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Kayak Fishing Teams - Ocean Kayak, Jacksons & Kaskazi Kayak Fishing Teams

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Jellyworm, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    Kayak Fishing Teams Related Reading

    I've been watching with interest the various manufacturers putting together teams.

    Up to now the kayak fishing scene has been quite a laid back maybe even maverick aspect of fishing....all of a sudden we have people being congratulated at becoming part of teams, by application, has this started to be a commercial advertising monster !

    How will this change the kayak fishing scene ?

    Will it be that the publicity is based around commercial interest only ? ie....team member Joe Bloggs of such and such a team does well but privateer Noddy yellowcar no longer gets a mention ?

    Afterall with financial backing and commercial interest, who is going to get the support ?

    Just opening a debate..........kayak teams.....will it result in a team only break away league ?

    What are everyones thoughts ?
  2. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    Re: Kayak Teams.

    I was lucky enough to join the Jackson Kayak team a few months ago, I guess some things will change where as some things won't. To a certain extent it is business as usual, go fishing and write a report as normal.

    The difference will be I MUST publish a fishing report twice a month and a video every 2.5 months, then there will be demo days and matches I need to attend. Downside of this is my free time is taken up more and I'll be doing a lot more mileage next year but I get to do plenty of fishing, meet new people and do things I may not of originally done. All in all it's going to be an experience and one I'm looking forward to.

    How will this effect joe bloggs kayak fishing? well I expect it won't and not sure how it could effect their fishing? Me bobbing about on a sponsored Kayak isn't going to change anyone's fishing. Worth noting that everyone that has entered these teams are just normal guys that enjoy their kayak fishing, we don't make any money (if anything it costs us), won't be reaching a new level of consciousness, we just going kayak fishing.

    I won't be turning up and Runswick in a limo with my sponsored kayak kitted out and ready for me at the slipway, I'll be turning up in my knackered old van and doing everything as usual :)

    There may well be some team matches next year but again how would that effect joe bloggs? Shore matches wouldn't effect my shore fishing.

    All in all I'm really looking forward to it :)
  3. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    Re: Kayak Teams.

    Haha Sam. I would like to see you turning up in a limo, with flowing locks and teeth like Rylan ;D

    I think the kayak team thing can only benefit kayak fishing. If yakkers want to do that sort of think I,m sure it will be a great experience. If they don't it won't affect them at all directly.

    Indirectly it will offer kayak and fishing info and no doubt improve technique's and kayak design eventually. You can't beat a bit of competition when it comes to taking things to another level. Maybe the kayak manufactures have more to lose than the yakkers themselves!

    10 yr ago who would have thought we would be fishing from a yak around here. To now have local lads fishing in teams is great news and I look forward to taking a few high profile scalps, and Sams syrup in next years matches ::) ::) Good luck lads.
  4. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    Re: Kayak Teams.

    Cheers Sam for shedding some light.
    Will there be any targets specified other than reports?

    Be interesting to see what happens with teams as things progress.

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  5. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    Re: Kayak Teams.

    lol could maybe push to a limo and white teeth but flowing locks is going to be a struggle ;D

    Looking forward to the matches Ray though unfortunately I won't be able to talk to you, you not being a sponsored kayak angler means you are beneath me now though a regular food sacrifices/donations would please the kayaking gods. Pork pies and donuts will do just fine ;)

    Dave, from Jackson Kayaks point of view they just want us out fishing and posting reports, attend demos/open days and write a few articles. Will hopefully be kayak fishing in Sweden and Norway next year so will write features on those trips. Really though it's focus on the fishing.

    We as the UK team have a 2014 plan which is made up of the above but in a structured manner, much of my 2014 summer is booked up now as I'll be attending around eight UK matches, hopefully two trips abroad plus a few other UK trips then of course there is my usual local kayak fishing. Going to be a busy year!

    This is still all very new to me and it's a bit of a shock to the system, as Ray touched on earlier, 10years ago I never thought I'd be kayak fishing nevermind actually fishing for a team.
  6. andym

    andym Rockling

    Re: Kayak Teams.

    From what I can see Jacksons seems to have got the ball rolling but feel it is a bit more to do with PR than anything else it is simply to get the brand a footing here in the UK and others have followed suit the likes of Ocean Kayak and hearing rumours of a kaskazi team being put together with these two they are well established brands and need no introducing of products to the UK's kayakers as many of us started out with these boats.

    I cant see it effecting the non team paddlers at all I for one fish and paddle for the pleasure of it and I dont have the kind of work or family life that could fit the needs of what some of the teams would require and also know I could not do this part of the team requirements:

    As put simply for my type of Kayak fishing The Jacksons range would be closer to the bottom of the list of what I would consider buying than the top

    However if Stealth Kayaks were to put together a UK team with no pressure attached I would throw my name into the hat without hesitation but if that doesn't happen I will continue my exploits on the water as always and need no incentive to write up reports to plaster on the various platforms so no change there for me

    Just my opinion on matters and I'm pretty sure not everyone will agree

  7. mike_t

    mike_t Jackson Kayak Team Member

    Re: Kayak Teams.

    I think all the teams are a good thing, I can't see it being deadly serious between the different teams, just the usual good banter.

    There will be a lot more reports popping up which again can only be a good thing.

    I'm a member of the Jackson Kayak team and I won't change doing what I do, I'll keep the reports up, offer to take people out as I always have and get to as many matches as I can.

    Being in the team just means I have to fish more, really gutted about that ;D
  8. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Well said Andy. At present my advice to all newcomers is Ocean kayak all the way, but maybe Jacksons are going to edge into that Market and aim to use thier team members to get them there, but they will need to produce kayaks fit for purpose first.

    Im looking forward to watching this develop, but feel people need to be allowed to be objective an truthful rather than towing the party line.
  9. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Ill throw this link in for further reading for anyone with an interest in this :

  10. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    I currently use the Cuda 14 which I guess would be similar in size with the Moken 14, perhaps a halfway point between the OK prowler 13 and Big Game? My Cuda 14 is heavy and relatively slow kayak so not the best thing if you want to be fishing in proper snotty seas in a strong wind, though to be honest kayak anglers in general prefer to avoid those condistions anyway.

    Thing is everyone has their own idea of what makes an ideal fishing kayak, for example to Andym a Cuda 14 would probably seem awful to him (wide, relatively slow kayak) where as to me I don't like the Stealth kayaks (tippy, uncomfortable, not a big fan of rocks). That doesn't mean the Stealth is a poor kayak, far from as we know they are fantastic but it's not what I want from a kayak like the Cuda isn't what Andy wants from a kayak. Each to their own :)

    As I said a few months ago when I first joined the team, I'm just going to go about my fishing as usual and time will tell if my Cuda 14 will be up to the job of fishing on our coast. Until then I couldn't tell you if it's any better than any other kayaks on the market as I just don't know. Later on next year JK will bring out the Kraken which should be better suited for sea fishing, looking forward to that coming out.
  11. merryfisher

    merryfisher Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    I'm one of the OK team.

    If I'm totally honest I have had so much out of the sport and other than travelling miles and attending the majority of the meets I haven't put that much back in. I was selected as I've done quite well in the competitions. (I was robbed of both my Oxwich and OK Classic titles last year by JKs Mark8)

    I've offered advice on a one to one basis but not really shared my trips, catch reports and mini expeditions as much as I should. It was rare for me to take a camera out unless doing a competition. I launch most weeks as if rough I have easy access to the Thames too.

    Sponsorship for me has given me the tools and the push to post my reports, show my set up and make it available for people to try. I'm full of enthusiam for the next season and I think there will be some exciting threads from all the teams, it is competative but really only in a fun way. None of us are professionals and yes it will cost us a bit more in fuel but really it's just doing what we already do.

    Time will tell if that is enough to satisfy the sponsors, I think the yes men who say it's all good because they are told to will be outed very quickly. I know you all will be quick to keep us in check if you feel we are doing anything to the detriment of the sport.

    Merry Christmas
    Cheers Keith
  12. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Do the individual teams and manufacturers have their own websites and press release system ? I used to get all the Ocean Kayak info from Johnsons Outdoors, but since their demise the latest news releases seem to have died a death.
  13. merryfisher

    merryfisher Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    The OK fishing team have set up a facebook page which with a link to a blog we will post our fishing reports and reviews.

    On forums we appreciate we are guests and whilst posting trip reports and opinions on the kit used to the catch fish I feel it would soon annoy people if every breath was trying to push some product or other.

    As we develop we will create links to the products and suppliers. You'll be the first to hear of launches and events.

    Our team officially launches on 1st January.


    Cheers Keith
  14. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    In terms of products and general news, I would like press releases if at all possible. Ive missed them since Johnson's bit the dust. Just makes things a lot easier.
  15. Easy Yakker

    Easy Yakker simply messing about in boats

    i'm really pleased to see teams being formed around the kayak brands. I've just finished my second season of both fishing and kayaking and during that time have probably read every post on this site about kayak fishing. I am really sad to have missed the period around 2007 -2009 when people were just getting in to kayak fishing and discovering its possibilities. It is really obvious from all these posts that it was an exciting time to be getting involved in the sport, with so much new stuff being discovered, posted and shared. But since then it has stagnated a bit, with nothing new happening. So these teams can only be a good thing. It will make little difference to those anglers who like to fish alone and who don't want to share their catches and marks. But it might lead to more matches, species hunts or perhaps some very different format, and many people enjoy the social aspects of fishing as well as the fishing itself. Certainly the rules for being in a team seem to require more sharing of information so I am looking forward to seeing how it develops in 2014.
  16. Izzetafox

    Izzetafox New Member

    First I must declare my interests: I am fortunate enough to be a member of the Jackson Kayak Team.

    I am mainly a coarse angler with a little sea fishing hence my very limited posting on a predominately sea forum, but I do lurk.

    JK have made a bold move trying to promote their kayaks on UK waters by sponsoring a group of anglers. In the US they are very big and anyone who surfs the US scene cannot have missed them.

    In the US the Team structure is a major way of promoting not just kayaks but all fishing tackle. Some of the sponsored bass anglers are earning serious money. I cannot see this happening in the UK. :( .

    I think that we as a JK team are basically a showroom for the kayaks, we will fish from them and report but we will also be at meets to allow others a chance to see them and paddle them. After all we always tell people 'try before you buy!' As a new brand to the UK the team structure is perfect for this. We are based at the moment in the Home Counties, The Midlands, The North East and Scotland with hopefully more next year, so we are well spread.
    We will make ourselves available for demo's at dealers or with individuals. The event side of things and competitiveness is not the primary purpose of the team.

    I don't see the competitions as actually proving that a brand is best only the competence of the angler. After all a bad angler on the worlds best kayak is still a bad angler. :)

    The best thing about the teams is that people should get more chances to try and paddle more brands to make a more informed decision about which model suits their fishing, and that has to be a good thing for the kayak fishing scene in general.


    Jackson Kayak Team GB
  17. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    Some great well balanced informative replies to this thread. Based on these it sounds like they've chosen some great lads. I look forward to the future posts and will watch with interest to see how it all develops. Good luck to all of you.
  18. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    Thanks also from me to the team members who have replied, they were just the sort of replies I hoped the intitial post might provoke.
    I know that in the main the teams can only be a good thing, maybe better fishing specific products, more events for everyone.

    Good luck everyone, oh and watch out for TEAM JELLYWORM, also after a few scalps in the local comps ;) ;) ;)
  19. andym

    andym Rockling

    I don't want this to come out the wrong way as Sam and Mike are both great lads but would be interested in knowing the numbers of applicants for the JK team seems odd that two of the members are from the same small village which leads me to think the group of potential team members was small

    Could be based solely on merit of course but for even spread for publicity and diversity of reports comes across a little strange
  20. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    Does it matter? If they think they are the right men who cares. I don't think their location is relevant.

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