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Shy Torque Shark Fishing.

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Baramundi Bob

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    In Septemeber of 2006, 3 of Rich Wards mates were on board Whitby Shy Torque , One lad from Pontefract ( Guy Wrightson ) one from Harrogate ( Jim Holyland ) and one from Market Weighton, Rob Peel. All 3 are regular anglers on the Shy-Torque. Guy had long wanted to have a go for Shark after seeing the 248lb er Rupert Drury had last year. A stiff S/E was forecast for later in the day but conditions on the morning were great so we decided to go for it. At 2.20pm Rich had said to the lads They would give it till 4.0.clock and if nothing had happened they would call it a day. At 3.05pm the balloon twitched and sank momentarily. Rich wasn't sure if it had been caused by the big swells passing by but not seconds after that the fish had taken the bait. 20-25 mins later They boated the fish which was measured at 53" long with a girth of 35" which meant the fish was around the 120lb mark give or take a couple of pounds. The fish was a female and was tagged and released with all relevant data sent to the UK Shark Tagging Programme. Guy was the captor.

    The Day Prior, Friday 28th July was when They caught the Tope. Estimating him to be around the 35-40lbs mark Rich ward the shytorque skipper said he had never seen such a lively fish with strength and power far greater than the Porbeagle shark. The shy torque Angler who caught the tope was Phil Cobham from London. They were on a Sharking trip and had sighted a Porbeagle only feet from the boat an hour or so before but he never returned for a battle. All the feeding Shark must have all been around Malcs boat !!! The tope took a LIVE Mackerel on the surface and took around 5-10 mins to land as we had him on the heavy gear. Rich says "it is Very unusual to have one take on the surface so I am led to believe"

    Porbeagle shark for the shytorque angler


    Tope Caught On Rich Wards Boat Shy Torque.



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