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Sea Fishing At The Isle of Whithorn

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by bobthedog, May 30, 2013.

  1. bobthedog

    bobthedog Blenny

    I've just returned after spending a few days at my friends house at the Isle. To cut a long story short the fishing's the worst I have ever known for this time of year. It was more like the fishing you would expect in March / early April rather than late May. The water felt cold for the time of year. Talking to the local commercial Lobster fisherman he said because of the conditions there was a lack of Lobsters to fish for so he's switched to whelks till things pick up. He's never known conditions like it.

    Back to the fishing, because of the big tides we spent 4 sessions Bass fishing. We did manage to land 5 schoolies between us, 3 on bait 2 on spinners but the water was a little coloured for spinning. Again we would normally expected a few more fish at this time of year.
    The two trips out on the boat could only be described as dire. The Mackerel were thin on the ground we only managed 6 on the first trip. We struggled to find anything else, the rest of the catch consisted of small codling, pollock, gurnard and pin whiting. The second trip was even harder going with 2 small codling a coalie and whiting. Did hear that one of the locals had about 60 herring on rod and line this morning. Apart from the Bass nothing was over a pound.

    For anyone interested there is a new charter boat working out of the Isle if you fancy a go for Tope over the summer.
  2. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Is whithorn in england or scotland ?

    Its just been on the news that we have had the coldest spring since 1952, no wonder the fishing is fucked. Im desperate for a go on the west coast somewhere, maybe wales in June.
  3. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    is the lobster fisherman shaun from seafoods the new charter boat Business is going to be run by Joe Close who used to charter out of Galiston years ago
  4. dezzy

    dezzy Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Im up there fishing my travellers club comp end of june hope it picks up soon
  5. bobthedog

    bobthedog Blenny

    The Isle of Whithorn is south west Scotland at the end of the peninsular that separates Wigtown bay from Luce bay on the Wigtown bay side.

    No it's not Shaun it's Andy Lockheed that runs the 30ft commercial boat, can't remember the manufacturer but it's a red hull.
    Joe Close is a good friend of mine and he's operated charters out of the Isle in the past not Garleston. I know Joe has just bought a Hardy 24 I was looking at fitting a battery changeover for him whilst I was up there. I've not spoken to Joe about his plans for the boat but did hear a rumour that he was looking to let his grandson do it if he gets his charter skippers ticket.
    There is another new boat in the harbour that's about 24ft dory hull with a cabin that looks as if it could fish up to 6 anglers. It has a phone number on the side for anyone that's interested.
  6. alan smith

    alan smith Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    going up to luce bay on 15th of june with boat for 10 days , hope things pick up by then.
  7. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    Cheers for the upto date info Bob
  8. deece1981

    deece1981 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best


    I was there two weeks ago for the first time, went for a weekend with my wife. I took my plugging rod to try for pollock of the isle, when i got there it looked promising. As it was my first time fishing there, i didnt have a specific mark but tried in what looked to be nice deep water with SP's but didn't get sniff for an hour so packed in as it was boring the missus. Took some worm thinking that might tempt something from close down the sides but again nothing.

    Would return though later in the year. It looked like it would be good fishing.

  9. bobthedog

    bobthedog Blenny

    Must admit the shore fishing isn't as good as the mull but there are still good fish to be had. If I'm fishing off the rocks I tend to stick to either float fishing worms for the wrasse (I've landed fish to 4lb fishing close to the rocks (and lost bigger that I just couldn't stop getting back into the kelp), and fish strip for mackerel or pollock. Spinning is good for pollock or mackerel. I tend not to do much bottom fishing as it's tackle hungry ground swarming with dogfish. Apart from dogfish (which are worse at night),I have caught cod and ling in daylight and after dark conger and bullhuss best weighing just short of 15lb. If looking for Bass you need to be at the bottom of Wigtown bay or in Luce bay. Monrieth beach with a SW blowing in your face putting some surf on or St Medens beach a little further up and if you don't mind a hike St Ninian's. All are low water marks but you need a good big spring low at the latter. Chesties will make life easier on the beach marks.
  10. ijakk

    ijakk Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Oh dear that is bad news I'm off up that way tomorrow for the weekend bit further east, although there has been tope reported from the weekend, so maybe some slim hope of action.

  11. big cliff

    big cliff Rockling

    Im sure the fish thought it was Feb / March
  12. bobthedog

    bobthedog Blenny

    For anyone interested the new charter boat at the Isle I have been told is run by a guy called Derek, bookings can be made on 01988 500344. I don't know the guy or what his fishing experience is around this area but if you haven't caught a Tope before I'm sure it's worth a go. As soon as my mate Joe gets back from holiday I'll find out if he intends chartering from the Isle again, he has over 20yrs experience fishing these waters and knows some of the best marks.
    I have some phone numbers for various accommodation at the Isle if anyone is thinking of going. I can dig them out and post if required.
    It's a 200 mile trip that takes me about 4hrs from Guisborough.

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