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Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by ducky, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    Between us we will get you there and back somehow mate. I take it the jump will be over the harbour, if we can we'll have a few yaks in the water to drag you out if it goes tits up :whistle:
  2. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    oh thanks ken it seems to me that everyone is thinking its going wrong :laugh: :laugh: :scared: a yak under me taking pictures as i fall to my death would be good watching the colour drain from my face :scared:

    i can get the bus there like but if some one was passing it would be good, getting back is no worries, my old man is bring the other half and the little one later on before i jump. i would like to be there for about 9am just so i can chill out before my jump to well where ever i end up. :laugh: :laugh:

    thanks ken
  3. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    well only 21 days to the jump :scare: :scare:

    so come on sponser me pleases

  4. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    It's not all bad though you could be a strong contender for pic of the month Duckster :cheesy:
  5. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    yes thanks ray :laugh: :laugh: that makes it all better :laugh:

    well man s**ting him self as he falls into whitby harbor :laugh: thats a good picture must be a winner
  6. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...


    come if you have not sponsered me i need to know why £2 is fantastic more well thats really good pleases come on.

    i take it if you have not sponsered me because you think you will never need the RNLI well all i can say more fool you, just one wave could take you in, or you can simply fall out your yak.

    come if you have not sponsered me i want to know why??? and also if you go to the the start of this thred i am sure glenn said your bared for a mouth and if your doin the yaking leauge that would be a blow
  7. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    well today i got a letter from the RNLI about the jump :scared:

    i am jumping at 11.10am :death:

    the jump is taking place at the banstand area, pier road whitby, (by the life boat museum)..

    so sponser me pleases

  8. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    come on pleases people, read the above. :evil:

    its getting closer and we have not got to the target yet, i have other sponsers thats not on www.justgiving.com/johnduck

    pleases if you have not sponsered me y not, times are hard i know that, there hard for me to, if you have not sponsered me pleases do £2 less than a pint, you will hopefully never need to use the RNLI but you never know do you
  9. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...


    i have just been totting up and i am still £50+ short come please i have other sponsership coming from mates thats coming to watch me jump,

    thanks john
  10. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    i ahve just had the RNLI on the phone and they have change my jump time it is 12.30pm now.

    i am jumping at12.30pm now

  11. Sea over the Shingle

    Sea over the Shingle Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    I'm in also. That is your target reached. :yes:

    Let's see if we can exceed it now. :cheesy:

    Well done and good luck.
  12. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    thanks mate,

    i done it, £600 reached but can we make it more

    thanks everyone
  13. Andy1rod

    Andy1rod New Member

    Well done Ducky on reaching the £600 mark, :yes: Hopefully I'll be there to watch you do the jump (no swearing on the way down tho, I'll have the kids wi Me, :laugh: lol). Not long to go now mate. :yes:

  14. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    there will be new swear words made that day :laugh:

    6 days till i jump
  15. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    I'll be there mate and if we can get any other kayakers in the water to watch who are not on the course will be great.

  16. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Hi Ducky,

    What date and what time you jumping ?
  17. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    saturdy 25th april @ 12.30pm

    :scare: :crazy: :hurt: :yes: :scared:
  18. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    this is just a thank you to everyone who has helpped me with this and all the people who have sponsered me. it means a lot to me. but more inportant WE have raised £600 for the RNLI. but you buggers are getting off easy :laugh: .

    so thanks everyone. i think its a little over £600 i will have to do some more sums not my stong point.

    thankyou john
  19. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    4 days to go :scare:

    got my t-shirt today looks good
  20. DiscoMick

    DiscoMick Eat Fishing, Sleep Fishing, Drink BEER

    Just make sure you check the bungee we dont want you to end up looking like a flounder, :laugh: good luck my £5 is on its way

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