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Kayak fishing league banter

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by carpyken, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Whilst a lot of blaim is piled at the doors of the commercial fishing industry, it should also be remembered that the absolute perfect conditions for a fishing boom occurred in the north sea in the 60's and 70's - The gadoid outburst period.

    Even if things were left alone you may never see the likes of that again.

    If you ever speak to Killer ask him about the night he had on Whitby beach with old George (the guy who used to fish for Macky but passed away last year). I think it was 4 fish for 40 pound in a 20 minute period. Everyone harps on about Chesil but in True Whitby style the lads kept Upgang top secret :laugh: :laugh:.

    It would have been nice to see it but then again you would be as old as Killer now.

    PNGWIN New Member

    Is there to be an entry fee for this event, and i presume that the prizes will be awarded after the Scarborough match or a special event. PNG
  3. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Im thinking of a bit of a low key event in one the local pubs in early October. There is no entry fee but a donation to the local RNLI would be appreciated although not mandatory.
  4. neil bugdol

    neil bugdol Blenny

    Now now Simon, keep ya dry pants on, don`t get excited :tease:. Nothing to do with Leeds this, by the way who is derby, is he a fiend of joan :laugh:. This was an attempt to get a few more members involved in the league, which I have achieved, it`s opened it up to some people who thought it wasn`t for them because of the long haul, even you could now take part with a couple of trips up, which I`m sure you will. It doesn`t stop there though, I have noticed this evening an increase in at least one members input in to this site, that again is a good thing and pleases me, you too should be pleased that contributions to the forum are increasing, there will now be 50 more posts in march, than there would have been. I aint got a chance of winning owt in the league but I can now take part and that`s what counts to me, I was born to feed fish and am getting very proficient at it, not so good yet with the fly, your advantage but I can catch cod :laugh: and rockling :laugh:.
    cheers matie.

    p.s. will contact you soon about moving up a glass
  5. Dorado

    Dorado New Member

    Newyacker - you and me both. I am a keen conservationist because it means I have a valid excuse for not catching anything!

    I was one of the founder members of hte C.P.C.S. too you know (Clay Pigeon Conservation Society)
  6. neil bugdol

    neil bugdol Blenny

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    for your efforts Simon with the C.P.C.S. I would like to endorse your society with my personal SEAL of approval.

    Here`s your fish :wink: and well done.

  7. dan the pollock

    dan the pollock Rockling

    just a point about fly fishing in the league,

    does it have to be a 'sea fly' or can it be any small lure something like a small jelly from a fly rod?

    PNGWIN New Member

    Hi Glen, can you please confirm eligibility for this event. I have been a member of this forum since 15 October 2008, and true i have not been that active a member. My understanding and interpretation of the rules you have posted so far is, if i have not contributed with 50 posts by 1st April I will have to make 10 catch reports to claim any points and hopfully a prize. My intention is to fish in this league with suitable qualification too the fullest.
    My I suggest that one event in a month that all competitors must fish including the Scarborough festival with the ability to defer lets say 2 events for family holidays illness and or work commitments. I think you did post that you would have to fish for at least two months as a minimum to calaim. This may level the playing Field somewhat and points awarded accordingly. Without the full rules available at the moment (hint) we are all unable to make plans for what will be a rounding success. Andy
  9. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Hi Andy,

    Where do you live ?? We want to try accommodate people and not put them off, but also I want to avoid the earlier scenario I discussed where people join, make no contribution to the site and walk away with a prize..

    Over the 6 months of the league you would be required to fish 10 times and make a report, even if you blank that is ok, just tell us you went and enjoyed the fresh air.

    Would this be possible, basically you fish less than 2 times a month. Maybe some other members can chip in here with some ideas ?? I dont want to put anyone off but I dont have my thinking cap on straight today.
  10. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!


    I havent the foggiest about fluff chucking (Or fly fishing as some of you call it). What is the done thing ?? Maybe Simon can chip in with some thoughts to help out on that one.
  11. PNGWIN

    PNGWIN New Member

    Just tie on some wool, red and white will do the trick me thinks.
  12. PNGWIN

    PNGWIN New Member

    Thanks for clearing that up Glen. I live in Doncaster not too far from newyacker. My mentor :educated:
  13. Dorado

    Dorado New Member

    People from north of Sheffield have to use Unicorn hair flies only. :kiss:
  14. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Does this mean you will be able to fish 10 times in the year ? and will you be taking part ?
  15. PNGWIN

    PNGWIN New Member

    Yes, I am more than willing to put in the time and effort as will others. Have been fishing for 40 years this easter, but very new to Kayak fishing. Looking forward to it all and the monthly challenge. PNG
  16. Benq23

    Benq23 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Just thinking....with tope being up there, and the method of tageting tope liable to attract other large predators. how many points do we get for a porbeagle (assuming your not bothered about ending up in norway being towed by it)
    or any of the other large shark species that frequent our waters
    I reckon that the first person to land a thresher wins the leauge outright! :laugh:

    Youd think you wouldnt be able to heft the buggers ont your yak but these lads managed (and those are some large sharks)
  17. harrythecod

    harrythecod Rockling

    Hey Hey Hey ,we cant have that ,cating aspersion's on fellow anglers catching prowes (i was told he targets ling, no sorry (rockling) :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  18. Dorado

    Dorado New Member

    There is no way I can get 10 trips in from Yorkshire alone. But I'll do a bit towards it and take part.
  19. neil bugdol

    neil bugdol Blenny

    BB I`m looking at this quote and thinking about other threads regarding potting etc, and thinking of offering a couple of fun prizes, for fun species.
    Must be caught by hook and line from yak,

    Edible Crab and Lobster.

    I will provide a collapsible bait/crab pot, marker bouy & 20m rope, for the biggest Lobster and biggest Edible Crab landed in the yak. Photo varification required. If no winners, the prizes can be auctioned at the local pub and proceeds to RNLI.

    It`s not impossible and it has been done before, but what a laugh the photo`s could be, better still if it`s a video.

    Just a bit of fun, it`s there if wanted.
  20. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    Funny you should mention that newyacker, I plan to start taking videos of our kayak fishing. Hope to do some underwater vids as well but it won't be easy getting any decent footage, will have a go though :happy: Thinking about it, it may be good to get some vids of the kayak course done from above and below the surface :cool:

    Nice idea regarding the prize for biggest Lobster/Crab, I caught an Octopus last year so what would I get for that? :cheesy:

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