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Sea angling Rep required

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Doc, May 31, 2007.

  1. Doc

    Doc New Member

    It is the intention of the NESFC to form a new working group consisting of members of the industry to improve communication between the Committee and its stakeholders

    The proposed Fishing Industry Working Gruop will consist initially of ten members and the allocations of seats will be as follows:

    1) Potting Representatives (5 seats)
    2) Trawling Representatives (3 seats)
    3) Sea Angling Representative (1 seat)
    4) Recreational Fishermen (1 seat)

    This group will meet at least twice a year to discuss all current issues within the Committee¿s area and in particular the management of local shellfish stocks. It is the intention of the Committee for the working group to request the attendance of external organisations such as Natural England, MFA or Scientific Expertise to consider specific issues or policy. The group will feed its recommendations to the full Committee for consideration and further action.

    This group will be an opportunity for fishermen to liaise directly with the NESFC over management policy and future strategies for sustainability of the inshore fishing grounds through their own appointed representative.

    To make up to three nominations for seats on the Working Group, please select the link below and complete the form.


    If you wish to be nominated put your name down or alternatively put the name of someone who may be interested. The representative will be chosen from the nominees and likely will be the nominee with the most votes.
  2. gwyn

    gwyn Blenny

    Hi Doc
    Why is it we the RSA get the least ammout of members isn't it about time the NESFC got it act together and gave us a level playing field so that all members have equal say.


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