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Luckiest session/unluckiest sessions of 2013

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by anth the angler, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. anth the angler

    anth the angler Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Just for a bit of fun thought it would be good to share our experiences,,,,so here's mine:

    Unlucky: Saltburn in January; strong wind blowing and midnight. Just got all my gear out of the car, put my waterproofs on and my car door slammed. Deadlock went off and i saw my wallet. phone and keys on the drivers seat. Couldn't get in so borrowed someone's phone and got the RAC, they couldn't get in and said my only chance was to phone home and get a spare set brought out....of-course couldn't remember the phone number and phone was locked in car. RAC went round my house and got keys for me! Whole lot took 3 hours and no fish.
    Luckiest I was the idiot that snagged a rod next to me as i cast out; it flew over my head and i thought "oh sh*t" Luckily my weight tied a knot around the rod and we managed to get it back. Saved me from a £3-400 bill for a new rod and reel; best catch of the winter.

    Go on then beat those two!
  2. Kevin Thompson

    Kevin Thompson New Member

    Both in the same session for me. Fishing my club match I had a bite first cast but missed it, third cast I caught a mop but was lucky to land it as the snap link had sprung open. I then struck into four fish and missed them all, tried various methods of hooking them; hitting them early, letting them hang themselves but nothing worked. I then moved and caught three in four casts including one where my mainline got caught under a limpet, I tired to free it but cut the line, I had hold of the seaward side of the line so walked back to my rod and knotted the line back together. I was just about to cut off the tag ends when I got a bite! So both my luckiest and unluckiest session!
  3. snap off!

    snap off! Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Howdo, dont no if this count as lucky but the sessoin that stands on for me was whem I can second in

    the Arbroath open in the summer, unlucky theres been afew, one was in otc first cast on port mullgrave

    jetty I cast put my rod in a hole then some how managed to step of it, it wasnt a big drop about 10 ft to the

    shale ( the inside of the jetty) no real damage just a brused foot, but on the plus side I got 8 codling that nite
  4. stickman

    stickman There's a difference between fishing and catching!

    My luckiest was in the spring boat festival. I didn't manage to get hold of Rich Cope in the evening - turned out he'd lost his phone - so I tried calling Paul Kilpatrick late on to see if he knew what was happening. All the boats had cancelled for the following day due to bad weather but Paul said that it wasn't as bad as forecast and he'd take us out if Rich couldn't.

    In the end Rich took us, and Mistress was the only boat out! I got a measly 1lb 8oz codling which was the only fish of the day so it won me £50 ;D

    Unluckiest session was last week at Runswick after dark. I was fishing two rods off the beach and hooked a fish on one rod and started walking down the beach as I wound in. The line stopped coming in so I thought it was snagged. I gave it a few yanks to free it and noticed my other rod (behind me by then) was dancing on the tripod. I flicked my light on and could see orange and blue line winding onto my reel - oh oh - I'd walked through the line from the other rod and somehow they'd twisted together and both were now jammed round the reel :(

    I couldn't feel the fish anymore so started pulling the lines off the reel and disentangling them. What a job that was with two braid lines - at least they were different colours!

    As I was doing it the fish started pulling again! All I could do was handline it in and after a few seconds it was gone - nothing massive but a fish is a fish!

    I ended up having to cut one of braids and waste 20 yards of it rather than spend all night getting the tangle out ::)

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