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RNLI volunteers remember victims of Whitby lifeboat disaster

Discussion in 'Non Fishing Chat' started by bassman, Feb 2, 2011.

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  2. mr lee

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    'it’s hard to imagine that these men went to sea in such a terrific storm in just an open rowing boat.'

    'The men, all exhausted though they were, again pulled out but before they had gone fifty yards a wave capsized the boat. Then was beheld by several thousand persons, within almost a stone’s throw but unable to assist, the fearful agonies of those powerful men buffeted by the fury of the breakers, till one by one twelve of the thirteen sank and only one is saved.’

    I couldn't imagine going out in a rowing boat in those conditions at all. :scare: Bloody hero's!

    The twelve men who died were: John Storr; William Storr; John Dixon; Robert Leadley; Matthew Leadley; Robert Harland; William Walker; Isaac Dobson; John Philpot; William Tyreman; George Martin; Christopher Collins.

    I shall certainly raise a drink in their honour on the 9th!

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