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New Hartley Handyman

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Ramsrod, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    Fished a new venue up at Tynemouth on Sunday with Kelpster and Andy B in what seemed to be decent conditions. It started off well with all of us getting early bites and with the exception of one slack period thats pretty much how it carried on.Despite some of them being good bites we only got one fish between us, a small codling caught by yours truly. On speaking to a well known angler from up there at the weigh in he seemed to think that they were Pouting which explains a lot. Kelpster lost 2 fish and me and Andy lost 1 apiece. It was a disappointing weigh in again for up there. Pete Bayes was the only other local who weighed a fish in who I saw,his fish was a half oz bigger than mine. I felt a little cheated by this because when I got home and washed my fish bag out there was 6 (you guessed it) pipe worms lying in the bottom ;D Pete then rubbed salt into my wounds by kindly collecting my prize for me, no doubt helped by a certain mr Wilding and mr Scaife, a cordless screw driver. So,no job too small for mr Ramrod. Whatever you do Mart don,t bring it round when our lass is in!
  2. smokey

    smokey Rockling

    HaHa, Nice one Ray,what won it heard no results from up there,from what i can gather,Scalby match yesterday had a very dissapointing weigh in to.
  3. cod master

    cod master New Member

    where did you abouts did youse fish
  4. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    Hi codmaster, it was called North Crab Hill apparently, it looked a nice spot but it was heavy on our tackle. you only get 2 hours each side of low water before you get washed off.
    Still don,t know what won it Martin maybe Mart will let us know.
  5. cps

    cps Rockling

    wessys pal Mr pye 6 mops from church point for 9 lb second was alix harvy two for 5lb third was ? with a 4 lber which was also the heavest fish, over 200 anglers fished to, always an impresive prize table for such a small club [ only 12 members ]
  6. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    The prize table was fantastic if you like DIY ;D
  7. Acko

    Acko Rockling

    Unwanted Christmas presents maybe? I dont think Anglers put up many shelves lol
  8. cps

    cps Rockling

    ye those shakespear boxes ar mint for keeping tools in and the greys waterproofs come in handy when working outside, not forgeting the rig wallets to keep y srewdrivers and spanners in ;D
  9. cod master

    cod master New Member

    lol :) ;D 8)
  10. mww

    mww Rockling

    Ray, you & Pete will be a proper little pair of Barry Bucknalls, with you & your cordless 'driver, Pete & his cordless drill...Pete will be ok for the outside jobs, as I donated the pair of neoprene socks I got in the "lucky ticket" draw!!!


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