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Safe marks to fish over low tide around Hartlepool or slightly Further south.

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Highlander, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Highlander

    Highlander New Member

    Where to fish over low tide the next few nights around Hartlepool or south towards Sandsend? Not local to the area so no where too drastic for getting caught out by tides.

    As usual I'm on holiday when the tides are low during darkness.


  2. scrubbs

    scrubbs Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    south gare safe if it isn't big seas BUT no railings so don't fall in. It fishes all all through the tide because of the deep water.
    Another place is saltburn beach south of the pier past the ship inn ( handy for a pint if someone else is driving:))

    THE DOLPHIN Rockling

    Runswick Bay along the beach or to the left past the RNLI life boat station good rock marks but keep safe.
  4. Highlander

    Highlander New Member

    Cheers lads for the info. I ventured out late last night got diverted off the A66 on way to Saltburn because of road works not knowing the roads didn't help loved the diversion signs that didn't seem to go where I wanted.

    Eventually got out on the beach set up first cast crack off so thought oh well just teething problems bit rusty not been out in a while re rigged cast again same thing looked at the reel could see my braid is perished under the top layer not a happy couldn't be bothered messing about in the dark so just packed up came home no fish for tea. Try again tonight.
  5. bobthedog

    bobthedog Blenny

    Seaton Carew in front of Staincliffe hotel around the rocks at low tide can be worth a shot especially with a big sea on .
  6. navmanfish

    navmanfish Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    you can also try Marske beach.

    try in front of zetland house/slip way area over high water a long

    trough runs from foxcovett area, after a good sea its quit deep.

    big ebbs, straight down from St germains church, plenty of fish holding

    "ponds", care needed ,although mainly sand,(easy underfoot) flood can

    come in behind you on the last sand bar, take a mark with odd rock exposed

    when almost covered its time to retreat & fish next area as it fills up.

    tackle friendly & like redcar scars/groyne areas a neglected area that

    fishes well when conditions right.
  7. Highlander

    Highlander New Member

    Thanks again guys went out last night again to Saltburn had a go to the south of The Ship few knocks but no fish but that's fishing nice just to be out at the end of the day.

    Next time I'm down this way I will give you guys some warning maybe see if someone will be able to show me exactly where some of the marks are. Might try fit the tides right for my holiday lol.



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