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Recent Scottish trip

Discussion in 'Pictures from Woldedge' started by woldedge, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. woldedge

    woldedge New Member

    A few pics of trip to River Tay and River Tweed

    Forth Road Bridge


    Stanley Mill


    Stobhall Top Beat


    Fishing Hut on Bottom Beat


    Boat Ready for Harling


    3lb Sea Trout


    Tweed Salmon approx 10 lb

  2. lochbois

    lochbois Guest

    My first time over the Forth Road Bridge was as a young man. We were takeing 60 foot metal pipes up to the pipelines. What a pity we dont have plenty of work like that on Teeside. I remember my boss telling me at the time we will be looseing all this work on the railways and the mines ect.
    Maggie Thatcher won the election that year and the boss was right.Happy times then and working 7 days a week but you could get a job.My head was out the window on the wagon looking at all the rivers on the way to Scotland as second man. What a easy job. :happy:pB
  3. bucko

    bucko New Member

    Missed these pictures when you posted them Kate- some lovely fish there.
    They brought a few memories back for me as that croy at Stanley Mill is where I caught my first salmon while fly fishing for trout.

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