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New Kayak Moken 12

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by PhilEllis, Jul 26, 2013.


Where to go from Sandsend on Kayak

  1. Sandsend

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  2. Whitby

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  1. PhilEllis

    PhilEllis Blenny

    Just bought new kayak Moken 12... Looks a great bit of kit. Practised capsizing and re entering yesterday... Taking it to sand send tomorrow to christen it fishing - ill let you know how I do... Would you just head for blue water and spin for mackerel or try a sidewinder off the cliffs??? Cod / Pollock??? Many Thanks
  2. mike_t

    mike_t Jackson Kayak Team Member

    Happy new yak, I have the 14 nice bit of kit. Plenty of ground to go off. Round the cliffs along towards goldsborough all that area can produce fish
  3. PhilEllis

    PhilEllis Blenny

    Went off Sandsend today... had a yak full to the brim with mackerel and sandeels!!!!! Some belting mackerel too!! Got the bug for this yakkin milarcy BIG time!
    I also saw a huge salmon jump !!!! Covered it with a spinner but no joy.
    Had a couple of teething problems mind you... The wheel on the MOKEN 12 has obviously been dropped at some point and it had caused a crack in the main hull at the rear... I have glued it to the hilt and then glued some copper pipe that I have cut in half as a plate for the wheel brakets to sit in - added strength... I hope that this had fixed the leak...
    What is the best adhesive to use with a kayak for future repairs. Does silicon stick to it too
    I want to go again already!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ill build my confidence up a bit at a time and eventually go further...
    I want to catch a summer cod and also a bass!!!!!

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