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Discussion in 'Non Fishing Chat' started by michael76, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. michael76

    michael76 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The BestEST

    Does anyone know what happened to the infamous 'margateboy' and his bait shenanigans? i know a few forum members got had over by him and that police were involved.i was just going through old e-mails and i had 1 of him,but it was round the t when he was just starting to let people down,so i never bothered,did he go to court or did he 'worm' out of it.seriously though i remember some people were fuming on here,hope they got their money back?
  2. bowesy

    bowesy Blenny

    im one ov the unlucky ones who they still owe money, the robbing gets!! a hope the rot in hell !!a just carnt believe what people will do to rip people off !the will get whats coming to them one day !

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