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Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Hi Guys I have been asked to post this by Stuart Mac who recently became a member of our forum.

    Hi Glen
    Nice site. I am forwarding a post that is on Cleveland SA and North East SA Forum and will be on YaLASA once they sort the registration out. I can post it myself on this site but thought it was only polite to throw it past you and let you post it if you wished. Either way its up to you Mate.

    Hi Everyone
    I am new to this forum but have been active of the Whitby Sea Anglers Forum since I , by accident, discovered the RSA Strategy being discussed. The What I hear you ask The Recreational Sea Anglers Strategy. Yes it is one of the best kept secrets. Unless I am mistaken the only place I have seen it available in its complete form is the Whitby site.
    I am not going to influence the debate with my personal views so I suggest that you look at the document and form your own views. Suffice to say that if we don't take action there could be a decline in our Sport to the detriment of us all.
    Going back to the lack of awareness of the Strategy and the main purpose of this post. The North East Coast is, again if I am not mistaken, represented by four Forums: The North East Sea Anglers, The Cleveland Sea Anglers, The Whitby Sea Anglers Association and The Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Association of Sea Anglers. The Strategy document was circulated to some interested parties and comments were sought. You may have submitted some comments from this area direct. Whitby SAA and YaLASA with some of their local Clubs submitted their response which was collated By Nigel Proctor the Chairman of YalASA. This may be a thought for the future;- a single co-ordinated response.
    Again the Sea Angling press appears not to have given the Strategy the prominence that it warrants indeed some of the above forums have little evidence or it is fragmented into different threads. I think that you will agree that we need more co-ordination to provide a united voice.
    It is therefore suggested that each Forum has a single thread i.e. The RSA Bulletin Board that anyone who has an interest or comment can have a single reference. The thread should have a collator probably a site moderator who is prepared to act act as a communication link. It is far better that information from without can be passed to a member to post rather than some unknown face you have never met on the pier or shore, like me.
    I hopefully will be a member of all four forums by the end of this week and am prepared to act as the clearance centre for all communications both outward and inward.
    Once I have had a response hopefully from the volunteer collator and assuming the response is positive. We can start planning activities which I suggest should be at no cost. The purpose of this co-ordinated effort is not to upstage the NFSA and create a new organization but to enhance communications on a regional basis.
    One of the first actions would be the circulation of some hand bills to charter skippers and tackle shops to make the sea angling population aware of a source of information. The hand bills would involve a negligible cost of paper, printer ink and time hopefully sponsored by individuals or some interested party. local club, tackle shop etc.
    The next thing is you response lets have you views.

  2. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

    Hi Stuart,

    Thank you for being polite and requesting my permission to post this on our site. However the site belongs to you all as much as it does me. I simply make sure there is nothing rude or offensive posted and try to keep things on track and add new material as often as possible. So please feel free to post whatever you wish in here about anything at all to do with fishing. Link to whatever you want anywhere on the net - no problems. No need to ask.

    I will go back to the old site tonight and bring over all the material relating to the sea angling strategy. I propose to make this the one thread about RSA strategy on this forum as requested by Stuart.

    Cheers - Glenn
  3. LeonRoskilly

    LeonRoskilly Guest

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy


    The SACN response has been formulated from feedback obtained from the membership and will be forwarded to DEFRA tormorrow (to meet the 1st Feb deadline) and will be copied out to the membership at the same time.

    Leon Roskilly
  4. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

    Thanks Leon,

    Will it be ok to put the response out on the website and forums ?
  5. Leon Roskilly

    Leon Roskilly New Member

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

    I don't see why not
  6. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

    Cheers Leon.

    Stuart is it possible for you to posts links here of all the places you have posted about this issue.

    I know you posted at :


  7. Leon Roskilly

    Leon Roskilly New Member

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

    The thing to remember about co-ordinating response(s) to any consultation is that if (say) 10 organisations (or individuals) co-operate to put in a single joint response, that will count as just one response recieved.

    Worse would be if 10 organisations submit 10 responses that contradict each other!! :(

    What really works is if 10 organisations submit 10 responses all saying broadly the same thing, carrying a powerful message that they are united together in what they say, but counting as 10 seperate responses.

    That can be tricky to achieve, and means that those submitting responses need to share information and talk together about the issues, sometimes making compromises that need to be well argued.
  8. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

  9. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

    Sea Anglers Conservation Network response at this link :

  10. stuartmac

    stuartmac New Member

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

    Hi Glen and Leon

    First I have posted the message on www.clevelandseaangler.co.uk and Gwyn from ycsa.talktalk.net has picked up on it from the YaLASA site I have just messaged him and invited him to post it on their site. I will enrol on it as well.

    I could not agree more with you sentiments about the numder of responses and you are absolutely right they have to all be from the same hymn sheet. However you may also agree that they all have to look at the hymnsheet in the first place and at the present that plus general awareness is the priority.

    Am I under a misapprehension I thought the draft strategy was circulated for specific "eyes only" consultation and that the final document was going to be in the public domain for the "consultation period" If this is correct we have got to get a move on and get some responses to the posts.

  11. Leon Roskilly

    Leon Roskilly New Member

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

    The strategy is still in the process of being drafted by DEFRA and the inshore working group, and it was felt that it is not yet ready for public circulation.

    Until the drafting organisations are agreed upon the content, what needs to be in there, what needs to be removed, there is little value in opening it up for wider comment.

    The RSA sub group of the Inshore Working Group, have been carefully working through the original draft (put together by a number of RSA organisations, from a larger group of RSA organisations that were invited to participate), with DEFRA taking notes of the discussions.

    That phase has now been completed, and DEFRA have re-drafted the strategy from their working notes.

    At a recent 'RSA meets DEFRA meeting', those attending (individuals and organisations) were also invited to provide their feedback on the current draft.

    I asked whether we could publish it on the SACN website, but those present all felt that it would be best until we had a more complete document, ready for wider consultation.

    I then asked whether SACN could distribute it to the SACN membership, so that we could effectively respond as an organisation, to which they agreed.

    (It is unfortunate that the unfinished document has now been leaked, as I doubt that we shall be trusted in future not to reveal documents in the public domain until those drafting the documents consider them to be ready, increasing the likelihood of secrecy in future, rather than moving towards a more open policy of responsibility and mutual trust).

    My understanding is that DEFRA will now take onboard comments, perhaps amend the document in the light of those comments, and decide whether the amendments need to be debated by the RSA sub group before the document is released into the public domain for wider consultation.

    So, we shouldn't assume what will be in the final draft document, but should be ready to recieve it, consult amongst ourselves, and be in a position to offer constructive input into the consultation process.

    Something to be borne in mind is that it is the government that will decide on any issues, and although we can express our opinions through the consultation process, it will be Ben Bradshaw the Minister (acting perhaps, or rejecting if he has a mind to, upon the advice given by his officials within DEFRA, and bearing in mind the viewpoints of all stakeholders), who will make the decisions.

    RSA has no bargaining power to offer up, or to deliver, anything in exchange for anything else.

    So, as well as presenting constructive suggestions and arguments to DEFRA and the stakeholders within the inshore working group, it is also necessary to lobby MPs etc to try to ensure political backing for our case.

    (SACN has had this comment back this morning :)

    So, yes get organised now, start putting the arguments together, not just for what we don't want (which we'll probably get anyway), but perhaps more importantly for what we do want that might make some of what we don't want slightly more acceptable).

    And get writing to those MPs so that they start to realise that something is afoot that could affect them at the next elections.

    see: http://www.sacn.org.uk/Useful-Information-and-Contacts/

    Regards, leon
  12. stuartmac

    stuartmac New Member

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

    Well there you have it. Unless we create activity we have nothing to bargain with. That is unless we get 2 million sea anglers raising their voices not in a shouting match in Parliament Square but in contacting their MPs as suggested by Leon. But remember this out of the 2 million RSAs only 3000 raised any comment on the Bass MLS and look at result and that was even with an active part being taken by the Sea Angling Press to raise awareness. There is no point in just three or four of us expounding our views on these forums unless the silent majority i.e. the 190 other members of this forum get off their fishing stool and say their piece. How many of you will put up a hand bill in the pub where your local club meets. How many charter skippers will tell their clients or hand out a handbill as they collect the cash for the day?
    The SACN response comments on the need for communication and advocates that as part of the strategy but we can contribute to that even before the strategy is finalised.
  13. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

    Response of NFSA to the Sea Angling Strategy



    To. Anthony Hynes,
    Coastal Waters Policy Unit.
    From. Richard Ferre NFSA.

    Dear Anthony,
    Please find attached the response to your draft RSA strategy, marked up in red.
    Apologies for using all the allotted time, I wanted to include all last minute feedback.
    The draft was widely circulated and generated a lot of discussion, some positive, some
    The key areas that generated the discussion can be summarised under the following
    1. The biggest concern is still the likelihood of increased controls being placed on sea
    anglers in the form of bag limits and licensing before any tangible improvements
    are seen by anglers. The BASS bag limit discussions currently taking place within
    SFC’s has not helped’ given there is no associated conservation measures proposed
    elsewhere. The document either has to put less focus on this or more clerly describe
    the benefits.
    2. The general tone of the document has a “gloomy and apologetic” feel to it. It is
    intended to be a genuine strategy for the benefit of RSA and it should reflect that
    very positive objective. Partly that is because you have tried to reflect discussion
    content in the document. Perehaps that could be separated out into a supporting
    “Rationale” section.
    3. The document declares support for SFC’s being the vehicle for managing a lot of
    this strategy, which may be appropriate, however the remit, make-up and focus of
    them must change for this to work, this requires the marine bill, still someway off
    and by no means guaranteed.
    4. Related to this is the need to be able to take socio-economic decisions. I suspect we
    do not have the skills or data to do this today. Some kind of programme to provide
    tools and advice might be in order.
    These comments cover most of the principles behind the proposed changes, other
    than minor drafting issues.
  14. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Re: Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

    Related discussions and debate on setting up a regional division of the NFSA

  15. tim turner

    tim turner Guest

    Re: RSA Bulletin Board

    Extract from


    At a meeting in London Today (15th February) RSA representatives met with DEFRA, and other stakeholders comprising the RSA Sub Group of DEFRA's Inshore Working Group, to discuss feedback to the previous draft of the RSA Strategy Document.

    At times the meeting bordered on becoming fractious over some of the more contentious issues, but always remained civil and constructive.

    DEFRA will now take on board today's discussions, and the feedback received from a number of organisations on the early draft document, and redraft the document in time for it to be presented to the Inshore Working Group meeting on 23rd March.

    If the draft is accepted by the Inshore Working Group, it is intended that the strategy be widely distributed in the early Summer, at the beginning of a three month consultation period when individuals and organisations will be invited to submit their comments.
  16. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Re: RSA Bulletin Board

    Related topics here :






  17. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Re: RSA Bulletin Board

    Interesting article at :

  18. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Re: RSA Bulletin Board

    After a lot of thought on the issue of the RSA Strategy I have written to the sacn asking them to withdraw from negotiations with DEFRA on the strategy. I feel that the strategy will be detrimental to sea anglers. Licence fees and bag limits will impact negatively on club fishing in the area and will also be damaging to the local charter industries.]

    I will keep you up to date on their response, my email to sacn goes as follows.

  19. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Re: RSA Bulletin Board

    More here

  20. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

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