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my last band photos

Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by cod_dodger, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. cod_dodger

    cod_dodger New Member

    just for amusement
    a few pics of my last band,
    maybe harrythecod might be interested,
    i'm playing the black guitar with a taste ful/less paisley shirt, delete as applicable
    have got some bad guitarface going on in the second pic lol!

  2. harrythecod

    harrythecod Rockling

    yeh good photo's mate ,where about is that where you are playing , we doing a gig at hartlepool to moz 14th feb, looks like you are struggling to hold that chord second picture :laugh: :laugh:dont know if you noticed but you can see on my pics i got realy short stubby sausage finger,s it's a sod some times getting them where i want them :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: yep you got that mean bad ass face on that one :wounded:
  3. cod_dodger

    cod_dodger New Member

    i was playing 'the blues bar' in harrogate, a fantastic venue
    they have a web page somewhere
    live music 7 days a week

    on the subject of guitarface, do some guys have codface when reeling in a spragg :laugh:

    if i get the chance i'll come see you play, but living in derby it might be tricky
    let me know your dates and i'll try get up sometime

    by the way the camera didn't have a wide enough lense to it my pedal board in!
  4. harrythecod

    harrythecod Rockling

    yes we get a cod face on itis usualy in panic incase we loose it :laugh: :laugh: ,i have noticed my self getting a face on when realy concentrating on a figure,rehersing at home :embarrass: the wife thinks i'm in agony :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: i jut tell her you have to suffer for your music :laugh:

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