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Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by big cliff, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. big cliff

    big cliff Rockling

    A few months ago i wrote an article about ST ABBS AND EYEMOUTH where i was extoling the virtues of this area for
    both the shore angler and the kayak men i was just wondering how many of you managed to get there and what happened
    when you did ----- i was up there about a month ago doing a bit of recci work , the area from berwick to a few miles to the north you never hear anything about it and it looks fantastic although access to the shore looked very difficult to say
    the least but i managed to find an old tunnel that went through the cliff at one place i went down it and came out three
    quarters of the way down the cliff where it was possible to get down a grass slope onto the rocks below, take it from me you would have the place to yourself and what a potential adventure
  2. baza

    baza New Member

    I love the place, unfortunately i havnt had a trip up there this year. reading posts on other sites namely bsa, jarrow viking has had a few good session up there this year. He took me to the mark below the foghorn a couple of years ago, after making the leap of faith we had a fantastic session on the wrasse catching them to just short of 4lb on light spinning gear, fantastic sport. The one thing that really dissapoints about that whole stretch of coast is the amount of divers that frequently pull into the bays you are fishing and can ruin a days sport. ive got a book here called the codling crouch by david storey that goes into great detail about the marks up there and the best way to fish them.
  3. bigcod31

    bigcod31 Peter Mcfarlane kaskazi dorado

  4. mick webster

    mick webster Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    We went to North Berwick in september and fell in love with the place, friendliest local people i have ever met. It is kayak paradise, the biggest mackerel i have ever caught. Didnt' catch much else though, only small pollack, but i spent more time exploring the wonderful coastline than i did fishing, going caravanning there for 3 weeks next June, brilliant club site at Yellowcraig, 3 miles away.
  5. Ian Alexander

    Ian Alexander Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Hello Big Cliff,

    I've done a fair bit off fishing around Eyemouth and St.Abbs over the years, especially when I was in Shiremoor club as we had several summer league matches up there. Our Boundaries when from Burnmouth to the South side of St.Abbs harbour.

    When I got divorced I started to go out with a lass that lived at Lamberton just on the Scottish Border and I explored the area from Berwick to Burnmouth but like you say access is difficult especially on the Railways Land. I liked the area around Marshall Meadows but got a liitle bit of stick from someone from the private caravan park there.

    As for this year, I've only fished at St.Abbs twice but I have plans to kayak there next summer now that I'm a bit more proficient at it.

    With regards to launching up there I have some photos that I sent to forum member "Sage" that I will put in a post to help other forum members that may be thinking about heading up.
    Good post Big Cliff. :happy:
    Regards Ian
  6. stephen

    stephen Guest

    Best option is to launch from the River Tweed or from Berwick Beach and paddle the distance to where you need to be. It's only 3 miles to Marshall Meadows which is nothing if you're reasonably paddle fit and use the tide to your advantage.
    There are plenty car parking options for a River Tweed launch and 90% of the time it is an easy launch. The river mouth can get a bit "bumpy" but i've done the trip more than 30 times this year without any problems
  7. big cliff

    big cliff Rockling

    Marshall Meadows was where i found the tunnel , did you go through it ? as i said the shoreline looked spot on, i went into burnmouth it looked interesting about half a mile south of the village
  8. Lindisfarne

    Lindisfarne New Member

    All the marks you mention are spot on. That's my stomping grounds, I've fished there for 30 years now. Like everywhere along our coastline it's not as good as it used to be. There's still a few decent fish to be had if you know where your heading though. St Abbs Head is seriously over rated, it's relatively easy to fish from the shore though, well that's in comparison to some of the marks nearby that do hold good fish. Take a look at an Os map at the ground to the North of St Abbs. Launching from Petticwick heading North, 90% of this is totally inaccessible from the shore. But to someone with a Kayak your onto a winner. Fast Castle head is good and can produce some excellent Pollock sport.

    The ground you mention to the North of Berwick is the best Codling ground in the area. The fact that the charter boats from Eyemouth, Burnmouth and Berwick all fish here speaks volumes. Again Pollock feature well in the catches but you need to get inside the limits of the charter boats to get onto virgin ground where the bigger fish can often be found.

    Kayak Launches for the area are....

    Berwick.... there's several really, I tend to launch on the little beach North of the pier which avoids the overfalls at the pier end on the Ebb water that Stephen so rightly warns us of...

    Burnmouth... Not at the harbour slip or they will take £7.50 off you. Look to the left and launch just outside the old wall on the shingle beach, this is outwith the remit of the harbour trust and is free.

    Eyemouth.. Park in the swimming pool carpark and walk 50yds to the beach for a lovely free sheltered beach launch.

    Coldingham Bay. ... Busy in the summer with bathers and frequented by surfers in the winter months. They are there for only one reason... it's a stonking surf beach so beware on bigger seas.

    St Abbs Harbour... £6.00 for the privilege and about the same to park your car.. not for me!

    Petticowick.., On the bend before you go up the hill to the Head. Steep grassy bank with slippy boulders at low water but it's free and you avoid the perills of the Head on a big Spring where it can get a bit interesting. Also gives you access to some of the better marks further North.

    Pease bay Caravan Park... Park in the public carpark just outside the site and trolley through he camp to the beach, again it's a lumpy one on a swell but it gives you access to some pretty remote venues that can't be reached from the shore.

    Cove Harbour.... it's possible but a lot of effort with a steep hill and a scramble over the rocks at the bottom on Low water. ( see Thornton Loch)

    Thornton Loch Beach.... Turn off the A1 just before Torness power station. Drive into the public car park in front of the caravan park and trolley down the small track 100yds to the beach. You can fish the reef off the power station from here or paddle SE towards Cove and Fast Castle.

    Skateraw beach... The next turn off on the right after Torness, there's a barrier on this small road set at 6' 6". I can't get under with the van but cars can with out issue. This is a really sheltered launch and will give you access onto some really good Cod fishing, all the boats come down from Dunbar to fish this area.

    Hope this helps some of you lads if your making the journey. If you are coming up for a cast give us a shout........

  9. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    Yes, dont be afraid to give Neil a shout, you may just have pollock like this pulling your string...


    In my mind still the best kayak caught fish from the north east coast this year :yes:
    12lb + wasn't it Neil?
  10. Lindisfarne

    Lindisfarne New Member

    That one was the best one I had this Summer Ken, 12lb 8oz.. I had several that I returned after weighing that all were knocking on the door of 10lb but none of them made the mark. I thought that one was bigger when I boated it but that was good enough for me. That fish came very close to the mark that was mentioned earlier with the tunnel in the cliffs.... :wink:

  11. big cliff

    big cliff Rockling

    a good post there neil with lots of good info, as regards ST ABBS HEAD as a fishing venue i think its a mark thats open for plenty of experimentation due to varied bottoms and terrain , deep water with run / without --- heavy ground / clearer --- shallower marks with
    heavy kelp [ usually the better cod marks ] ----- floating a large fish bait out in the run, dropping one short for a good conger , if you
    are in a elevated position where there is run belting a lead out on its own then putting a trace on your line with a snap swivel
    i think if people varied there tack [ and im not suggesting you dont ] it could be a shore mark with enormerous potential 12 months a year
    for a variety of speices, ive fished off the cliffs at the back of the caravan camp at eyemouth in may using fresh peeler and not had a touch , then somebody else has started fishing next to me with lures -- feathers / lures and hammered the fish, so back to the wide angle lens :yes: :yes:
  12. Ian Alexander

    Ian Alexander Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Hello, thanks for that post Neil, some great advice. My favourite codling marks are around Coldingham, (the pipe at the south where you walk over the burn, and the White House at the north of the bay), and it gets very busy as you say so I'm going to give launching from there a miss in case I make a mess of it in front of everyone :embarrass:

    Big Cliff, south of marshall meadows I went through on what I think was a British rail service road with a string of bronze bells strung up on a cable.
    The guy at marshall meadows wasn't happy to say the least about people going through so I gave it a wide berth. I don't know if he was from the small caravan site or a farmer, that was about 9 years ago so it may be different now though.
    Regards Ian
  13. Lindisfarne

    Lindisfarne New Member

    I think your bang on the money there Cliff. There's certainly a tendency to follow others and do as we did in 1985 when we caught that elusive big one at mark X... those tactics are bound to come good again... or are they???.

    As you say there's fewer people who are prepared to think out of the box a little and experiment with new tactics on new ground. I think the Bass fishing is untapped in that area as well. They are never targeted and not often seen.........but, I spoke to someone a couple of weeks ago who fishes out of St Abbs and had lines in for Codling just North of the head on some ground near Redheugh. He was surprised just how many Bass he encountered and also impressed at the size of them.

    I recall fishing St Abbs head in the late eighties and it was like a turkey shoot. Cathedral rock was a dead cert for a few Codlings on a calm sea. The same could be said for Eyemouth in those days as well. Not so common now though, Ballans seem to have filled the void that the Codlings have left with just the odd Codling thrown in to keep you interested.

    I've tried all those marks in winter as well. It's a dangerous place in any sea never mind a thumping Northerly in winter. The biggest problem we found was water clarity. In the teeth of the gale the water will colour up a little bringing the fish inshore. As soon as it gets calm enough to get near the rocks for a cast the colour has dropped out and the fish are AWOL again. Heavier sediments and deeper water I think cause the problems here. I've stood on the rocks at Berwick six hours after a big NE blow and peered into the water in disbelief, it clears out so quickly. We just need to go 20 miles South down to the marks around Beadnel and Newton and the sea will remain coloured for a good few tides after a blow, They seem to have lighter sediment and shallower water for a larger distance off shore.

    A few years ago we had reasonable success at Eyemouth in the winter, I even managed a Ling from the shore one night which was a first for me. I think we were lucky just to get favourable conditions for a few nights though.

    Ian, I have had similar experience at Marshall meadows at about the same time. I think it's ok now though although I don't bother fishing it from the shore now, it's much easier from the Kayak.. :yes:

    I think if a few of you lads make the journey North next summer there might be a few stories to tell.
  14. big cliff

    big cliff Rockling

    a good post there neil i first went up ther nearly 40 years ago and have some great memories , the tunnel is on the right hand side as you go into the caravan camp , its a bit overgrown before the entrance to the tunnel

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