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New 3 Year Survey On Tees Barrage Problems

Discussion in 'North East Fresh Water Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. lochbois

    lochbois Guest

    i was down the tees barrage site and i saw about six fish leaping about 6 fishermen were fishing using spinning tackle and double handed fly rods, are these fish eager to take a fly or spinner ,or is it better to wait until they settle in freshwater,i have only tried the once in salt water and i packed in and watched the seal eat a 15 pounder.i am tempted to try but it looks very mucky and i think it might be hard on fresh water tackle,
  2. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    To be honest Lochbois, they seem to be just as frustrating to catch wether they are in either fresh or salt water. Its just a case of giving it a go. By the sound of it, the river needs a bit of fresh water to freshen it up a bit. Thats another problem The Barrage causes.
  3. lochbois

    lochbois Guest

    Envoirement Agency River Tees Survey

    I was wondering if everybody who filled the ACA PETITION in about the Tees Barrage has been notified about the current E-A survey asking anglers to fill in their fom on their N-EAST web site .Hopefully they are realising that we have a serious problem at the Tees Barrage and that we need urgent action on Getting acess improved ,and the seals and cormerants slaughtering fish daily , the fish are their now and are being caught below this impassible obstucture by anglers and by the seals who must be sick of the mackeral around the coast. This should not be allowed to go on i have been trying since 2002 to stop this killing and we have got to keep makeing these people listen to our concerns. P .Boiston

    LEONFR New Member

    Was at the barrage last night saw some people fly fishing and about 5 blokes with massive spoons of some discription casting over nearly to the other bank and casting over fish that were visable trying to foul hook them,is this legal !And why is there no baliff down there to keep an eye on things ? Also about 5 seals kicking about,
  5. bucko

    bucko Guest

    Rarer than burbot they are mate.
    I hear the EA is to put a 'Bailliff Sighting Return Form' on the back of next years license. :cheesy:
  6. lochbois

    lochbois Guest

    i watched a salmon being landed the other day just below the barrage on the double hander that seems popular around their more it came in side ways ,and was returned to try and climmb the ladder.< Seals and Ladder is what i call it now>
  7. lochbois

    lochbois Guest


    I have just been told that the club i am in who has water on the Tees has three years left on their lease,and they are being charged extra every year.I think its a disgrace to see them scientists wasting manpower and time and money when we dont have time. Fish are being slaughtered now it is the autumn run and nothing is being done by the RSPCA or animal protection groups .That cage is still catching fish that are ready to spawn and are being held until a member of staff lifts them into freshwater.Dont the Envoirement Agency know where to place a modern Electronic Fish counter that would stop these fish being manhandled .Only the other day i saw an angler struggle to drag a large fish onto the bank because he didnt have a net,and it was foul hooked because it came in sideways.He did return it but why bother when it will take time to recover and climb the ladder wait in the cage with another tired load of fish or get eaten by the seal family . :crazy: :evil: :sad: :angry:
  8. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    If your club is BAAC , then they only have the Tees leash for another year.
  9. lochbois

    lochbois Guest

    it is BAAC and the person who i was talking to said their is enough anglers using the streach to pay for it .I dont no if this fellow is just winding me up, the same fellow said the last rumour about poaching at Chester le Street was true, but i believe that no fish were killed and it was another rumour .
  10. lochbois

    lochbois Guest

    I hope all this water running through the Tees Barrage will allow Salmon and Sea- Trout to get past the impassable Barrage .I also hope that somebody at Britishwaterways would stop trapping fish in that pathetic little cage that is ment to be a scientific study site to see where anybody with a bit of sense knows that you only have to pick a book up to learn about the life cycle of a salmon .The Tees is being robbed by Britishwaterways of fish that should be breeding in the river Leven ,Skerne, the Balder, Greta ect while they are keeping themself in another 3 years employment instead of installing a modern electronic fish counter which the Tees does not have.More people have got to tell the E-A and Britishwaterways that we live in a modern world and that Teesvalley People and their fish deserve better.
  11. lochbois

    lochbois Guest

    Tees Talking Points

    The north-easts river Tees has become one of the biggest talking points in Salmon conservation,particulary the problems with its restrictive barrage. Now Envoironment Agency fisheries officers are seking anglers viewpoints on the river in order to review and update the rivers Salmon Action Plan over the course of the next five years, which was first produced back in the 1990s .Anglers can log onto www.environment-agency.gov.uk/regions/northeast and follow the link to Regional Issues,then Fisheries to find out more and complete the survey by October . FF&FT magazine October 2008 P.B. Stockton-on -Tees

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