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Scarborough Angling Festival

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by gwyn, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. gwyn

    gwyn Blenny

    The details of the Festival are on the website www.scarboroughanglingfestival.co.uk

    Kayak anglers can preregister with their details by email at scarborough.angling.festival@googlemail.com

    All information about the Scarborough Angling Festival can be posted here including any results, annoncements or general chat about the shore, boat and kayak fishing matches.
  2. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    cheers Gwynn

    What are the actual dates ??
  3. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    Cheers for that Gwynn. Really looking forward to the kayak match :cheesy:
  4. gwyn

    gwyn Blenny

    19th to the 27th Sept 2009
  5. neil bugdol

    neil bugdol Blenny

    just registered, can`t wait
  6. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

  7. dan the pollock

    dan the pollock Rockling

    just been reading through the rules and i noticed that the weigh in is two hours after the match has finished,

    is there a reason for this??
  8. Nemo

    Nemo Blenny

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if there is a registration form to fill in on line or if not what details do they require on the email.


    Kev. :happy:
  9. fishergirl

    fishergirl Blenny

    IMPORTANT DATE: 23RD SEPTEMBER, FISHERGIRL'S BIRTHDAY!! drinks much appreciated on my return on friday 25th :yes:
  10. newdave

    newdave Guest

    its up to 2 hours after Dan & the reason is that in order to have the longer competition we are in conflict with the boat & shore competitions & we only have 1 set of scales. the weigh in is at the anglers club , so its a matter of loading your gear & heading to the club to weigh in, the shore Anglers will be right behind us. We are hoping that this will generate a good social event imediatly after the comp with a drink & sarnies. we realise that this might cause a problem if you need to get away pronto, but in that case you will just have to get someone else to collect your prize.
  11. gwyn

    gwyn Blenny

    Please could any one taking part in the kayak competition pre register using the email address scarborough.angling.festival@googlemail.com so as to make it easier on the morning of the competition
  12. neil bugdol

    neil bugdol Blenny

    gwyn, when we register should we expect confirmation of our registration.
  13. gwyn

    gwyn Blenny

    Hi Newyacker

    the pre registration is just to make it easier on the morning of the match, but we will reply to each with confirmation

  14. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Festival starts tomorrow. Good luck to all you match anglers out there.
  15. mattylamb

    mattylamb Rockling

    I'm fishing tomorrow. doubt my lucky streak will continue!
  16. DJG

    DJG Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    I'm fishing the match tomorrow afternoon,but on sunday I have to take my son to uni at bangor north wales I'd rather walk to the sub twice than drive all that bloody way, I wish he'd picked last sunday never mind I might strech my legs when Iget there and go crabbing :yes:
  17. pikeman

    pikeman Blenny

    scarborough day 1 results


    anybody know the results for todays match,
    i cant fish got to work this weekend.

  18. DJG

    DJG Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Re: scarborough day 1 results

    Todays heaviest fish match was won by Tony Jeffels with a very nice cod 12lb 12 second with another good cod was ray maddison 9lb 12 ish, 3rd to 8th were all 4lbers cheers dave.
  19. mattylamb

    mattylamb Rockling

    Re: scarborough day 1 results

    here's a couple of pics i took..



  20. pikeman

    pikeman Blenny

    Re: scarborough day 1 results

    thanks lads,

    some nice fish caught then,
    see the regular big fish man is at it again
    mr maddison

    well done lads.


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