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"Old School Gear" - made before some of us became Tackle Tarts !!

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by rupert, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. bucko

    bucko New Member

    Going back to the late 70's we had a Milbro boat road at home.
    Nicely made but with a solid wood handle that would weigh more than my current rod and reel put together.
    I can only imagine the 'jiggers' of that era had arms like blacksmiths using such weighty gear!!
  2. scrubbs

    scrubbs Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    It was certainly "fun" pumping "pram handles" and muppets up and down.
    You certainly slept well after a day pirking ;D
  3. harrythecod

    harrythecod Rockling

    what a fantastic read Rupert ,it took me back to the 60,s when i was a young lad going to the Huegh at Hartlepool with my dad,

    in those days it was chock a block with anglers spaced out every 3 yards or so,
    cant remember my first reel though, i do know it was an aluminium centre pin that ran like a dream,

    i do have an old beach caster in pretty good nick ,i will get out of the back of the cupboard and photograph it to post ,
    not sure of the name but it still looks pretty good for it,s age .

    thanks again for the read,
  4. mystic girl

    mystic girl Blenny

    May be there is something of value in my tackle box.
    I always new keeping equipment going 40 years would be worth it

  5. rupert

    rupert Blenny

    Thanks for those that have joined this post.

    Who remembers the Abu Tight Lines catalogues, full of their latest Swedish products?

    Calling it a catalogue was almost an insult. It was a gripping read, being a masterful amalgamation of brochure with worldwide fishing reports. I remember reading with envy about the legendary Indian Mahseer of 100lbs + as well as the Scandanavian Sea Trout running into teens of pounds and the 40lb+ cod.

    The Abu designs of that period were unique too. Their triangular shaped ‘Delta’ fly reels and their Cardinal fixed spool reels with rear drag! The Company wasn’t afraid to introduce some alternative lures too, but not all of these stood the test of time. Classics like their ‘Toby’ however, will be with us forever!


    Anyone here recall or use the first Ambassadeur reels and Atlantic rods?


    One of my all time favourites to drool over was the Abu range of Big Game reels. I never ever saw one in the flesh in the tackle shops I frequented (and still haven’t), but I’d still like to have the opportunity to handle an Abu 20 or 30 and see how they compare to my modern lever drag reels.



    I’m hoping Willybendit might join this post and show some of his favourite vintage reels.
  6. mww

    mww Rockling

    .. mate of mine had an Abu 20.... I borrowed it when we went skate hauling in 2010.... build like the proverbial brick outhouse, & weighed about the same....

    I generously loaned it to the strongest & daftest of our crew..... but Jeremy wasn't that daft & insisted that cps should have the pleasure of using this work of art....

    not sure whether the skate or the reel took the most handling... if the photo has attached ok, I'll let you make your mind up...


    Attached Files:

  7. mystic girl

    mystic girl Blenny

    Just a few bits from the tackle box
    Mitchel reel, old wooden fly reel, and a split cane rod[​IMG]


  8. tunstalldt

    tunstalldt New Member

    I used my old tattler reel last yr on chieftain after mi new fox reel let mi down still a great reel not too heavy like penn 6/0 I also had ago with old ugly stick good rod but the butt weighs more than a complete new rod never let me down in good old days on the boys of whitby
  9. lipslicker

    lipslicker Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    What a wonderful report. Your passion just shone through.
    Did give me a slightly melancholic feeling though, with the knowledge I tossed my first Mitchel beach casting reel (hopeless compared with my step-up, Abu 9000) . I forget the model, but similar.
    Also, a short glass fibre Hardy salmon rod with a solid wood handle. Think it was a boat spinner, or something. It was so heavy.
    You made yours look so good that I now wish I had kept those things.
    Lovely report. Thank you.
  10. darrylmcgurk

    darrylmcgurk Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Hi.I just read your post about the 30 lb Hardy and Walker boat rod that you bought.I was given a 50 lb rod of the same make as yours.Mine, like yours is in tip top condition with the original bag but unfortunately I live in a town called Leighton Buzzard which is about as far from the sea as is possible unfortunately!.Just wondered if you or anybody you new would be interested in buying it?All the best and good luck fishing. Darryl McGurk.
  11. rupert

    rupert Blenny

    Thanks for the thought Darryl, but I have enough rods for now.

    Maybe someone else here would like to buy it?
  12. rdngd

    rdngd Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Had a long chat to Rupert the other night to say well done yet again on the forum but to issue a word of caution on old school rods. These rods were built for the lines of the time and as Rupert is finding out very good at it and are just as good today but the guides were not of a quality for heavy use of today's super fine braid. Some of the plating is to rough and some of the linings will wear and alas you might find this out with your fish of a life time, so use and enjoy but if they were mine I would use heavy mono or Dacron.
    On the reel side old school is fantastic if you want a reel built to last yes they were heavy and over built but they did what it said on the tin and some more ! It is interesting that in the US Penn were by public pressure forced to after a ten year gap to start making the 704 z spinning reel again ( I still have one for sale see classified ) just a tough surf reel that did, and very well again what it said on the box.
  13. pmac

    pmac Blenny

    I bought a ABU 484 from whitby car boot sale last sunday.
    Its in VGC with the bag for £7.
    just could not leave it there !!!

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