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Catch Report Sea Fishing @ Ascension Island - Sun Sea Fish And Wildlife.

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by bobthedog, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. bobthedog

    bobthedog Blenny

    Finally loaded my photos on to computer and found time to write a few words so here goes.

    After over a year of planning the fishing trip finally arrived, the last week in May. This trip isn't a simple case of walking into a travel agents and booking, no first you need to book your hotel direct (only one on Ascension is the Obsidian).

    Once your bookings confirmed you next apply for a visa as you must have somewhere to stay. When you get this you can book your flight from R.A.F Brize Norton.

    The flights in both directions are night flights. For anyone used to the hussle and bussle of airport checkins will get a pleasant surprise at the more laid back air of Brize Norton.

    You still have hours to kill and only one small spar shop to browse round. The flights a 9 hr trip on an airbus 330 with a lot more leg room than the standard holiday flights.

    There was so few on the plane we all had to sit at the back for take off then sit where we wished after that, everyone had at least two seats each!

    Not long after daylight we got our first glimpse of this small brown rock sticking out of the middle of the Atlantic that would be home to us for the next week.

    Before you are let loose on the island you are huddled into a small room to receive a briefing for the do's and don'ts from the military, after all it is basicly just a military base.

    Driving from the airport to the hotel you get to see just how brown and barren the island is, being a volcanic rock it's like driving through steelwork slag heaps with no grass and very little greenery. A quick word on the hotel rooms don't expect luxury, they are clean but basic.

    Now down to the bit your really reading this for the fishing. A hire car is a must to get around and after seeing the tracks we went down a 4x4 pick is really a must, the only other cars to hire are Ford Fiestas' and you'd probably end up paying for a new exhaust or worse.

    At the end of the tracks you either fish from rocks or a very steep beach made up of coarse sand.

    The tops of the beaches are all dug into craters by the turtles. If you are up before first light you can see the turtles laying their eggs, you don;t realise how big they are till your next to them.

    After dark the newly hatched turtles scurry down the beach. I made the mistake of taking a cree headlight for night fishing, the bright light disorientates the little turtles and they headed for me rather than the water.




    Standing on the rocks the water is a turquoise blue and crystal clear, some spots we fished were over 20ft deep straight down and you can see the bottom clearly. Daytime fishing is restricted to spinning and plugging only due to what we affectionately called the black shites (they are black trigger fish in plague proportions to that will eat anything that hits the water within seconds). Here's one that grabbed my plug.


    Unfortunately the bait fish weren't in when we were there so the big tuna and amberjacks weren't around we had to make do with mainly the resident jacks and grouper. I hadn't done any of this type of fishing before so I'd set the drag on my reel so I could just pull line off (45lb braid). I Cast a shallow diving plug over what looked like tackle hungry ground. Every retrieve you have dozens of black triggers follow the plug, mugging it if you stop or slow down. Several casts later I saw a brown shape leave the bottom come up through the triggers and explode onto the plug turning and powering back for the bottom. I stood totally aghast at the shear power as it ripped line from the reel. It was back in the rocks before I could move, with constant brute force I winkled it from it's hole up came a grouper of about 8lb maybe not a big fish but solid muscle.


    Next venue was a steep beach fishing the last hours of light fishing with 60g tobys. We had a mixture of grouper and black jacks mostly in the 3-6lb range. You could watch the jacks follow the spinner right to the waters edge, I had one that took the spinner and beach its self at the same time. The power of these small jacks has to be experienced to be believed.


    We did take beachcasters to use after dark but all we managed was a few grouper, moray eels and soldier fish which are as prolific as the triggers after dark ( the triggers disappear when the light goes down). As soon as a bait hits bottom the soldiers are on it before you can tighten up. They are worse than our whiting and all about a pound each.


    We did have a couple of days with hart stopping moments when a few dorado turned up and started following our poppers. As usual it was my golden appendaged mate Tim that hooked one. To watch the acrobatics of this fish was amazing and the colours stunning. Luckily the mark we were fishing had a ladder so my mate Chris could climb down to gaff it. Up came a fish in the 20lb+ region. The chef back at the hotel turned that into a tasty sushi starter followed by a wonderful main course.


    Well that's all I have time to write at the moment if you'd like a further installment let me know.

    P1000788.JPG P1000800.JPG P1000816.JPG P1000882.JPG P1000732.JPG P1000743.JPG P1000762.JPG
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  2. dan the pollock

    dan the pollock Rockling

    Fantastic report but some of images haven't worked
  3. rupert

    rupert Blenny

    Would love to read your next instalment.....Also dying to see proof of the pudding photographs, as the story behind them is pretty tasty.

    Many thanks and looking forward to seeing/hearing more!
  4. bobthedog

    bobthedog Blenny

    Might need a little help with the photos, I use a chrome book and photos are stored on google cloud photo app. Everything looks fine on my chrome book but obviously they don't appear elsewhere.
    Does this link work?
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  5. lipslicker

    lipslicker Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Yep, that last link worked.
    Nice dorado/dolphin from the shore that.
    One of my absolute favourite fish, both to catch and eat. Delicious.

    Nice report.
    Thanks for uploading.
    Between yours and another report on a different site, written by old forum favourite, Graham Hill, I am going to try hard to make a visit. Fishing there looks absolutely epic.

    Just as a matter of interest, do you happen to know if there is a better season to visit, and when it is?
    And, can you catch those bigger game fish from shore, or do you need to be heading out on boats?

    Cheers for taking the time with review. What we all live for on here!
  6. bobthedog

    bobthedog Blenny

    After doing a great deal of research we thought we'd cracked it in choosing to go at the end of May hoping that the bait fish would be around. After being there and talking to locals and some very knowledgeable Italian anglers it turns out the bait fish needed to bring the big fish inshore are very hit and miss. A lot can depend on the tuna shoals, whether they drive the bait fish in or hold them off shore. Only bait fish around when we were there was shoals of 2-3in long soldier fish.
    You don't need to charter the big game boat ( an expensive day out for the ordinary man), there are a few locals that will take you out after they finish work for about £40 a head for around 3 hrs. I didn't bother but my mates did again can be a little hit and miss they managed 3 fish, a dorado an amberjack and a small yellow fin of about 40lb. The 3 Italians fishing about 200yds from them came back in with 15 tuna, 5 were well over 100lb each!
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