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  1. basha

    basha Blenny

    as above hit runswick last nite,plenty ov rods there on arrival and all the decent holes had anglers on them,i was probabely half hour to late to be fair so opted for the beach instead.the sea was heavey,probabely a little too heavey one hour to low tide.thought bugger it ile give it a throw anyways.weed was a problem even stood in the surf with rod held high.i managed a small whiting before scratching my head and watching anglers leave fishless,and also thinking the sea was a bitt to heavey so opted on a move 30 odd miles north to catch catch the incoming tide.headed to pools to fish in front of the twin steps on the rough stuff,still a good sea on looked ideal.nothing in the first hour the odd pull prob of small stuff,baits untouched.as the tide pulled up headed for the pipe and got a good solid bite folowed by a slacker,fish on.a plump 4lb'r followed by two 3lb plus fish,so it was worth the move.did lose a couple also prob around the same stamp.out again tnite as the seas drop away.weather was pants by the way at runswick,never stopped raining all the time there,then sleet and gusty wind wasnt pleasant one bitt.hartlepool was dry and blustery a strange one.
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  2. jc

    jc Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    well done on that report and glad you got some nice ones well deserved for your efforts
    sea still rough today passed thro saltburn on way to grove not fishing working
  3. basha

    basha Blenny

    headed to horden last night john,still a big sea on.
    managed a few takers biggest touched 4lb.had a hook coming out its backside.other 3 were smaller 2 and a bitt bracket,lipped hooked so they went back to swim another day.....bait cart squid mussell.couldnt get a touch on runnydown/mussell it was cart or bust.out again tnite local somewere fish low water.left my knife behind after gutting fish......bugger.so if someone finds it i want it back lol.
  4. navmanfish

    navmanfish Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Last night due to recent decent bags at runswick the whole beach along

    To little run was illuminated like Blackpool.

    Some decent fish took by mate who fished toward linger reef.

    Best 7lb, 5 mops returned.

    Lifeboat slip gulley full of mops bags to 7 took.

    Bait used was talpies , coral stuffed squid.

    For the anglers who ventured out in wind,sleet n rain Sunday benefitted with good

    Returns, double figure bags on most rock venues.

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