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  1. stuartmac

    stuartmac New Member

    This post is directed at the Yorkshire end rather than further North where representation on NSFA is proactive.
    Gwyn on the YCSA Forum posed the question What do the NSFA do for us? He then referred to the North South apparent divide. This is an area that doc has addressed in the past on the NESA Forum where he tried to dispel the theory. He had some success and if the posts are anything to go by encouraged some new members.
    I responded to Gwyn and said that only yesterday I was speaking to David Rowe the chief exec of NFSA. He mentioned he was concerned about this so called North South divide and agreed that some regions were more proactive than others. When you look at the regional reports the proactive do predominate the South. The NE and NW regions are the only Northern representative areas that are active.
    The membership can change this but the problem will be finding a venue(s) to meet, bearing in mind the size of the region. If we agreed to form an active committee it would have to have a rotation of venues to encourage active participation.
    Lets have some views and in them indicate where you would prefer to meet, and don't quote Filey Brig there's no shelter and to many distractions.
    Finally this is not an attempt to upstage any of the fora or the local clubs but to enable us to establish a conduit so our views can be aired over a wider spectrum. It is your views that I and some colleagues wish to hear and express and is not some ego trip by myself
  2. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Interesting debate on this at :


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