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How to post pictures

Discussion in 'Fresh Water Fishing Pictures' started by woldedge, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. woldedge

    woldedge New Member

    Posting pictures – step by step:

    1. Take pictures with digital camera.
    2. Create a new folder or folders on your PC/laptop within ‘My Pictures’ folder, with a name you’re gonna remember (eg “Salmon”, or” Flies”).
    3. Download pictures from card on the camera to your PC/laptop and save in the specific folder eg Salmon.
    4. Re-name all the pictures with unique names of whatever they represent eg Salmon 1, Salmon 2 etc.
    5. Use a picture management tool on your PC (I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro) to re-size the pictures to 800 x 600 pixels, and save each picture with a new name eg Salmon 1s, Salmon 2s, etc.
    6. Create a new account with the FREE photobucket (http://www.photobucket.com). That account will have a username eg “George”
    7. Create a subfolder or subfolders within “George” on your photobucket account, eg “Salmon”.
    8. This will give you the following web addresses:
    9. http://s113.photobucket.com/albums/n218/George/
    10. http://s113.photobucket.com/albums/n218/George/Salmon/
    11. Please note that these web addresses are fictitious, and are shown for illustrative purposes only.
    12. When you are within the “Salmon” folder of your photobucket account, you will see to the Right side of centre 3 boxes, under the title ‘upload to Salmon’, with subtitles ‘images from my PC’, ‘Video’, ‘Web URL’, and ‘Mobile Phone’ and these refer to the source from which photobucket will seek your photo files from.
    13. By default, the ‘images from my PC’ is already pre-selected.
    14. To the Right of each box is a ‘browse’ button.
    15. Click on this browse button, and another window will open, and you then search for your photo files in the appropriate folder which you had created on your PC.
    16. Ensure that you select the correctly re-sized image eg. Salmon 1s, click on it, and the box on photobucket will acknowledge that selection.
    17. Repeat as often as you require so that you can upload more than 1 photo at a time.
    18. Photobucket will allow you to select up to 20 pictures to be uploaded in one batch.
    19. It is MOST important, as it saves you a lot of time when you are uploading more than a couple of pictures, to select the pictures you want to upload to photobucket in the REVERSE order that you wish them to appear on the forum posting.
    20. Once you have selected the batch of pictures to be uploaded to photobucket, click the ‘upload’ button, and the pictures are then copied into your photobucket folder.
    21. When the upload is complete, photobucket will tell you that the pictures have been uploaded, and after a short delay, you can view these pictures on the photobucket page.
    22. At the bottom of that page under the photos is a box with ‘select/unselect all’.
    23. Each photo has its own box for individual selection.
    24. Make your selections by clicking on the appropriate boxes.
    25. Under the ‘select/unselect all’ box are another 3 options boxes, and the Right hand one is the one you require ‘Generate HTML and IMG code’; click this box.
    26. The next screen to appear is a page of boxes of the different codes for uploading to different web applications. You should select the fourth box down entitled ‘IMG images for message boards’.
    27. You will need to copy all what is written within that box by sweeping with your mouse to select, then selecting ‘copy’ on your PC edit menu.
    28. You the open up your word processor (I use MS Office ‘Word’), open a new document page, and paste the code you have just copied from the photobucket code page onto this Word document.
    29. You will get text that appears like this:
    30. {IMG}http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n218/Michael-ULS/Flees2.jpg[/IMG]
    31. {IMG}http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n218/Michael-ULS/Giesadrink.jpg[/IMG]
    32. {IMG}http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n218/Michael-ULS/442formation.jpg[/IMG]
    32a. Please note, the curly brackets { } around 'IMG' at the start of each of these has replace to correct square brackets [ ] so that the actual pictures don't show up in this guide!
    33. You can then edit this by adding text before (above) each image code, or below each image code, as required.
    34. Add whatever explanation you require.
    35. Copy the entire text of the Word document so created either with the sweep of the mouse, or selecting all and clicking the copy button within the edit menu of your PC.
    36. Now, you log into the forum, select the topic, and either click either the ‘reply’ button or ‘new thread button.
    37. When the new page opens for you to prepare your post, simply paste the text copied from the Word document into the box where you would normally type.
    38. Then select ‘preview’ to see how your posting will look, and if all OK, click the submit button.

    Hope that helps.

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