas Guest

    ive only ever caught these in the summer amongst the mackarel, they are usually tight in to the pier and some days you can catch quite a few very unusual in the winter, i think they are protected?
  6. lobbers

    lobbers Guest

    shame that cos it died on my hook, did,nt even see a bite, strange to catch a maky of any type in the middle of winter, me lug bait must have sesembled a spinner lol
  7. ringers

    ringers Guest

    definately a horse mackerel (scad).not worth eating as they are very boney.very unusual in winter as they usually shoal with the mackerel.
  8. bigcods

    bigcods Guest

    Yes its a scad horsemackeral we were catching codlings off a wreck last spring and there was a feed mark next to the wreck and it scad which was marking as all the codling we caught which was quite a few all had small scad in there mouths .
    They used to be knee deep years ago when i was a lad when we fished for mackeral on the peir in summer they would allways appear just as it went dusk they have a nasty little spike on them so you had to be carefull when handleing them.
  9. doc

    doc Guest

    Definitely a horse mackerel or scad (Trachurus trachurus), not to be confused with the Allis and Twaite shads (Alosa alosa & Alosa fallax) which have a varying degree of protection, as species of high conservation importance.
  10. bukos

    bukos Guest

    I've seen those swimming tight in to South Gare some time ago.
    Are any more of those Rays Bream turning up on the beaches?

    Should be fishing Runswick from the low upwards tonight, hoping for something a bit more coddy than that though!
  11. doc

    doc Guest

    Beach netters along Holderness have been getting a few Rays Bream in their nets just recently.
  12. Hi Nigel,

    Paul was saying they have been washing up on the beach at Whitby.
  13. bukos

    bukos Guest

    While on the subject of strange fish at Runswick I did read a report that there were a few garfish off there last Summer. I've caught them in Wales and Cornwall but never seen them up this way.
    I suppose they could have been pipefish though.
  14. Lad in our club caught 2 skate at runswick bay 2 years ago in march
  15. bukos

    bukos Guest

    It certainly turns up some surprises! At least there's not (I hope) the Hagfish that seem to be turning up a lot on the marks around the Tyne area.
  16. Grovers

    Grovers Guest

    I caught this unusual specimin at Skinningrove last night. Can anyone identify it for me please? Im sure Ive seen this type of fish before But it was so long ago Ive forgotten what it is?
  17. I have a vague memory of one of those. I think it could be a cod and its one more than I have managed this week.

    Well done Grover !!!!
  18. doc

    doc Guest

    Garfish were caught off the beaches at some venues along the Holderness coast during last summer, Mappleton and Hornsea produced the odd one. The intertidal netters also had a few in their nets, along with a few other strangers (Red mullet and blackfish (an abyssal species found at depths of 1000m+)).
  19. bukos

    bukos Guest

    Is that unusual Doc? Or have they turned up before?
    They're not a species I would usually target but I had some good sport in Wales with them last year on a fly rod. You certainly know when they're following!!
  20. davs

    davs Guest

    i also found a garfish at the north gare last summer, with a big chunk ripped out of it ,
    nice fish grover what size was that ?

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