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just caught my fish of a lifetime

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by newdave, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    Now you ve put the pic on what a superb fish !!!
    Like others have said and I know to be very true, you really have put the hours in this year and have had some superb results, good angling matey and no need for an apology to quint , knowing Iain he'll see yopur pics and be proud as punch at his prodegee (or however it's spelled).

    Well done .Worm ;D
  2. quint

    quint Watch out Emperor Zorg's about

    Pleased as punch for you mate - happy days ;D ;D ;D ;D, and one for the album - how far you've traveled since the day in Whitby Tackle shop when you were stocking up on traditional cod gear and I said you really need some of these lures "I think I'll take one, maybe two" and when I said you really need two rods one for cod and a light lure rod you looked at me as if I was taking the p**s - if I remember rightly you compromised by buying a cheap 10 pound reel so that you could "adapt" your 30lb cod rod into working a plug :eek: :eek: - but it could have been worse you could have thought then "ice pike" rods were "ideal for kayaks" ::) ::)

    I like your "for some reason I stopped" description where you hooked the fish - don't let anyone tell you that it's purely down to luck - it's experience and knowledge coming into play - the backbone of any good angler :) :)

    Anyway less of the pleasantries, don't think you'll knock me off for long old boy :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Well done Dave

  3. bucko

    bucko Guest

    Now thats what I call a bass!
    Very well done indeed.
  4. smokey

    smokey Rockling

    Cracking fish,the biggest i've heard of for a long while,i know the Late Pete Farnell had a stonking bass in the 80,s from a mark near Scarborough,if i remember rightly it was a fair bit over 10lb.In todays world and climate,yours is a catch of a lifetime for this area,nice one. ;D ;D 8)
  5. newdave

    newdave Guest

    like to say a big thank you for all the nice things been said, the experience has been enhanced by the great reception i have had from this forum :-*. I look forward to meeting a few more members in person.
    I have come a long way in a short time, but am well aware how fortunate i am to have latched on to a fish like that. I know there a great many much better angler's than me, who may never have the same luck. but am sure it will give you all the encouragement to keep trying. Saying that it has only further enthused me to push on & get better, expect to see the orange yak turning up in a few unexpected places next year,plus i have bought myself a mike ladle bass rod so maybe theres a shore caught Bass with my name on it ???.
    Also beware the defeated champion, the quint will be fired up to regain top spot, & jellyworm might finally get tired of Whiting so hold the front page. ;D ;D ;D
  6. j sutton

    j sutton New Member

    nice fish ;D
  7. Bcawth

    Bcawth Blenny

    very nice fish well done ;D ;D ;D ;D
  8. cod rod kev

    cod rod kev New Member

    top bass mate congratulations ;)
  9. uggy

    uggy Blenny

    Excellent fish mate, would be well chuffed meself! ;)
  10. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

  11. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    Ive been thinking about bass the past few days , and one particular spot ...not that one glen ...i was thinking to my self i wonder if there is any beasts still kicking about.....looking forward to summer like ....
  12. Maxie

    Maxie New Member

    cracking fish and roll on next summer,we cant get as bad a summer again can we................. :no:
  13. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Unless the world ends Maxie we know it cant be any worse
  14. FireFly

    FireFly Blenny

    Brilliant mate...congratulations :happy:
  15. wormchucker

    wormchucker New Member

    cracking fish m8 well done.
  16. grolsch

    grolsch New Member

    well done meold thats what we like to see,wait till next one it may pull you in :yes:
  17. SAGE

    SAGE always trying...... some say very trying !!!!!

    cracking bass, well done , must feel great to get a fish like that and that proves persistance and dedication pays off....
    P.S. well done on having the ba##s to go out in this weather as well.
  18. Ian Alexander

    Ian Alexander Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Tremendous fish, thanks for posting the photos and story.
  19. Gas_mantle

    Gas_mantle Guest

    That's a cracking fish, it's not everyday you go out and come back with an almost 9lb bass :happy:

    Reminds me of an incident at Weymouth about 10 yrs ago, I wasn't fishing at the time but decided to have a walk along the pier and watch the local anglers for a while. A bloke was there with his son, the lad was about 10yrs old and using a cheap telescopic set up, next thing he shouts to his dad about what he believes to be a biggun on his line. Sure enough eventually he gets the fish to the surface and there before us all is a monster bass. Luckily on the pier are some steps so it wasn't too much effort to coax the fish there while dad got it on terra firma.

    The pair of them to it took a local shop to be weighed and returned shortly afterwards with the news it was just under 12lbs !

    Caught on a cheap telescopic, float fishing for mackeral with a small hook and a single ragworm :laugh:
  20. ohmycod

    ohmycod New Member


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