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Lake Gormire

Discussion in 'North East Fresh Water Fishing' started by skunkhead, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. skunkhead

    skunkhead Guest

    what sort of fish are in Lake Gormire (think thats what they call it) near Thirsk/Sutton bank,is it free fishing? or private? ive never heard anyone fishing it...anyone have any info about the lake..i think its only one of two natural lakes in Yorkshire..might be wrong i dunno...anyone got ANY info at all on the lake as a fishery
  2. mattylamb

    mattylamb Rockling

    ive looked into this - there's no info on the internet whatsoever, however I do know there is Pike in it. years ago when i was a kid a mates dad took us there to go pike fishing one winter morning but it was frozen solid and we never went back. I have no idea who owns the fishing rights to it. might be worth a walk round to see if there are any signs
  3. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    Hiya Matty
    It was, and i still think its the National Trust that owns the lake. I used to fish it back in the seventies and loved the place. Had plenty of perch, roach and pike out. We used to pay a few bob to the farmer to park the car, and to fish, but it was mainly to park as he couldnt really charge us for the fishing- unless anyone knows different? We used to just leave the money on his doorstep, walk down to the lake and enjoy the fishing.
  4. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    I believe its about 30ft deep in the middle, but what i remember it was rather shallow close in with no sudden drop offs. I cant remember any stream entering or leaving the lake.
  5. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    Just found this piece of history.

    At the foot of Whitestone Cliff is Gormire, a beautiful lake or tarn measuring about three quarters of a mile in circumference, and margined by hills. Though nestling at the foot of the cliff it is situated at a considerable elevation, and attracts, by its beauty and romantic surroundings, numerous visitors in the summer season. It is fed by no streams and must, therefore, depend for its supply on rains and unseen springs. It is also commonly said to have no outlet, but this is not strictly true. There is a recess in the side near the cliff through which the waters find egress among the rocks, and a local tradition avers that a goose once penetrated the dark gully, emerging again to the light of day near Kirby-Moorside stript of all its feathers. Another legend ascribes the formation of the lake to an earthquake which swallowed up a populous town and left an unfathomable lake in its place, and the same veracious authority asserts that the tops of the houses and the chimneys may be seen through the clear water. Mr. Grainge says it is 27 feet deep in the middle, but popular belief declares it has no bottom, and in allusion to this fancied impossibility of its ever becoming dry land the villagers say -

    "When Gormire riggs shall be covered with hay,
    The White Mare of Whis'n'cliff will bear it away."

    Gormire was given to the Priory of Newburgh by one of its early benefactors, and at the dissolution it was granted to the Fauconbergs, from whom it has descended to the present owner, Sir George Orby Wombwell, Bart.
  6. Ged

    Ged New Member

    I used to fish it in the 70's. As others have said paid some money at the farm. We assumed this covered the the fishing, until we were turfed off by the shooting syndicate. Caught loads of small roach and perch and a couple of decent tench. There were some decent pike in there too, my first days piking was the day we got chucked off.
    I'm not even sure the track up to it is still open to vehicles, though there is a public footpath round part of the lake, so you can at least legally acces it for a look round.
  7. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    You can access it, apparently. In fact, some folk go swimmng there (legally?}, if you look on the wild swimming sites. I recall years ago someone mentioning a club or syndicate had it back in the 80's, but i wasnt convinced, however, thats not to say it wasnt true. I still think its the National Trust who own it, nevertheless, i dont think there is access for fishing, unfortunately.
  8. rupert

    rupert Blenny

    I've fished Lake Gormire during the mid 1990's with the permission of the family who own the shooting / sporting rights.

    The legal position was/is complicated - one family owns the sporting rights, another the access. Whether the family have now disposed of teir interests in Gormire, I wouldn't know.

    The lake is reputed to be bottomless, however when I ran a bait boat with sonar over it, the deepest area I could find was 17'

    I only had a few pike sessions there and all I ever had was jacks - nothing over 6lbs. Not saying there's nothing bigger in there mind!
  9. woody

    woody New Member

    hi i live not very far from gormire its as said supposed to be bottomless i used to walk round it as a child , never ffished it used to see litter let by anglers, old bait box makaral wrapers , so used to think it contains pike ect , bet theres some bream ect in it , i was also to belive it is private fishing , lovely place !!!
  10. Clement

    Clement Blenny

    Went there a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly shallow(17ft).We fished all day and didn't have a single bite there was no sign of any fish , the only thing we saw were hundreds of leeches ,was very disappointing. I can only assume that everything was wiped out by comorants. I found out the other day that the lake is private owned by a family that has had it for years and apparently they are very strict on who fishes it.Hope that answered some questions.
  11. Clement

    Clement Blenny

    Apperently there was never any fish over 8lb due to its shallowness.
  12. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    I think you would get a different response to whats in it, if you fished it during the summer months.
  13. woody

    woody New Member

    is there any bream in it ? bet theres some monster perch and roach
  14. coasty

    coasty New Member

    I fished it way back at the end on the 1960s I fished it a few times with school friends, I can only remember catching perch , lots of em. but there again we would be using worms as bait.


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