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Scarborough Results

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Evening News Report 15.2.2007

    As predicted last week the good conditions returned and with them a good many fish for anglers to fill their boots, with good seas running fishing was at is best last week for most anglers especially early in the week when most anglers must have been amongst the fish with many reporting double figure bags from both north and south of the town, with Burniston, Cloughton, North Beach and Cayton Bay being the hot marks,
    In the club matches that took place last week top spot must surely go to Dave Gyte fishing is Rock Anglers match on Wednesday afternoon down Cloughton, Dave managed a nine fish haul for thirty five pounds in four hours including a double hit of small codling on a pennel rig, Dave catch has hauled him into contention for the Rock Anglers aggregates for the year, on the same day Mal Norris had a six fish bag for twenty pounds.
    The weather wasnt as kind for the weekend anglers with a strong easterly wind and lashing rain most anglers struggled for a single fish, with improving conditions on Sunday the catches also improved.
    Tonight sees the 5th South Cliff night match with Steve I'Anson only requiring a top ten spot to secure first place and £100.00, still up for grabs are the heaviest bag and heaviest fish which at one time looked save but with the recent results both could be well worth chasing in the right conditions, also fishing tonight will by Scalby Mills anglers fishing their night match.

    Rock Anglers Results

    1-D Gyte 9Fish 35.0.4, 2 M Norris 6Fish 20.7.0, 3-P Atkinson 3Fish 7.5.4, 4-C Kirby 2Fish 3.12.0, 5-D Bielby 1Fish 2.13.0, 6-M Hillaby 1Fish 2.2.0, 7- K Thompson 1 Fish 1.14.2.
    HSF M Norris 5.11.2.

    South Cliff Angling Club

    1-M Norris 3Fish 11.15.2, 2-D Gyte 3Fish 8.1.8, 3-P Atkinson 3Fish 7.5.4, 4-D Bielby 1 Fish
    2.13.0, 5-M Hillaby 1Fish 2.2.0, 6-K Thompson 1Fish 1.14.2.
    HSF M Norris 7.14.2

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