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New Rod Vercelli Enygma Superfast.

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by cryo, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. cryo

    cryo Blenny

    Hi all I just picked up a new beach rod the other day and thought some of you may be interested in a review as there is a lot of choice out there at the moment. I have been fishing with two Shakespeare Team extreme 14ft and 16ft continental rods since they came out combined with fixed spool reels and 30lb braid which I originally sourced from the states before it became available in the UK. This combination allowed me to fish the majority of marks within reach of Middlesbrough and cast 120+yards with ease if the conditions required it and the rods have handled cod up to 10lb and full strings of Mackerel with ease. But as you all know new technology moves on and you come to the day when you have to move on with it. I’ve been tempted with the new Spanish and Italian rods which appear to have moved on to the newer technology faster than the UK market and are at a very good price point because the continental manufacturers see the UK as one of their growth markets. I took the plunge and after looking around and reading a number of reviews bought a Vercelli Enygma Superfast. To say I’m surprised by this rod is an understatement the first time I picked it up and checked it over I was surprised by the quality and finish but I was very wary as it was so thin and so light even though it was rated at 100-200 gm. The first cast from Sandsend beach put all my fears to rest as the lead sailed out to 100+ yards and the rod acted like it was made of steel with no wobble and no folding up allowing the power to be directly fed to the terminal gear. The tip is made of a very thin solid material and even reacts to the smallest bites with minimal wind and sea movement certainly an improvement on my previous two rods although I thought were good in this respect. For general beach and mixed ground fishing I don’t think this rod can be beaten at this price point and suspect at a number of price points above it but I cant recommend it for rough ground until I use it in this mode as my mind still cannot get around the fact that this rod is so thin akin to a heavy pike rod and is so light you could hold it all day without fatigue. The night I fished Sandsend (Tuesday) there were very few fish about but I managed two, a small flounder and a reasonable Whiting but I cannot wait to bring a bigger fish in with this rod as I’m sure it will out preform the Team Extreme rods with no problems. I locked the grips out on the lead to see how the rod preformed under some load when retrieving over sand and the rod appeared to be very capable under load but I would have preferred to test this with a cod :>) I suspect my fishing buddy will have one of these soon after seeing it preform, Price 139.99

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  2. scrubbs

    scrubbs Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    excellent review, thank you very much.:) you will have to come and tell us what it's like bringing in a cod or........ a load of weed with a 1/2lb whiting wriggling away and you thinking " this is definitely a fish of some size" :D
  3. cryo

    cryo Blenny

    Regularly bring in lots of weed I think kelp actively looks for me :)

  4. robq

    robq Rockling

    Thanks for the report:)

    I am currently looking at the enygma besta T thats just been released, nicknamed the beast :eek:

    Looks like this could be the long rod thats got the guts for proper rock fishing :)

    Ive had the cobra gts for a while and love em for beach and mixed ground but am still looking for a more powerful continental for the real heavy stuff.

    The youtube clip shows it firing 300g a long way with almost instant recovery :eek:
  5. limpet

    limpet Blenny

    i've just seen that clip rob it certainly looks the part lightning fast recovery in fact a few of their rods look the biz ,i would love a chuck of the besta T tho.. ive recently got the GB fs PRO from afaw (not a conti at only 14ft mind) for fixed spool and braid use over heavy ground and have to say its a cracking rod well worth a look
  6. cryo

    cryo Blenny

    Hi Rob I only noticed the enygma besta T on Facebook over the weekend and as you say it looks the biz so Ill probably get one myself for the heavier work.

  7. robq

    robq Rockling

    I definitely want to take a look at one :)

    Think I might be meeting up with a mate from redcar way who is getting one this week and might be popping down for a bit of fishing :)

    I just want to have a waggle and a cast or two before I spend the cash :) I want them to be a lot more powerful in the tip than my cobras

    I have a few rock rods that I use with braid and fixed spool for pendulum casting, but I want a 15ft conti rod just for the ease of overhead thumping which still go a long way :)
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  8. limpet

    limpet Blenny

    be interested to hear how you find it rob

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