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Sea urchin 2 19/04/09

Discussion in 'Go Go Gadget Pictures' started by go go gadget, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. go go gadget

    go go gadget New Member

    had a look out on sea urchin 2 today in the festival.

    First drop on the way out produced nothing so mick took us down south of whitby and the second drift produced two cod for me and one for another lad , i got mine on hokkais baited with squid heads.

    we had another few fish over that peice of ground but as that petered out we visited lots more areas all with the same thing, few fish. On the way back in we stopped for the last half hour and we started getting a few more, i had 3 in 3 drifts on squid. One of the lads had a few on shads.

    We had to leave the fish to get back in time for the weigh in(which we missed by 5 mins)

    I ended up with 7 cod, one ling and a pout so all in all a great day and hats off to mick who strived all day to put us on to fish. the best one went 4lb 8oz, cheers for weighing it glenn :happy:

    will be out again with him




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