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How's the new season started for you?

Discussion in 'North East Fresh Water Fishing' started by bobthedog, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. bobthedog

    bobthedog Blenny

    Knew exactly where I wanted to be last Friday for the first day of the season. It's a peg on the Swale fast water running into a deep hole under bushes before running out into fast water again. It's an early season banker for a few chub and the odd barbel. We arrived about 07:00 and not another car in sight (was this the right day?), so guaranteed the peg I wanted.
    After a hike of over a mile we were there but the peg had changed due to the winter floods, bushes ripped out new snaggs & the fast water pushing further down the swim than it used to. I let my mate set up just over half way down the swim where the flow eased. I opted to fish the run in as I had a new 17' Team Diawa float rod to christen.
    A few trots down getting used to the new rod (the extra length really helped controlling the stick float in the flow), bang first fish on. Carefully playing it to the net it was a brownie of about a pound I felt the rod give a little judder. I quickly unhooked it and as I slipped it back my phone fell from my pocket to join it. The air turned slightly blue as I picked my rod up, the next was unrepeatable as I noticed the last 16" of the rod tip down the line by the float. In all my years of fishing this was the first time I've had a rod snap.
    Not a good start to the new season I then set my feeder rod up. We had seen a few fish topping further down the swim. My mate had lost a good trout on maggot as it leapt clear of the water. I started with meat incase there were any barbel about. The bites seamed very cautious on meat & the first 3 fish I hit had me in the bushes before I could do anything. Ade was fairing a little better he'd managed a couple of chub out. A switch to bread produced instant bites and another trout, then the chub switched on. Bites and fish came more regular but I still managed to loose a few in the roots. With fish going in the net time flew by Ade asked if I'd mind him trying for his trout with a spinner for 10 min before we packed in. He walked a few yards further down & after 3 or 4 casts bingo but it wasn't his trout it was a chub. This was his first decent fish on spinner and it turned out to be a pb for him at 5lb 2oz.
    In all we had about 14 chub between us and they were all over 4lb (we weighed them as we caught them),
    to 4 1/4 lb with his best of 5lb 2 and mine 5 dead. I also had 4 brownies between 1-1lb 8oz. The day that started badly for me certainly redeemed itself.
    Walking back to the car we were the only ones parked, Where did everyone else go on opening day?
    Ade with his first chub of the day.
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  2. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    I was working so didn't get out. Cracking report though, and shame about your rod and phone. Certainly a day with mix emotions. Glad you got some fish to save the day. I'm going to give the Darlington Brown Trout stretch a go next week, unless I can get out on the SIB.
  3. basha

    basha Blenny

    bitt late reporting lads due to many hours on the bank.

    opening day me and a mate of mine hit the trent on our newark club water.must have been 100 plus rods out.we set of thursday evening and hit the water for 1am and it was ram packed with excited anglers.to say it was dyer would be an understatement 4 bules and a couple ov bream caught in 48hrs really poor everywere on the trent with low bright conditions.

    anyway decided on the 19th to fish the swale,it always throws me up a fish or two.set of late to fish the evening as conditions wernt ideal for daytime fishing with brightlow conditions.headed out at 6 and hit the water for 6.45.got set up and out with the bait dropper.an hour later the swim was packed with hemp,crushed boilie and pellet.didnt cast in till around 9 but got indications there was fish in the swim,plenty of liners and sharp pulls on the rod tipp so sat on my hands in anticipation for a 3ft wallop.bait double 8mm ringers.it wasnt untill 10.15 when the tipp wrapped round.5 mins later a 6lb bule all spawned out very limp in look but hey ho,rebaited cast out and within 5 mins whisker number 2,a 7lb bar ov gold in better condition.followed it up with 2 chub about 3lb.

    went out last night for a few hours aswell,the swale again but differant stretch,similar tactics but used fluro instead of drennan sink braid as i know there isnt as many bules around and what are there are finicky as hell.spotted a few fish on route to peg,its a canny walk and well up stream compared to lower swale.anyways only way to get at these fish is to link ledger and let it swing under the bushes,so sat myself 25yds upstream as not to spook them.bait dropper some bait in and sit back for an hour let them build confidence to move over the bait.within 3 minutes ov castin the rod done its usual 3ft twitch and fish on,everything went solid as fish lunged into snaggs,so rod back on rest and waited.after 15 mins it was inevitable it had threw the hook and i was solid.rebaited the swim and sat back again for half hour and recast.10 mins later the tipp was round again,i tightend the clutch rite up and left the runner off and went for hit and hold tactic.managed to drag it out and was rewarded with a 8lb 4oz bule,managed another 3 bules and a 4lb chub for my efforts.

    back on the trent mid week to sheldons hopeing they have finished spawning and started to spread out a bitt.
    not a bad start so far disapointing about opening day but thats fishing.going to try to get out a minimum of 3 evenings a wk with a bitt of luck and im wanting to get a few seshions on the wharfe this season.
  4. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    Nice report Mark. Haven't managed to get out yet due to building sheds greenhouses and getting loads done around the house, such as new kitchen, bathroom and stove burner fitted. Deffo going next week though.
  5. basha

    basha Blenny

    well good one dave.im on nine bules now from 11 trips,went out tuther nite conditions were absolute spot when i got there,then river started to fly up.meter in on arrival.within a couple ov hours the pegs were under water.you were only getting 2/3mins in the water and you were fouled up with crap,no time for the fish to get to bait and whole trees coming down.stuck it out like untill 10.30 and new i was beat well before,so an elblanko and not for the first time this season.certainely not the start i had last season i was into double figures by this time last yr.

    good luck when you go bud,reckon your patience not getting out deserves a fish bud,double with your name on it lol.

    tight lines bud werever you go.off to scotland thursday early doors cant wait for a bitt ov rock hopping.

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