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Shark Fishing At Whitby

Discussion in 'More Tackle Shops And Other Angling Related Busine' started by Baramundi Bob, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    An interesting article from last summer about shark fishing on Whitby club members Mal Pitman's boat sea spray. I was talking to Malcolm just the other day (whilts he was working on my car for the 5th time since Christmas) and he was telling me he is starting to get phone calls already about booking shark fishing trips this summer.


    Shark Fishing At Whitby - Malcolm Pitman Sea Spray Charters


    The potential for a new recreational shark fishery in the North East of England has been confirmed by Save Our Sharks (SOS) with the targeted capture of a porbeagle shark by a group of anglers fishing out of Whitby during the three days starting on Wednesday 26th July 2006.

    Regional SOS organiser Dave Morton arranged for a group of anglers to fish for porbeagle sharks, just off the North Eastern coast, following a period of intense investigation and preparation in collaboration with local angling charter boat skipper Malcolm Pitman who skippers Whitby’s angling boat Sea Spray.

    The initial group involved in the capture of the porbeagle consisted of Dave and Malcolm and included Dr Nigel Proctor of the National Federation of Sea Anglers Conservation Group, Leon Roskilly of the Sea Anglers Conservation Network and Norman Berry, editor of Sea Angling News who was the member of the group who hooked into the six foot long porbeagle.

    The shark was bought aboard the boat so that measurements could be taken and the fish was tagged before being released unharmed back into the sea, to help gather important information about the species that could potentially prove a money spinner for the North East as recreational sea anglers flock from across Europe for the chance of landing and releasing one of the largest predatory fish to be found in UK waters.

    SOS’s Dave Morton said ‘The days when shark were regarded as evil killing machines to be wantonly destroyed are fast ending as ecologists understand more of the vital contribution these top predators make towards maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem, and the social and economic value of the catch and release shark fishery is realised’.

    ‘A shark is too valuable a creature to be caught just once’

    As well as the fish boated, another was seen close by the boat on the previous day, and shortly after the capture Dave Morton hooked into another possibly bigger fish which was lost when the fish managed to rub the line ahead of the 30ft 250lb rubbing leader.

    With some other baits coming back badly mauled, and dropped runs, possibly from tope, a smaller member of the shark family, the potential for a recreational shark fishery off of Whitby seems to be huge.

    Following the successful exploratory trip, another is planned for the near future and Malcolm Pitman is offering a 10% discount on future shark fishing trips for members of Save Our Sharks.





  2. Tcliffe

    Tcliffe New Member

    not bad how big are they could they eat me lol
    ;D ;D
  3. Ringer

    Ringer Rockling

    with a bit of luck :eek: ;) ;D ;D
  4. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Malcolm or the Shark ?
  5. Hooch

    Hooch Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    That shark looks like the ideal swimbait back in SA to catch some big nunu's. We swim sharks up to 40kg to catch sharks between 180kg to 250kg from shore and not from a boat. My biggest shark weighed in at 180kg from the shore and lasted 1.5 hours. Tackle we use : Daiwa Saltist 50, 200lb American bleeding wire and 14ft rods.
  6. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Hi Hooch and welcome to the forum. Have you any pics of you shark fishing in SA ??

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