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River Esk Sea Trout Fishing - Worm, Fly Or Spinning ?

Discussion in 'North East Fresh Water Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    What in your opinion are the best methods for catching sea trout on the river esk ? do some techniques work best under different conditions/at different times of year ?
  2. bucko

    bucko Guest

    Spinning works best for me, but due to the limited water available can be a short day out and I've never had anything on it in clear water.
    Fly fishing is a tough one to crack, but I think after years of trying I've got the measure of it- though again due to limited water its generally during brief windows when it is effective.
    Worm, now I don't profess to be an expert wormer but I reckon someone with say barbel gear fishing a moving worm could do very well, though most people fish it static.

    As for different times of year, that depends on what the weather actually does! Usually you can rely on October floods for good spinning and Summer conditions for good fly fishing but last year was the other way round.
  3. woldedge

    woldedge New Member

    Spinning for me too. Worming I find quite boring. Sea trout are in and around streamy parts of the river mostly. After a good food they will be anywhere where the river is fast flowing and you wouldn't usually fish it as it would be too rough. Take my word for it that is where they will be.
    Mepps No2 long is the best bait to use. The fish are usually not fussy about the colour, but I always use a silver blade when the river is dirty. Then I switch to the gold bladed mepps in clearer water. That is what I use, others may differ in their choice of colours.
    Sea trout will run with very little water in the river, but they are very much harder to lure out.
    This applies to really the season, not just the autumn.
  4. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    Spinning when there's colour in the water, and fly when there's a touch of colour left during daylight. However, my favourite method is fly during the night and moving worm when its clear and especially if its possible to spot fish. Some people ledger the worm but thats not for me, as i find i too slow. I have great memories of catching Seatrout on different methods, but the best is when i got my first on the fly during the night. It took the fly off the top of the water and weighed 6lb-fresh run. I learned the hard way that night-never play a Seatrout during darkness while standing in the middle of the river- always back off to the bank. It stops the fish running 360 degrees around you-but i eventually twigged on after about what seemed an eternity.

  5. flying condom

    flying condom New Member

    Mainly prefer spinning at Slieghts where I have had Trout to 16 pound. Never had a salmon yet though. Favourite spinners are - Mepps 2 longue blade in gold and silver. Mepps 4 silver longue when the water is high, and lureflash flying c's.

    I also enjoy using the smaller rapalas - Husky jerk and countdown-hollographic.

    Have tried worm but with no sucess.
  6. SALMO

    SALMO Blenny

    Spinning is the most popular method on the river,mainly mepps no 2 long blades,when river levels are up and there's a faster flow go up to a no3 to get down a bit in the flow.
    Spinning has a number of advantages:-
    1 - Less tackle to carry around with you (just a selection of spinners)
    2 - can cover more ground quicker
    3 - further up river,if there's a fish in a pool,and it's not disturbed,It will have a grab at it.
    4 - can make casts with spinning rod with less disturbance of water.
    My first choise would be spinning.When water levels have died down a bit i would then consider trying it with half inch tube flies,Paying particular attention to area's where fish have come out from before.
    Best salmon came out from Slieghts weighing just under 10lb with tube fly,at the back end of year, couple of seasons ago,still remember that like it was yesterday.
    Over the last couple of years the fish seem to be getting less and less,Only after the season has finished, does there seem to be a good run of fish,although Many sea trout will go through during the cover of darkness,Salmon given water.
    A few people i know fish worm but i never was able to get into it,It is quite productive thou given it's day.
    Good luck to all who fish the river this coming year.Lets hope for rise's of water to get em in :yes:

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