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Oaks Sessay whitby coarse club first match

Discussion in 'North East Fresh Water Fishing' started by trout and salmon, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. trout and salmon

    trout and salmon a silver salmon would be nice

    Our first club match of the year took place on sunday 20th at the oaks thirsk. After a full English and a good walk round the tackle shop it was draw time. We had pegs 1-20 on poplas lake. 12 members fished in what tuned out to be a warm pleasant day with light winds. We started at 10 am and fished till 4pm. Whistle blew and we got underway with most of us on the pole, tactics were to feed little and often as the water is still a bit cold so not feeding hard yet. I managed to get a good start with small carp and silvers comming to pellet and the odd one on paste out of 2 swims and from what I could see around me fishing was good with everyone catching. Whistle time again and end of the match and the weigh in. With mxed bags of silvers and carp everyone had a few. 1st went to pete agar with 34lb 6oz 2nd garry smith (me) 32lb 12oz and 3rd kevin little 27lb 5oz. The mike collier memorial trophy goes to pete. All in all a great day out. Our next match us on the 11th may at Langwith lakes at york if anuone would like to join our small club drop me a pm thanks garry

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