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Is Whitby The UK's Number One Charter Port ??

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Jun 9, 2010.


Is Whitby The UK's Number OneCharter Port ??

  1. Yes

    29 vote(s)
  2. No, I dont think so (Please list which ports are better)

    7 vote(s)
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  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    So what do you think ?? Is Whitby the number one port for charter fishing (For numbers, Quality and Species Of Fish - Not Just Cod). Or do you think that other places are better ?
  2. Father Ted

    Father Ted New Member

    Most definately a big yes from me. Some of the south coast charters advertise themselves as big cod specialists, but to be honest you can fish for days on end without ever seeing a cod. Whitby has lots of cod, some big ones too, they also have sharks, halibut, turbot, plaice, haddock and Pollack to match any other port in the country.
  3. kirkby lad

    kirkby lad New Member

    for the actual fishing yes, guaranteeing your charter boat can get out causing cancelled trips can make other ports more reliable
  4. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Were only interested in the fishing mate. We have no control on the weather
  5. NorthWestern

    NorthWestern Blenny

    with more adventuress fishing from Whitby who knows what our cost line might have swimming in the depths
  6. foo

    foo You've gotta be in it to win it.

    Not had the pleasure of charter fishing out of Whitby for quite a long while, hopefully I can put this right soon. Whitby does indeed have a very good reputation for cod and ling fishing without a doubt, Also its near neighbour, Hartlepool is rapidly gaining a very good reputation. I have been fortunate to fish from there and the facilities offered to the visiting angler are superb. Free car parking and free wash and change facilities including showers to name a couple. Obviously Pools doesnt have anywhere near such a large range of charter craft available for hire so is behind in this respect although the ones that are there are very impressive
    All in all I Feel very very fortunate to live so near both fantastic ports
  7. krysb

    krysb Blenny

    Whitby is a fantastic port to fish from, however, other ports in the uk do offer more in the way of species and alternative trips.
    i know some skippers are trying some alternatives, which should be commended, but for the time being, until they are offered and as standard, others such as weymouth, brighton, and a few of the west country ports will possibly still have the upperhand.
    if its cod on the doorstep that you want, whitby is the port that stands up and shouts at you, where as if you want a day anchoring wrecks for the big conger / ling and a bit of drifting for cod / pollack thrown in, and maybe a stop on the way in for a few decent bream etc, south coast ports cant be knocked.
    if you take weymouth for example, the opportunities for species / quality are pretty much unrivalled, what with channel island trips, and numerous big fish marks on their doorstep.
    this is not meant as a detrimental post, just an alternative mindset.

  8. bigcod

    bigcod Rockling

    Hartlepool does give free parking but if its fishing you want whitby has it we 150ft of water here at just over a mile many miles of reefs other ports could only dream about plus the coastline is littered with wrecks i have plenty of customers who also fish the soutcoast but if its cod you want all year round whitby has it by a mile plus there is plenty of pollock, ling , and haddock the numbers of cod we have had over the last week has very good to say the least plus we never tryed for pollock or ling a lot of wrecks fish very well here inside of 3 mile which can produce excellent catches at times some are just 15-20 miniutes from the harbour you dont have to steam for hours on end to get excellent fishing plus there is so much untryed technics for different species which whitby does have and which havent really been tapped the lads on kayaks have proved this bass fishing here which is very good the commercial lads get plenty of turbuts and brill plus halibut whitby has an array of species i think over the next couple of years a whole new sort of angling a whiby will hit the headlines richard on shy-torqe had 3 porgys the other day we are haveing a go at the halibuts next week now that would make front page if we get one so all in all there is so much undiscovered here at whitby depht of water here and the different sorts of ground features prove to be the main factors.

  9. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    The parking and showers is lost on me a little bit. Id rather pay a bit extra to park, and get a shower when I get home and enjoy the superior fishing. Infact Id rather walk 10 mile to the boat and go without a wash for a week than put up with bad fishing. Am I alone in gauging the quality of a port on its fishing, or should I be taking into account these other factors ?? What factors do peple look at when thinking about charter fishing ? I once heard someone say that the hartlepool boats were cheaper, but I always felt that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys :wink: :cheesy: (No pun intended of course).

    What do people think of the south coast ports ?? What about you PhilK, you spent a long time in plymouth
  10. foo

    foo You've gotta be in it to win it.

    I was just offering my thoughts Glenn as not all anglers are lucky enough to live on the doorstep and therefore need to drive to and from the chosen venue to enjoy the benefits so sometimes it is important to have washing facilities before getting into the car for the homeward journey, especially if they have been lucky enough to have caught a few fish and have got covered in cod doo doo lol. I also would not put up with bad fishing, there is always bad days of course and these cannot be avoided but bad skippers with bad boats on poor fishing grounds can be.
    I was not knocking Whitby in any way shape or form and as I have said on many occasions it is one of my favourite places in the world, last weeks reports make my mouth water and I am really looking forward to sampling some of it hopefully.
    As for the money thing you are spot on you get what you pay for simple as that.
    I paid the money and I was introduced to the fantastic,exciting and thoroughly enjoyable world of wreck fishing. After fishing for as long as I can remember in one form or another I am both excited and dismayed at the same time. Excited because I have discovered something new to me in fishing that fills me with an overwhelming passion and dismayed because for so many years I ignored opportunity after opportunity to give wreck fishing a go.
    And not a monkey to be seen lol :laugh: :laugh: :wink:
  11. philjory

    philjory Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    I live in the landlocked Black Country so i am half way between Whitby and the south coast. I only started sea fishing back end of last year and my first boat fishing trip was from Whitby with Malcolm Pittman. I blanked. '''since then i have fished many times out of south west ports like Weymouth,Plymouth, Dartmouth and Looe. .The skippers have all been first class and have always took the time to help when it was needed also i have always gone home with a boot full of fish Cod, Pollock,Conger, Ling,Whiting,Mackerel and Place. I use the south because it's easy and quick for me to get to although it's probably a bit further in distance than Whitby. But by what i read on the forums Whitby is probably the better port to fish from that is why i am at the moment trying to organize a day out there wreck fishing
  12. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Hi Mate, No worries, I wasnt knocking what you said, but rather trying to understand it. I see lots of posts on various forums about cheep boat trips and cheap parking (For example Amble and Hartlepool). People appear to be happy to spend less money and then to accept a poorer fishing experience, whereas Ive always wanted to get the very best out of he fishing and if that meant paying a few extra quid (Not that I pay for my trips these days) then so be it.

    I was just trying to work out what people believe constitutes a good days fishing : Is it solely to catch more and bigger fish, or is it more encompassing, including, price, toilets, showers, parking etc. Im led to believe that on he south coast, if the skipper doesnt deal up bacon butties at 11am then people will never sail with him again.

    Just what does constitute quality ?
  13. harrythecod

    harrythecod Rockling

    quality fishing is what it is all about, when i first started boat fishing i was 19 years old that was 1971, the boat fishing from hartlepool was exeptional, i went out with the wifes grandad on his coble ,DOLPHIN, we caught many ,many fish haddock cod large whiting and place,
    then i did some wrecking with ,ROZ-E and had some first class fishing.
    then in the late 70,s i had my first taste of whitby,and what an experience that was,
    plenty of big cod and ling , we never had a blank, not that i did at hartlepool,
    as for cost hartlepool was cheaper bait fishing on the rough ground was £3 then went to £5 a couple of years later,wreck fishing then was £10 when i went to whitby the fishing was simillar in price for wreck fishing but seemed to jump higher each year than hartlepool, on my last trip with tut i think it was about £25 and it was getting expensive my pay at the time was aroun£150 so i had to call it a day.BUT the quality of the fishing was allways slightly better at whitby,and i believe it still is today,i think the reason being the competition ,as there are far more charter vessels in whitby than hartlepool. :happy:
  14. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    You have a point foo, some anglers travel a long way for a day out on a boat and easy parking and the oppotunity to get showered before the long journey home would be welcome to many. It's not the main criteria that I would look for, but, It should be included in the "package" before somewhere could claim of being the best. I'm not an authority on this subject :no: but I think whitby has the potential to be a lot better than it has. I think in general it has been an out and out cod venue with a few ling chucked in if you had some mackeral for bait. Ruperts post the other day shows there is more out there than even the skippers know about. What about Tope, skate, halibut too.
    Probably because of the lack of cod in certain parts of the country, others have diversified and found that there is much more if the tac is altered. Maybe Whitby is a victim of it's own sucess, with anglers choosing it solely for it's cod fishing and not being too interested in anything else, and if there's no cod it's going to be a long day.
  15. mr motorola

    mr motorola New Member

    I have voted YES but in hindsight i don't know if that was the correct choice.....

    Whitby is known nationwide as the Cod capital , holding the British record and with vast numbers of Cod caught regularly but the species part of it , hhmmm , i'm not too sure. On balance i would say that many other ports could claim that title although saying that , the port is catching up with a wider array and variety , tough question Glenn.

    Just for the record , i'm Whitby through and through.
  16. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    I know you love whitby Karl :happy:. I think if people wanted to target species it would be possible. With my kayaking hat on and looking back at last years league I know that the area has Cod, Bass, Pollack, Gurnard, Eels, Thornback, plaice, mackerel, coalies, dabs, scorpian fish, wrasse, pouting, whiting, ling, weevers (Ouch) and flounder.

    The charter boats catch sharks, and haddock along with the cod, pollack and ling, and the occasional halibut. The commercials catch turbot, brill, soles halibut.

    So interms of available species, maybe we arent so far behind the other ports in available species. The problem (if you can call it a problem) is that people like to catch cod.
  17. cod.ling1973

    cod.ling1973 I will cast more than 100 yards one day :-)

    Ive had the pleasure of fishing Whitby and Hartlepool, I find the Whitby charter skippers dont sit in the wheelhouse all day unless your steamin to marks, very helpful with tangles, tackle tips and general conversation to make you feel welcome and most urge you take there advice so you get the best possible trip out matching the conditions i could name 4 skippers who ive had the pleasure fishing with who give have given there catch to the anglers who have had less fish, most will also fillet your catch for you at no charge( priceless if you are pants with a knife).
    Ive fished with a handfull of Hartlepool skippers and probably wont again, Im not branding hartlepool but i found the boats ive sailed with didnt have the drive and comitment to rival the whitby lads, some not all just sat in the wheelhouse power napping most of the day! I personally like advice thrown at me as it can only improve my skills and the enjoyment of landing more fish through someones knowledge who spends most of there days out on gods pond. Im sure not all hartlepool skippers are like that maybe i was unlucky and booked up with the wrong ones
    Thats my own personal view and no one elses so WHITBY is my personal choice. :gum:

    Tight lines

  18. rupert

    rupert Blenny

    Excuse the pun, but I guess, IMHO, it depends on which species 'floats your boat'.

    • If you enjoy targetting Common Skate on a charter boat, I'd vote for Oban.
      If it's conger, I'd head to Weymouth, Plymouth or Rye.
      For blue shark, Mevagissey or Penarth.
      For big pollack, maybe a South coast port like Exmouth.
      For a big tope - Hornsea/Bridlington.
      For cod - Whitby. As this is the main target species for 99% of the skippers, you'd be hard pressed to better their experience, as this is their bread and butter day to day work.

    Don't get me wrong, I do fish for enjoy fishing for cod now and again, but I feel to an extent that I've been there and done that, and there really are plenty of other fish in the sea that give me much more of a buzz these days. The really exciting thing for me is that because so many people have been focused on cod and cod alone round here, I think we're only just getting to grips with some of the other species that can be caught from a boat. The trouble is, the cod are almost too plentiful and too many people are inclined to be impatient during the course of a day at sea. They try a new species method only briefly, before reverting back to what they know in order to get their string pulled by another cod.

    Whilst the other ports I've mentioned will give anglers a more immediate chance of success with specific species through past experience, I'm convinced a bit more time spent using different methods round here could well yield a few more surprises yet.

    I'm not sure I'd single any charter port as being the number one venue, unless cod was your target species!

    I reserve the right to be more specific, and hopefully more local, when we all do a bit more R&D!

  19. bigcod2

    bigcod2 Blenny


    As a Whitby Lad born and bred, and with the old man having the boat, I would be a traitor to vote anything other than whitby!!! But the bottom of my heart tells me Whitby.
    The main reason for this is (and it has been said above many times) the vast array of species you can catch from this wonderful port. As for the shower thing, Whitby people are not impressed by this either, and for thoses of you who do not know, here is the main reason. Whitby does not have its own Council, it is run by Scarborough Borough Council, so imagine Merseyside Council all of a sudden taking over Manchester!!!!! You know that a vast amount of the money would go to the scoucers and not the Mancs! It is such a shame, and I think the amount of money that is spent by the Whitby Charter Skippers on mooring, the money you anglers bring into the Whitby economy, there should be more facilities, but if I go fishing somewhere, I go to fish, as long as I have convidence in my Skipper, boat and tackle I am a happy man.

    I lived in Plymouth for a good few years, and was lucky enough to fish with Malc Jones on 'Sea Angler 2', a great skipper with lots of enthusiasm for fishing, so there is another great port IMO.

    I don't think Whitby is the be all and end all of UK Fishing, however I think it will seriously take some beating. :canadian:

  20. krysb

    krysb Blenny

    As far as all the replies go, i think ruperts is probably the most balanced of them.
    Each port has its own merit, and whitbys main merit is the ling and cod fishing.
    i hope more skipper diversify their approach, because, if they did, the doors would be firmly flung open, and then the quality of the fishing would be thrown into the spotlight.
    Bearing in mind, the anglers must be in the mindset to try something different, and not become totally hung up on cod and ling, and in my view, this WILL be the hardest thing to acheive, without reports, pictures from all skippers, showing EXACTLY whats on offer, changing peoples perceptions and expectaions is the hardest thing to do, without offering them an alternative.

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